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Published in: Real Estate, Business
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  1. 1. Why Did Your Home Not Sell?This Free Report Will Provide Some Answers!
  2. 2. It’s Not Your Fault... That Your Home Didn’t Sell!• But will my real estate services produce a sale? After all… where was I when you needed me most? After all… why didn’t I bring a buyer over to your home when it was listed for sale! After all… what makes me any different from your first Realtor? All Good Questions That Deserve An Answer Before You List Again!
  3. 3. Let’s Find Out...The Answer To Question #1! After all… where was I when you needed me most? • The honest answer to this question is that I didn’t know your home was listed for sale. It takes more than just listing a home on the MLS for other MLS agents to know that it is for sale. After all, there are thousands of homes that are listed for sale on the MLS every year. • And your agent did not personally inform me that your home was up for sale. This caused your home to be lost among the crowd of MLS homes. • This is the #1 reason why your home did not sell!Homes First Need To Be “Sold” To Realtors & Then To Buyers!
  4. 4. Let’s Find Out... The Answer To Question #2! After all… why didn’t I bring a buyer over to your home when it was listed for sale? • Even if I had known that your home was for sale, I have other listing clients who I “have to make sure” that I take my buyers to before showing any other MLS property. • Only after exhausting all my own listings would I then take a buyer to a MLS listing. • Why? Well, how would you feel if you hired me to sell your home but instead I sold the home of your competitor just down the street?That’s Why More Is Needed ThanJust Listing A Home On The MLS!
  5. 5. Let’s Find Out... The Answer To Question #3!After all… what makes me any differentfrom your first Realtor?• I do not rely on open houses, since they are not effective in producing a sale.• I do not rely on advertising, since it is not effective in producing a sale.Rather…• We selectively “TARGET” Realtors who currently have buyers who will consider purchasing your home. To Target Means... “Selling Into The MLS”!
  6. 6. I Now Have Buyers... Who Would Be Interested InTaking A Look At Your Home! Can we... possibly get together for about one hour? For What Purpose? • To discuss with you where these buyers are currently living. • What I will do to make sure they know your home is listed for sale. Plus… • I will actually bring a list to our meeting that will have all the details about these buyers.I Promise To Do All This For You “Before” You List With Me!
  7. 7. Sounds Too Good... To Be True?• I can easily understand why you would feel this way in light of your recent home selling experience! But selling a home is easy… provided your Realtor knows how homes really sell! And not all Realtors… have the proven experience like I have when it comes to selling homes. That’s why… I will enclose a few client testimonies with the buyer information I’ll give to you. This way you’ll know exactly how good I am before you hire me. If you are agreeable to a meeting please send me an email!