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The Gamification of...Everything?

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The Gamification of...Everything?

  1. The Gamification of… Everything?<br />Margaret Wallace, CEO<br /><br />Twitter: @MargaretWallace<br />
  2. About<br />Twitter: @MargaretWallace<br />
  3. About<br />Playmatics<br />A company that creates highly engaging games, media, user experiences and applications on the Internet, as part of social media networks, and on a variety of connected platforms. <br />
  4. What is Gamification?<br />
  5. Gamification<br />The use of game play mechanics for non-game consumer applications, products and other related services.<br />“Gamification works by making a technology, product or service more engaging by taking advantage of humans‘ psychological predisposition to engage in gaming.”<br />Source: Wikipedia<br />
  6. Gamification<br />Framework for addressing emotions, motivations and consumer behavior in a proactive way to positively impact a consumer’s relationship to a product, technology or service.<br />
  7. Across Multiple Sectors<br />
  8. A Growing Market<br />“Companies across multiple industries are beginning to realize that establishing some form of game mechanics goes a long way in maintaining loyal, engaged and more well-informed customers.”<br />Wanda Meloni, M2 Research<br />
  9. What are Games?<br />“A game is a system in which players engage in an artificial conflict, defined by rules, that results in a quantifiable outcome.”<br />- Eric Zimmerman, Katie Salen: “Rules of Play”<br />
  10. Rules<br />Rules provide the internal structure for games.<br />Rules are…<br />Unambiguous tenets that guide and also inform behavior. <br />
  11. Moment-By-Moment Interaction<br />Games are concerned with moment-by-moment interaction:<br />What is the pacing of the game?<br />What are the major milestones of the game?<br />
  12. Game Mechanics<br />Underlying interlocking systems that form the “engine” of an experience in order to communicate a sense of context, meaning and overall progression. <br />Can include:<br />Levels<br />Points<br />Missions<br />Badges<br />Rankings<br />Trophies<br />
  13. Farmville<br />Moving Player from Novice to….<br />Farmville, by Zynga<br />
  14. Farmville<br />A Power User!<br />Scheduled Tasks<br />Incentives to Return Daily<br />Hourly Interaction<br />Farmville, by Zynga<br />
  15. Games Are Inherently Social<br />
  16. Lusory Attitude<br />Being “in the zone” – disposition needed to engage in the play of a game.<br />Players buy into limitations imposed by the rules because of the benefits a game affords.<br />A successful game requires players to take part in this lusory attitude.<br />
  17. Lusory Attitude in Action<br />Why not?<br />
  18. Gamification Trends<br />
  19. Gamification Trends<br />It’s All Social:<br />Leveraging the Social Aspects of Gaming<br />
  20. Shopping is Social By Nature<br />Communicates Status & Identity<br />Fulfills Needs & Desires <br />
  21. Social Shopping: Groupon<br />Sources: Venturebeat & Groupon<br />
  22. Gamification Trends<br />The “Game” of Life:<br />Turning Real-Life Experiences into Game Events<br />
  23. Gamification Trends<br />Milestones & Markers:<br />Using Game Techniques to Show Progression<br />
  24. Social City, by Playdom<br />
  25. Gamification Trends<br />Status & Success:<br />Appealing to People’s Need to Achieve<br />
  26. Twitter: Personal Brand-Building<br />
  27. Gamification Trends<br />User-Generated Content (UGC):<br />Incorporating user-created content into experience to play off social context and to <br />foster engagement<br />
  28. Facebook Home Page<br />
  29. Gamification Trends<br />Points, Currency & Rewards:<br />Creating a Virtual Currency to Increase Engagement<br />
  30. JetBlue & American Express Rewards<br />
  31. Gamification Trends<br />Creating Scarcity:<br />Using Scarcity to Force Choices & Create Demand<br />
  32. Gamification Trends<br />Visual Design:<br />Using Game-Like Iconography in Non-Gaming Products<br />
  33. UPS “Logistics” Campaign<br />
  34. Gamification Trends<br />Merging of Media & Gaming Elements: <br />Making Media Properties More Game-Like<br />
  35. Disney Parks on Gowalla<br />
  36. Bravo Television on Foursquare<br />
  37. Avatar<br />
  38. World of Warcraft<br />
  39. Avatar<br />
  40. World of Warcraft<br />
  41. Meaning and Engagement<br />“If your team can’t tie back every decision they are making to the emotion you want people to feel when they are using your social product, then your reason for existence isn’t strong enough to serve its role, which is to guide your team and the product decisions you are making.”<br />Gina Bianchini, TechCrunch<br />Co-Founder, Former CEO of Ning<br />
  42. Meaning & Engagement<br />Leverage existing key elements of your product or service to integrate <br />gamification features.<br />
  43. Best Practices – Nike+<br />
  44. Best Practices – DevHub<br />Improvements in:<br />Retention<br />Revenues<br />Engagement<br />80% of users finish building sites (up from 10%).<br />Source: Dean Takahashi, Venturebeat<br /><br />
  45. Is this working?<br />
  46. Gamification & Its Detractors<br />Much-Needed <br />Debate & Scrutiny<br />
  47. Rendering The Intangible Tangible<br />Boy Scout Badges = Status<br />Chess = War Games<br />Maps = National Boundaries<br />Paper & Metal Currency = Value<br />
  48. Questions?<br />Margaret Wallace, CEO<br /><br />Twitter: @MargaretWallace<br />

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  • Conflict and Context are Key
  • What’s it really all about?