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Tea And Coffee And Chocolate Class At Carnegie Mellon By Margarets Fine Imports In Pittsburgh , Tea Part One

  1. Tea, Coffee, Chocolate Become an Expert Class One Tea Part One

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  1. In office William Gladstone: Prime Minister of UK 1892 – 1894 George Orwell: Eric Arthur Blair 25 June 1903) Motihari , Bihar , India Died 21 January 1950 (aged 46) London, England
  2. First I would like to find out about everybody’s tea preferences.
  3. There are two teas in the back of the room, both decaf: Caramel Rooibos (red tea) and Decaf. Earl Grey. Please help yourself to those at any time during the class.
  4. Show tea harvest clips from India
  5. Yunnan is the homeland of the wild tea plant. Sichuan tea plant first cultivated. Buddhism played similar role in history of tea, as Catholicism in the history of wine in Europe. As Champagne invented by the monk Dom Perignon in France, various types of teas (black, white, green, oolongs) as well as way of tea preparation and tea ceremonies were invented by anonymous Buddhist monks! Buddhists used tea to stay awake and stimulated during the meditations. The ritual of preparing and partaking of the tea eventually became a spiritual practice. Eventually the custom of drinking tea spread from South to North of China and to other countries and regions, such as Korea , Japan, India, Tibet.
  6. The teapot is thought to be originally derived from ceramic kettles and bronze wine pots. The oldest known teapot , dated to year 1513 can be found in the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea ware (the oldest colonial-style building remaining in Hong Kong , China ). From the end of 17 th century the teapots along with tea were shipped from China to Europe. Teapots were packed below the deck, as they would withstand sea water without damage), and tea was kept on the top to be dry. China teapots were made either from porcelain or clay. The first clay teapots were made in Yixing province approx. 500 years ago.The Yixing region is famous until today for the beautiful teapots that come in many various colors and shapes. Here is an example of such teapot. It is not only a practical teapot, but at the same time a beautiful art object. Now few words about porcelain teapots. Porcelain is believed to have originated in China as well, during the Tang Dynasty (100-200 CE). (The term Anno Domini is Medieval Latin , translated as In the year of ) (It is also the basis of scholarly dating, though many people adopt the Common Era labels, retaining the same numeric values but using the label "CE" (Common Era) ) Boston Tea Party: In the 18 th century Originally the porcelain was brought to Europe from China, and it held a high value, because of its rarity. Therefore the word ‘ china ’ became a name synonymous with the Franco-Italian term “ porcelain”. Many unsuccessful attempts have been made in Europe to make porcelain. It is not until 1708 that the first porcelain is invented in Dresden/ Germany by by scientist Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus and alchemist Johann Friedrich Bottger, who both worked for August II. “the strong”, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland. It was not until 1765 that William Cook worthy opened first porcelain factory in Plymouth UK. Boston Tea Party took place on December 16, 1773. It was a major catalyst of the American Revolution and remains an iconic event of American history Boston Tea Party: During that time Britain shipped tea to America, where they were selling it for profit, but also gathered taxes for it. Americans then started to buy tea from the black market to avoid paying taxes, as they didn’t want to pay taxes to the parliament in which they had no representation. At this time British East India Company artificially lowered the tea prices, so they fell below black market prices, thinking that this would prompt Americans to buy tea and pay taxes to them again. However the response came on Dec 16, 1773 in Boston port, when 200 men dressed as Mohawks, dumped all tea chests from 3 British ships into the sea. In turn in March 1774 Parliament threatened to close Boston port. This and other actions in the end lead to the American War of Independence!
  7. He first decided to send tea samples to prospective clients in small silk pouches. However apparently one of his customers accidentally dropped the bag into a cup of water, and that’s how it all started!
  8. Show page with tea in different languages.
  9. In tropical regions, such as Sri Lanka teas are picked year round. In higher altitudes, like Darjeeling teas are only picked six months of the year.
  10. Assam currently is almost equivalent to the size of Ireland or Austria . India is mostly know for production of black teas