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Expired listing

  1. 2. Understanding The MLS The MLS Allows A Seller To Easily Target His Potential Buyer! It’s Designed For Move-Up/Down Sellers! The MLS is dedicated to sellers needing to ‘move up or down’ to another home once their home sells. Represent Up To 95% of Buyers! Typically 5% of buyers are first time buyers while up to 95% are move-up/down sellers. Move-Up/Down Sellers Are Homeowners! These move-up/down sellers can only “buy” once their current home “sells”.
  2. 3. Understanding The MLS Buyer Market! Which Group Does Your Home Appeal To? The MLS Buyer Market Consists Of Two Groups Group 1 First Time Buyers Group 2 Repeat Buyers This group typically makes up 5% of the total buyer group. This group buys ‘entry level’ homes. This group makes up to 95% of the total buyer group. This group buys non-entry level homes.
  3. 4. Is Your Home A First Time Or A Repeat Home? The MLS Is Exceptionally Powerful For The Seller To Find A Targeted Buyer! If It’s A First Time Buyer Home… Then the MLS will not be a good source for locating a targeted buyer list. Rather We Need To Depend On Ads… But it’s not just our company’s ads but also the collective ads of all real estate companies. That’s Why Companies Advertise… The first time buyer is found through the collective advertising efforts of all companies.
  4. 5. The MLS Secret! Let’s Do The Math To Find Your Buyer! Understanding Where Your Buyer Is Currently Located Let’s Suggest Your Home Is Worth $200,000 After you sell, you will most likely ‘move up’ to a more expensive home. (You are called a ‘move up’ buyer.) That’s The ‘Find Your Buyer’ Secret! The average buyer moves up 20% to 30% in value. How Do We Find Your Buyer? All we do is take your asking price and subtract 20% to 30% from the price. Then we go onto the MLS board and find all listings within that price range.
  5. 6. By Doing The Math We Will Find Your Buyer Your Buyer’s Home Listing Range Is Top: _______ Bottom: _______ Home Value Estimate Is Your opinion of value = Top of Range Price Is Home value – (home value x 20%) = Bottom of Range Price Is Home value – (home value x 30%) =
  6. 7. How Do We Reach This Target Group of Buyers? Finally We Need To Monitor The Sale Progress Of Each Home! Through Email Marketing… I email a letter, and a copy of your listing, to the listing agents for these targeted MLS homes. Through Telephone Contact… I then call each agent for these homes reminding them about your home. Through Internet Marketing… I send an email asking each agent to view your home both on the MLS website and my website.
  7. 8. Monitoring These Homes Is Essential! This Cycle Is Repeated Over & Over Again Until Your Home Is Sold! Each Home Is Tracked Daily… The MLS board releases the homes just sold within the system each and every day. When A Target Home Is Sold! I immediately call the agent to remind him/her about your home. Another Email Is Sent! I send an email to the listing agent asking him/her to take the ‘move up/down’ buyer to your home.
  8. 9. The MLS Selling Success Cycle The MLS New Listings Come Into The MLS Daily First Time Buyer Provide The Initial Power To The MLS The MLS Is The Most Powerful System On The Planet For Finding A Buyer! Listings Sell & Clients Become Move Up/Down Buyers You Make A Move Up/Down Buy And Exit The Cycle