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Final Intern Development Program


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Final Intern Development Program

  2. 2. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 1 INTERN DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Table ofContents INTERN LETTERS...............................................................................................................................................................2 COMPANY OVERVIEW....................................................................................................................................................4 E-MIST PRODUCTS...........................................................................................................................................................6 INTERN POSITION OVERVIEW ......................................................................................................................................7 DAILY TASKS .....................................................................................................................................................................7 RESEARCH COMPANY SOURCES...................................................................................................................................8 RESEARCH COMPANY EXMAPLE ..................................................................................................................................9 RESEARCH CONTACT SOURCES ..................................................................................................................................18 HOW TO: RESEARCH .....................................................................................................................................................19
  3. 3. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 2 12/2/2015 Dear E-mist Intern, I am sad to be writingyouthisletterbecause itmeansmytime here iscomingtoa close. I am veryexcitedforyouandthe amazingexperience youare abouttohave.E-mistwill be a greatinternshipwhere youwill learn,stretchyourmind,be exposedtoall aspects of a business,andbecome amemberof the E-mistfamily.Yourtime here isvaluable— yourwork isimportantandyouwill be able tocome intothe office andsee yourefforts beinguseddirectlytohelpdevelopthe business.Youare trulyluckytobe where youare rightnow. Learningneverceasesinthe internpositionatE-mist.Asamemberof the Marketing Department,beingeducatedaboutyourbusinessandthe targetbusinessisessential to the successof sellingyourproduct.Researchingcompaniesallowedme tobe exposedto the structure of businessandunderstandthateverycompanyisunique—frommergers to name-changestofranchisesandindependentcontractors— beingable tospeakto these specificstructuresiscrucial while marketingourproducttotheircompany.I learnedhowtoidentifyandpresentknowledgethatisnecessarytothe marketingof our product.Asthe internIneededtobe able tostudythese businessesandeducate the AccountDevelopmentRepresentativeonthissothat she isbe able to use it as she proposesourproduct.Additionally,IworkedwithMicrosoftExcel day-inandday-out, formattingdatathat isaccessible tothe whole company.E-misttookthe time to inform me about all aspectsof a company,theyunderstandthatIwashere to developasa businessprofessional.Theyexplainedall the businesstoolstheyutilize from communicationenginestobusinessstrategies.Iwasluckyenoughtobe welcomedto the weeklybusinessmeetings.Iexperiencedthe importance of communicationwithin the business,graspedknowledge onthe diverseroleswithinthe business,andeven contributedmyexpertise Ilearnedthroughoutthe week.NotonlythatbutE-mist providedme withthe opportunitytodevelopthisInternProgram—ameaningfuldevice forthe well-beingof theircompany. E-mistvaluesyouandyourtime.Thisinternshipwill provideyouwithopportunitiesthat will be applicableinyourdevelopmentasa businessleader.Goodluck,workhard,and take advantage of the opportunityatyourfingertips. Sincerely, Meg Powell E-MISTINNOVATIONS 3456AlemedaSt.FortWorth,TX76126
  4. 4. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 3 12/2/2015 Dear E-mist Intern, If you love entrepreneurship andhave beenlookingforsomethingtobe a part of that youcan concretelycontributeto,youhave chosenthe rightcompanyto internfor.Here, youwon’tfeel like aninternandyourcontributionwillbe muchmore thancoffee at lunchtime or staplingandfilingpapers.Here,youwill be contributingtothe beginning and continuationof somethinggreatthatyouwill be able tosay youwere a part of. In veryfewotherinternshipsyouwill be able toworkdirectlytowardslarge company objectivesandsocloselywiththoseatthe headof them.Youwill receive the best guidance,support,andadvice fromthe executive teamandstaff whoyouwill getto workwithin achievingcompanygoalsaswell asyourownpersonal goals. The effortyouput inhere will directlyhelpgrow E-mistacrossthe nationandbeyondin visible ways.Youare nothere to fill aspace or hours.Youare here to be a part of a team withsetobjectives andparticipate asan integral partof the processof growinga start- up.I encourage youto thinklessof itas an internshipandmore of itas a jobthose aroundyou value yourworkjustas much as any employees. I’ve seenmypersonal work directlyinfluencehowE-mistrepsworkwhich,inturn,changesthe directionandgrowth of the companyas a whole.Tobe able to do that as a twentyyearoldinternwithno degree hasbeenanabsolute blessingof anexperience. Those Ihave hadthe pleasure to workwithhere at E-misthave beenbeyondreceptiveof myideas,suggestions,andeven ask formy thoughtson impactful decisionsthatwill change whatdirectionE-mistgoes. Some advice Ihave is to forgetaboutthe term “intern”andtake thisas an opportunityto developasa professional.Take thisopportunity toutilize yourstrengthstobettera companyand buildonyourweaknessesbecause the environmentyouwill be inhere is one that will openlyallowyoutodoboth. I’ve learnedsomuchabout workingina close teamenvironmentandutilizingall resources toresearchamacro marketfor a brand new productto be introducedto.The skillsandmethodsI’ve learnedthroughworkingonthis start up,I will carry throughoutmycareerand can be appliedtomanyfuture jobsand projects.Most importantly,Ilearnedtothinkwiththe entireend-goal objective of the companyinmindwhile doingdailyresearchandtasksbecause,frommyexperience here,Iknowalmosteverythingeffectsthe directionof the company.I’ve learnedtothink strategicallyandabstractlywhenresearchingandanalyzingthe marketforE-mist;always keepinginmindnewideas,implementations,andavenuesE-mistcantake inthe future. It’sthissort of entrepreneurial mindsetthatIthinkismostimportantto developwhile an internat E-mistbecause itwill notonlyleadyou(andthe company) tosuccesshere, but at any othercompanyor projectinthe future. I wishyouthe bestof luckand hope youenjoyyourtime here asmuch as I did! SophiaEllis E-MISTINNOVATIONS 3456AlemedaSt.FortWorth,TX76126
  5. 5. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 4 CompanyOverview E-Mistis nothingshortof a quantumleapinthe performance andadaptabilityof electrostatic technologyasthe meanstoevenlyapplyliquidcleaners,sanitizers,disinfectantsandotheragentsinthe precise amountstoanysurfacespeople touch.Insecondswithverylittle effort,chargedparticleswill blanketeveryexposedside of everysurface inaroomto eradicate up to 99.999% of live pathogens. Title Name CEO George Robertson PresidentandCOO Mark Stratton Vice PresidentMarketingandSales Michael Bellotto Chief Financial Officer KentBradshaw Directorof Salesand Operations AlettaPowell Directorof Clinical Services Brandi Whiteley
  6. 6. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 5 Directorof Operations Eric Felldman Regional Vice President- Central Niki Thompson Regional Vice President- Atlantic JohnParks AccountDevelopmentRepresentative Sydnie Smith IT Manager Misael Linan Executive Administrator Stephanie Norton Vice PresidentIntegratedSolutions Dan Nestor
  7. 7. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 6 E-MIST PRODUCTS 1. Surface ManagementSystems(SMS)  Rollersystem 2. AdvancedSurface ManagementSystem(ASMS)  Backpack System
  8. 8. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 7 Daily Tasks 1. CheckEmail forupdates 2. Researchcompaniesprovided 3. Presentresearchanddetermineif the companyisatop 100 4. If yes,inputcompanyinformationintoTop100 excel SpreadsheetfoundonOneDrive 5. Create a new workbookpage forthe Companyinthe InternExcel WorkbookonOneDrive 6. ResearchContactsforthe company 7. Inputdata intoInternSpreadsheetonOneDrive 8. If not providedcompanies,Uncoverpotential companies,doresearch,andpresentinformation to determineif youshouldgoforwardwiththe company Intern Position Overview Intern Objective Researching and Presenting accurate market information for use by E-Mist Sales Representatives  Market Research  Collecting and Organizing Data  Reporting to Account Development Rep. Intern Daily Tasks  Research Prospective Companies  Gather and Highlight Critical Knowledge  Present Meaningful Data  Utilize Excel for Organization of Information  Determine Potential Prospective Companies Intern Expectations  Provide Accurate,Pertinent Information  3 Contacts from each region per company  Discover Alternative Methods for Information Gathering  Organize Intelligently  Work as a Team Member  Think Outside the Box Intern Directors Sydnie Robertson Aletta Powell
  9. 9. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 8 Researchcompanies sources What to lookforina Company  Companyindustries o Janitorial o Custodial  SIC andNAICSCodes o SIC: 7349 o NAICS:561720  Annual Revenue o $50-500 million  Square FeetServiced o 25million+  Associations o BOMA o IFMA o ISSA o IREM o CETA o BSCAI o ARCSI o RFMA o Six Sigma o LEED o SIMA o US GreenBuildingCouncil Where toFindCompanies  Lead Ferret  Bluesearch  AMFIBI  BOMA International BuyersGuide  AOBA  ISSA BuyersGuide  Stepbystepinstructionsattached
  10. 10. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 9 CompanyResearch Example About: We are a privatelyownedcompany thatstartedin1975 (asHospital HousekeepingSystems) servinga single hospital withasingle serviceline.Today,we serve 350+ hospitalswithmultiple service offerings, including:Environmental Services,CulinaryandNutrition,PatientFlow,Facilities,Clinical andBiomedical Engineering,andLinenUtilizationandLaundry Management. Ourgrowthhas been accomplishedbyidentifyingtrendsandstrategic partnershipsthatgenerate newsourcesof revenue forourcompanyand our clients,andby addingvalue toeach customerwe serve.In2013, we changedour companyname to HHS to representthe formalizedgatheringof our evolvingservice linesunderone parent organization. Mission:To be successful inidentifyingand servingourcustomers’needs. Vision:Tobe forward-thinkingincreating solutionsforourcustomers. Solutions Acute Care: Providingasuccessful comfortable hospital stayismore thanjusttreatingan illnessoradministering care. It’saboutmaintainingacleansafe environmentthatsupportsrecovery. It’sexcellence andexpert attentionineverydetail—rightdowntosomethingassimple asthe wheelchairride acrossthe hall.It’s the distinctionbetweenfoodandtrue nourishment.It’saboutinterconnectedsupportservice departmentsandseamlesscommunication.HHSiscommittedtotakinga holisticapproachto healthcare supportservice—andforyou,thatmeanslowercostsanda betterpatientexperience.We’re inspiredbyyourneedsandchallenges,andwe have the solutions. Establishingasuperiorhealthcare facilitygoeswell beyondmedical care itself—andeventhe most expertcare reliesona strongfoundationforitssupport.AtHHS, we bringall the componentsof support service intoharmony. We workfromthe ground up,fromensuringthatyour building’sstructure is sound,to creatingspacesandnutritionthatfosterrecovery,tomakingsure eachpatient’sexperience is
  11. 11. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 10 as uncomplicatedaspossible,andeverydetail inbetween.We knowthe importance of yourtime and resources,andwe value themjustas much as youdo. Focuson helpingpeople getbetter. We’ll dothe rest.  Environmental Service Solutions  CulinaryandNutrition  PatientFlow  Clinical andBiomedicalEngineering  IntegratedFacilitiesManagement  LinenUtilizationandLaundryManagement  Total SupportServices Environmental ServicesSolutions(EVS) HHS Environmental Services(EVS)are tailoredhousekeepingandhospitality programsthatensure hygienic,safe,and efficientlymanagedspacesforpatients,visitors,andstaff. Your Challenges:Ineffectivecleaningsystemsandoutdatedtechnologyleadtoextendedstaysand readmissionscausedbyhospital-associatedinfections(HAIs),endangeringpatientsafetyandcosting valuable resources.Highteammemberturnoverrates,lowerpatientsatisfaction,andsignificant financial lossare onlyafewof the productsof disjointedsupportservices.Poorlytrained,under- supportedmanagementteamscreate areactionaryinefficientEVSprogramthatproducesinconsistent resultsandharms the patientexperience. Solution:EVSisn’tjustaboutmeeting CDCstandards—tous,that’sagiven. Toreduce the riskof HAIs and to cultivate the mostpleasantatmosphere possible,we gobeyondthe basicsof “clean”byusing industry-leadingpracticesandtechnologies,suchasournew Total Surface Coverage programthat leveragesourexclusivepartnershipwithSDLabsto give ourpartnerfacilitiesyear-roundprotection fromdangerouspathogens.We alsounderstandthatcleanlinessisonlypartof an excellentpatient experience.HHSintegratesourhousekeepingsystemswithothersupportservice departmentsinorder to opencommunicationamongstdepartmentsforincreasedefficiency,asmootherpatientexperience, and,ultimately,more financial gainforyou.We alsoemployacomprehensivetrainingprogramto ensure thatyour onsite managementandfrontlineteamsare continuallyeducatedonbestpractices— not onlyforhigherHCAHPSscores,butfor a strong dedicatedteamthattakespride initswork. ExcellentPatientSatisfactionOutcomes We applyourextensiveexperience inacute-care supportservicesandhospitality,drawingonproven principlesdevelopedbyStuderGroupandteam-buildingmethodologiesfromthe DisneyInstitute. On average,withinthe first12monthsof implementingourprograms,ouracute-care hospital partners can expecttosee an HCAHPSTop Box increase of sevenpercentage pointswithrespecttopatientroom and bathroomcleanliness.Afterthat,we continue tohone ourservice deliveryforthe patientsatyour facility,steadilyimprovingyourTopBox results. Multi-tieredInfectionPreventionPrograms Key Information: Environment, sterilization, cleaning, equipment, associations, processes, products, mission, vision, noted importance to their company, Six Sigma, Programs, partners, their industries, clients, services, standards
  12. 12. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 11 We approachour infectionpreventionbybreakingitdownintosix components: 1. Changingthe culture of the EVS team 2. Trainingthe team 3. Usingthe righttools 4. Proactivelycommunicatingeveryday 5. Validatingresults 6. Continuallydevelopingbestpractices We are continuallyresearchingnew methodologiesandbestpracticestoeliminate HAIs,andhave introducedaTotal Surface Coverage programthatutilizesSDPRO,an antimicrobialcreatedbyour exclusivepartner, SDLabs. CustomizedSystems We know thatno two communitiesare exactlyalike,anditis importantthateach housekeepingprogrambe tailored specificallytothe needsof eachfacility.Usingdatagathered fromour partners,we have developedamasterproductivityschedulethatidentifiesthe time necessary to cleaneacharea—downtothe minute.Thisblueprintisthe foundationof asuccessful housekeeping program. ProfessionalOnsiteLeadership Our experience hasproventhatarobust onsite managementteampositivelyimpactsfrontline team members,providesbetterservice forhospitalstaff,visitors,andpatients,andimprovesyourfinancial performance. MotivatedFrontline TeamMembers We provide eachteammemberwiththe toolsforsuccess:industry-leadingtraininganddevelopment programs,substantial companyresources,andincentiveprogramsensure thattheyare motivatedand rewardedforexcellentwork. Performance Guarantees We backupall our performance claimsbyestablishingconcrete benchmarksandgoalsforall elements of service. Culinaryand Nutrition Our CulinaryandNutritionsolutionsbringawhole new standardtohealthcare foodservice byoffering qualitypatient-focusednourishment. Your Challenges:Whenitconcernsmakingacommitmenttotrulyhealthyfoodandlifestyle choices,it’s oftenhardto get skepticsonboard.Lack of financial transparencycanleadtomoneypocketedby external companies.Poorlyplanneduninterestingcafeteriaandretail spacesreduce revenue and ****Research Potential Competition****
  13. 13. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 12 degrade the patientexperience.Withoutpropercommunicationbetweenfoodservice andother supportservice departments,foodandothervaluableresourcesare unnecessarilywasted. Solution:HHSCulinaryandNutritionsolutionsismore thanjustdeliveringameal topatientsduring theirhospital stay—it’sgivingthemthe nutritional supporttogetbetterfasterandempoweringpeople as advocatesof theirownhealth.HHS isproudto offercommunityhealtheducation andactivitiestoget the publicparticipatinginahealthylifestyle.We’realwaysopenaboutwhereyourspendingisgoing, and give youthe rebatesyoudeserve.It’salsoimportanttousto create as little waste aspossible—and withconsistenteffective communication,we reduce the chance thatqualityproductswillgounused. PatientFlow HHS PatientFlowsolutionshelpmove patientsthroughyourfacilitieswithlesswaittime,lessconfusion, and lessstress. Your Challenges:Extendedpatientwaittimesforadmissionanddischarge leave patientsfrustrated— and increasesthe numberof patientswhochoose toseektreatmentelsewhere.Clinical andtechnical staff satisfactionisimpactedwhenpatientflowisn’tstreamlinedandtheyspendlesstime providing clinical care for patients.Inefficientpatienttransportationprocessesreduce the numberof daily proceduresbeingperformedinradiology,operatingrooms,andotherhospital areas. Solution:HHSPatientFlowcombinescost-effective,cutting-edgetechnologythroughourproprietary BedWatchpatientthroughputsoftware withprovenmanagementsystemstoensure patientsare moved throughthe facilitywithgreaterease.Thismeansmore openschedulesandanincrease insatisfaction for cliniciansandstaff, more time forprocedures,anincrease inhospital revenue,reducedteam memberturnoverandpatientwaittimes,andabetterpatientexperience,door-to-door. Clinical and Biomedical Engineering HHS Clinical andBiomedical Engineeringsolutionssupportpatientcare andenhance the use of healthcare technology,keepingthe equipmentyou’veinvestedinperformingasitshould. Your Challenges:Managingcomplex multi-vendor,multi-pointcommunicationhierarchiesthatincrease confusion,cost,andrepairtimes.Lackof national benchmarksandbuyingpowerforpricingonparts and services.Insufficientthroughputof preventiveandcorrective maintenance activities.Lackof updatedtechnologythataddressesequipmentuse,lifecycle costs,andreal time locations. Solution:Ourprogramsare tailoredtomeetyourspecificobjectivesandtobringtotal transparencyto the clinical andbiomedical engineeringprocess—notjusttobetterserve yourpatients,buttomaximize the ROI on yourcapital investments. We bring best-of-breedmanagementsystemsandquality assurance throughHHS’s Clinical PeerReview methodologytoensure thatall projectsandinitiativesare done right,on time,andonbudget. IntegratedFacilitiesManagement We supportpatientcare by enhancingthe use of healthcare technologythroughproperengineering, consultation,evaluation,operation,anddispositiontechniques.Ourprogramisdesignedtoextendthe life of specializedstructuresandbuildingsystemswhile improvingthe Environmentof Care.
  14. 14. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 13 Your Challenges:Facilitiesdeemedunsafe ornoncompliantwithstandardsare atriskfor joint commissionfines,writeups,andbuildingshutdowns.Whenbenchmarksforcontractsor purchased servicesaren’tinplace,itcontributestooverpayingforservicesrendered.Lackof sustainable practices wastesvaluable resourcesandcannegativelyimpactthe surroundingcommunity.Ineffective sales platformsandlackof global awarenessregardinghealthcare assetsreducesyourROIduringdivestment. Solution:Ourfacilitymanagementsolutionsbringtraditional bestpractice approachesto managinghealthcare facilitiesaswell asunique andimmediate high impactstrategies.We directlyaffectyourbottomline throughourproprietary Operational Activism©systems,all while enhancingthe Environmentof Care. Whetheropeningabrandnewhospital,oroperatinganestablishedfacility,we ensure thatyour investmentsare beingmaximized. In the currentcomplex andchanginghealthcare environment,itisparamountto protect,produce,andrecouprevenue whileextendingthe life of specialized structuresand buildingsystems.We create softsavings,guaranteedhardsavings, and evencreate significantnewandpredictable investmentrecoverystreams throughexpertfacilitiesmanagement. Our program isall abouttransparency,therebychangingcomplexmulti-vendor,multi-campus,multi- pointin-house programsintoasingle pointof contactforall requests,atall times,fromanylocation, and anydevice.Simplyput,your teammembersandadministratorswill all be keptapprisedof eachstep inyour specificprocesses. We alsobringunique solutionssuchas: EnhancedAssetManagement© (viewcurrentauctions) Ours isthe only program of its kindinthe nation,employingastatistical method—alongwithasales supportplatform—designedtomaximizeinvestmentrecoveryforhealthcare assets.Ourcuttingedge, proprietarymethodensuresthe mostcapital foryourassets. The method:Usingscenariomodelingtoproduce predictable outcomesforassetvaluationsand realizations,HHSusesthe TowersMethod© —whichhasbeenrefinedsince 2001—tostatisticallyproject the final value of large portfoliosof completelydifferentclassesof assetsoveragivenperiodof time. The platform:Honedoverthe past 25 years,the salesplatformachievesprice realizationthrough exposure toa worldwidemarketof buyerspre-screenedforslatedassetsviaonlineauction,privatesale, and equipmenttrade desks.The expectedpricesare guaranteedbyHHSmany monthsinadvance.Pre- sale processesallowforassetstobe inventoried,loadedforviewing,andclaimedwithinthe healthcare systembefore sale.Assetscanalsobe donatedtoyour qualifiedorganizationsthroughthe systematno cost. Inthisregard, transferof liabilityisachievedtoconformingsystemstandardsratherthanlocal preference orrelationship.Shouldnosale ordonationoccur,HHS can manage the salvage process throughour sustainable integratedwaste streamprograms. LinenUtilizationand Laundry Management
  15. 15. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 14 HHS LinenUtilizationandLaundryManagementprogramsare designedtoeducate staff onthisvaluable commodity,proactivelymonitorusage,andultimatelyhelpyousave tensof thousandsinannual linen costs. Your Challenges:Extraweightandlinenrejectcreditsmeansthattime,money,andresourcesare wastedonreconcilingyourinvoice overcharges.Withoutefficientmanagementof incominglinens,your EVS departmentbecomesoverburdenedbylinendeliveryoverflow.Linenavailabilityisasource of frustrationforclinical staff whoare focusedonpatientcare. Solution:Linenisavaluable commodityinhealthcare andourprogramspinpointcostsavings opportunitiesandcreate a culture of sustainedlinenawarenessacrossall clinical andsupportservice departments.A reductioninconsumptionwithanincrease inavailabilityincreasesclinical andtechnical staff satisfaction. SeniorLiving: From the momentwe drive throughyour gates,we realize andrespectthatwe are enteringyourresidents’ homes.Withthatalwaysinmind, we are honoredto serve byprovidingasafe,cleanenvironmentthat promotesa highqualityof life. Fromcreating personalizedhome environmentsforresidentstooffering nutritiousmealsforstaff,visitors,andresidents,to makingsure yourcampus isstructurallysafe andsound, we’ve gotyoucovered. Establishingasuperiorseniorlivingcommunity goeswellbeyondresidentcare – eventhe mostexpert care reliesona strongfoundationforitssupport.AtHHS, we bringall the componentsof support service intoharmony. We workfromthe ground up,fromensuringthatyour building’sstructure is sound,to creatingspacesandnutritionthatfosterwell-being,tomakingsure eachresident’sexperience isas comfortable aspossible,andeverydetail inbetween.We know the importance of yourtime and resources,andwe value themjustasmuch as you do. HousekeepingServices Our housekeepingservicesinclude tailoredhousekeepingandhospitalityprogramsto ensure hygienic, safe,andefficientlymanagedspacesforresidents,visitors,andstaff. Your Challenges:  A poorfirstimpression causedbyaninattentivehousekeepingteamcanthreatenthe potential for newresidents.  Lack of communication withresidentsleadstounmetresidentexpectations,withthe ultimate issue beinglowerresidentsatisfactionandsignificantfinancialloss.  Insufficientlytrainedandunsupportedmanagement andthe implementationof improper systems canbe the cause for failedauditsandreports.
  16. 16. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 15 Solutions:Anengagedteamcombinedwithasystem-provenhousekeepingprogramensuresyour communitywill appearlikeashowplace.Residentinterviews willallow residentstohave theirrooms cleanedtotheirspecifications,furtheremphasizingourfocusonensuringresidentsfeel athome. Recruiting,hiring,andtraininghighqualitymanagementandhourlyteammembersisparamountin providingconfidence thatyourcommunityissafe andupto regulatorycompliance. Multi-tieredInfectionPreventionProgram All of our systems,programs,andprocessesare gearedtowardcreatingasafe environment.Our proactive approachto infectionpreventionisthe foundationof the servicesthatwe provide,andwe breakour program downintosevencomponents: 1. Changingthe culture 2. Trainingthe team 3. Usingthe righttools 4. Proactivelycommunicating 5. Ensuringpropercleaningchemical protocols 6. Validatingresults 7. Continuallydevelopingbestpractices CustomizedSystems We knowthatno two communitiesare exactlyalike,anditisimportantthateach housekeeping program be tailoredspecificallytothe needsof eachindividual seniorlivingcommunity.Withthisin mind,we begineachnewpartnershipwithacomprehensive,onsite startup.A strong departmental blueprintisthe foundationof asuccessful housekeepingteam. Our systemsare builttomeetandexceedsurveyguidelines.Eachteammembermustknow how to systematicallycleaneachandeveryareaof the community,andmustimplementthissystemeachand everyday.Since the HHS approachis designedtobe systematicandensure success,we alwaysbegin trainingbystartingoverfrom square one.Thiswill eliminate anyerroneousinformationandbadhabits that have beendeveloped. MotivatedFrontline TeamMembers HHS worksto set departmentgradesfortraininginstructors.This will allowfrontlineteammembersthe opportunityforcareerdevelopment.We alwayslooksforfrontline teammemberswhoshow a willingnessandabilityto“stepup”intosupervisoryroles.Trainedsupervisorsare assignedtorunspecial projectcrews,weekendsupervision,substitute forassistantmanagers,andmayevenattendthe HHS managementtrainingprograminHouston,Texas.We are proudof the manyexamplesof hourlyteam memberswhohave advancedintoHHSmanagementcareers. ExcellentResidentSatisfactionOutcomes
  17. 17. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 16 Our approachin managingwhatisimportantto yourresidentsisconsistentwiththe mannerinwhich we came to understandyouroutsourcingexpectations.We ask,we listenandwe respondwitha personalizedplan.Withinthe firstmonthof service,eachIllinoisandAlabamaresidentwill be interviewedinregardtohousekeepingspecial requests.We will documentandimplementthose special requests,interviewingeachnewresidentattheirfirsthousekeepingservice. Gettingto knowindividual residentsandunderstandingtheirspecificneedsandcomfortlevelsallowsus to buildaservice programthat producesa positive impactonresidentsatisfaction.The betterwe know and understandeachresident,the betterwe canserve andaccommodate theireveryneed. ProfessionalOnsiteLeadership A vital aspectof our program isour emphasisongettingdirectfeedbackfromresidentsabouttheir satisfactionwiththe cleanlinessof theirenvironment.Ourmanagementteamimplementsarounding schedule thatinvolvesall housekeepingmanagers.Ourteamwill be roundingthe communitytospeak withresidentseverydaytoevaluate ourperformance. DiningServices HHS Diningismore than justdeliveringameal toresidents—it’sgivingthemthe nutritionalsupportand empoweringpeopleasadvocatesof theirownhealth. Your Challenges:  Withoutfreshnutritiousfood,residentshave more difficultyhealingandmaintainingahealthy lifestyle.  Monotony inmenusmakesmealtime lessexciting,thus loweringresidents’desirestoattendmealsandengage socially.  Inconsistentsystemsanddisciplines leadstoloweredresidentsatisfactionaswell as unnecessarilywastedfood. Solution:Providingresidentswithlocallysourcedfoodappropriate totheirdietsupportshealthyliving. Creatingtailoredmenusspecificallyforthe residentpopulation,ratherthana corporate template, attracts residentsoutof theirroomsforsocial dining.RoomService Ambassadorshelptocutdownon miscommunication,allowingresidentstosee the same personfor12 hoursand orderdirectlyfrom them. IntegratedCommunitiesManagement Communitycare startswitha strongfoundation –literally.HHSmakessure thatyourbuilding’s structure issound,safe,andbuilt-to-last. Your Challenges:  Ineffective preventive andcorrective maintenance plansforall assetsunder management resultsinunnecessarylossof revenue.
  18. 18. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 17  Escalatingcostsof servicesandutilitieswithnoendinsight.  Residence renovationsandcampusimprovementsrelyonlocal knowledge of existingstaff. Solution:Computerizedmaintenancemanagementsystemsencompassingall assetsprovide complete visibilitytoall stakeholders—onanydevice,atanytime.National benchmarksandgrouppurchasing guarantee financial transparencyandresponsiblemanagement.In-depthprojectmanagementthat includesprojectcontrolsforestimatingandschedulingensuresthatprojectsare deliveredontime,and on budget. We helpyoutake care of your communityfromtopto bottom;fromprotectingequipmentand surroundingstructure toevenassistinginshuttingacommunitydown.Inthe currentcomplex and changinghealthcare environment,itisparamounttoprotect,produce,andrecouprevenue while extendingthe life of specializedstructuresandbuildingsystems.We create softsavings,guaranteed hard savings,andevencreate significantnew andpredictable revenuestreamsthroughexpert management. Our program isall abouttransparency,therebychangingcomplexmulti-vendor,multi-campus,multi- pointin-house programsintoasingle pointof contactforall requests,atall times,fromanylocation, and anydevice.Inotherwords,yourteammembersandadministratorswill all be keptapprisedof each stepinyour specificprocesses.
  19. 19. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 18 ResearchContactsSources Where toLook DesiredContactTitles  CompanyWebsite FacilitiesManager  Lead Ferret CleaningServicesDirector  LinkedIn Directorof Operations  White pages Environmental Specialist  Yellowpages Custodial Manager  Facebook Janitorial Manager  Twitter Site Manager  Pinterest AreaSupervisor  Reverse email search  Custodial Proposal  Google CompanyandTitle  PressRelease  Hooverswebsite *Stepby stepinstructionsattached     EmailsforCorporations   Snapbird  OrganizationandExcel Format:
  20. 20. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 19 How To:Research What are we researching?  Companies that specialize in janitorial, building maintenance, and property management. o Normally servicing healthcare, hospitals, schools, corporate offices, public areas, etc. o Keywords: maintenance, janitorial, facility management, disinfection, sanitization, infection control, cleaning services. Where are they?  We are currently focused on companies headquartered in the Atlantic and Central regions (often with offices in multiple states)  Will be moving into Mountain Pacific soon  Could be international as well but based in the US Who are we looking for?  The “influencers” within the company  Who has the purchasing power  Who has the decision making power  Who our reps would be personally selling E-mist to  These contacts are different for every company  Key roles: o Regional Operations Manager o Purchasing Directors o Regional Area Managers o Area Managers o Account Directors o “Business Development” executives o “Sustainability” executives The Top 100: In OneDrive, you’ll find a filed called the “Top 100 Contract Cleaning Company Initial Targets”. In it, you’ll see a tab for each region. Within each tab, you’ll find a list of companies with their headquarter city, web address, employee size, additional locations, SIC and NAISC codes, revenue, square feet serviced per day, and associations they belong to. These are the top companies we have discovered and done baseline research for so far. They are “on our radar”, so to speak, for the representatives to try to get sales meetings with. Now that we know what company they are, it is necessary to find out who we’re looking for- Lead Research.
  21. 21. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 20 Step One: Setting up your spreadsheet: 1. Pull a company name from one of the regions in the Top 100 spreadsheet. 2. Open a new workbook and a blank spreadsheet. 3. Name the spreadsheet the name of the company. 4. Format the spreadsheet like this example: Step Two: Initial starting places:  Look on the company website for an “executive team” or “our staff” page.  Look up the company name on Lead Ferret and see if there are any names listed.  Search the company name on LinkedIn and see if employees are linked together.  Use another business research site such as Bizapedia, Aihit, Manta, etc. to find a few top names or locations. For example, when you find at least one employee on LinkedIn that is within the company you’re researching, usually in the “People Also Viewed” side bar, there are more employees linked. Here is an example of a search on It lists the CEOs name which you can then take to LinkedIn to find more employees connected there.
  22. 22. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 21 Step Three: Building out your spreadsheet:  Start putting names you find from your initial searches into the formatted spreadsheet.  Fill in more details such as position name and region from information on LinkedIn or a company page. Here’s an example of the details you can take from a LinkedIn search: Title, Location, whether or not they still work for the company, and a description of what they do. This description can be helpful for determining whether they are in a place to make a purchasing decision, if they can get us in contact with who we need to reach,and how strong of a contact they are within the company.  Sometimes we just an initial search you will come across an email address or phone number.  Fill out as many names and roles as you can find with as much detail from your initial search:  Like the example above, you may not have contact information yet but it is important to have an idea of what roles and people are within the company.  Most of these companies are large and have multiple offices; try to get at least three contacts per regional office you can locate so we have a lot to work with in each area.  If you come across a description of duties of a position, it is helpful to add it as a comment on the cell of that position title so we know who is in charge of what moving forward.
  23. 23. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 22 Searching for Direct Contact Information:  Once you’ve got a good list of management and possible decision making contacts, you’ll need to fill in direct email and phone numbers.  It’s best to first look for personal phone or personal business numbers and then use office numbers if you come to a dead end. Lead Ferret:  Lead Ferret is an option for finding initial contact information per company.  Go to and set up an account to begin searching.  On the main search page, it is most effective if you search by company name to get a list of potential contacts.  On a contact information page, make sure it is the same company you are researching as there are many with similar names.  It is also helpful to cross-check employee’s names that come up on a Lead Ferret search by looking them up on LinkedIn to make sure they still work for the company and the information is not out dated; sometimes it is.  If they are not on LinkedIn, try a google search. Email addresses - the grassroots way:
  24. 24. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 23  Another good starting place is the “contact us” page or section of the company’s website: o Sometimes, they will have direct contact information for the individuals you are looking for and some will only have “contact us” general office information available. o You will usually find something like “” or “” like the example below:  This is usually an office administrator or auto-response email and is not an executive’s personal contact but it is useful!  Most individual employee emails will have the same ending as the company email listed on the website. o Take “” and use it to search for other contact emails buy google searching just the ending in quotation marks to return a strict result of just that:  It will return emails with that ending that you can see match the contacts you’ve collected:  Like here, in some cases, the contact’s personal phone number will be with the email and you can go ahead and copy this into the worksheet as well.  You will also learn the company email address format and use it to find other contact’s email addresses as most are the same.
  25. 25. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 24  From here you can look up individuals name plugged into the format and see if you find a match and more information. Phone Numbers:  Often times once you have a personal email address, it is easy to find a phone number that has been saved somewhere along with it.  An easy way to do this is to lookup the email address you have for the contact in parenthesis on Google so it looks for documents that mention that email specifically.  It will lead you to pages where that individual has left their contact info and usually includes phone numbers. For example, here Ann Stahley from Cushman and Wakefield left herpersonal information at the bottom of a lease brochure. Strictly searching heremail on Google will leadyou to pages like this. Filling in Physical Addresses:  Getting a physical address per contact helps determine at which offices key contacts are located for when we are in the process of setting up meetings.  Sometimes, when searching individuals using their emails or phone numbers, you may get home or personal addresses.  It is better to look at the area, city, or region they are located and try to determine which office address they would be located at.  The easiest way to do this is to look at the company’s regional office or headquarters addresses and use the correlating address closest to the area they are listed in on LinkedIn, Lead Ferret, or a google search. Tips: o Most top executives (CEOs, CFOs, etc.) will be using the headquarters physical address. o “Regional” titled executives will have an address other than the headquarters address.
  26. 26. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 25 o Site managers, area managers, and project managers likely also correlate to a regional office address closest to them. Additional Company Information: As you go through the process of filling out the lead spreadsheet, you will likely come across a lot of information about the company you’re researching. It is important to collect as much relevant information as you can about company focus, management structure, and industry trends.  Company Focus: o Going through the company’s website and taking a look at what they feature as their specialties or advantage is important. o They may focus on healthcare, schools, or “clean room” cleaning. o Print out any pages with information like this to file. Here, you can see Pristine Environments, Inc. has particular expertise in aerospace maintenance and data “clean room” services. You would print out the pages with information to keep.  Management Structure: o Something that can help us determine who the ideal contacts are and what area of the company we are in contact with is understanding the management structure. o A good starting place is to look on the company website for an “our team” page to determine who top management is. o On LinkedIn, you can usually see through someone’s past positions posted how internal structure works:
  27. 27. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 26  Industry Trends: o While researching and going through company websites, you’re going to notice reoccurring trends; here are just a few examples:  Sustainability/ “Green Cleaning”  US Green Building Council/LEED Certification  Green Seal approval  “Cleanroom” cleaning  Associations memberships:  BOMA- Building Owner and Managers Association  ISSA- International Sanitary Supply Association  IREM- Institute of Real Estate Management  IFMA- International Facility Management Association  CETA- Cleaning Equipment Trade Association  BSCAI- Building Service contractors Association International  ARCSI- Association of Residential Cleaning Services International  RFMA- Restaurant Facility Management Association  IEHA- International Executive Housekeepers Association o Any information on these and your company you come across can be printed out. o Once you are finished with contact and company research, you will compile and file this information so it is on hand when we have everything we need to know about the company when we get in contact with them. o Remember, you are the only one doing the initial research on the company, so gather the information a representative would need to know. Other Companies:  If you come across smaller companies in the areas you’re researching, take note of their names and print out a few pages of their website- we don’t want to rule them out completely.  Give these to Sydnie to be filed under “travel lists” (companies to visit while travelling) for the representatives.
  28. 28. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 27 Here are some example logos you’ll see frequently: Bid Lists, Governments Files, and Attendee Lists:  While you’re finding contact information, you may open documents that are official bid lists from cities and government institutions as well as conference sign in lists.  They will have the contact information for plenty of other janitorial companies similar to the one you’re researching.  Save these! Bookmark them; you will likely find contacts for other companies you will research on them as well.  These give us an idea of who the larger companies are in each area and discover new companies and contacts. When your Lead Spreadsheetand Researchis complete for a company: Email:  After you’ve filled out as many important leads as possible in your workbook and gathered enough information to give a clear picture of the company, email Sydnie letting her know you’re done with lead research and include few important details about the company.  The subject should be the company name so we can easily find it and refer to it.  Organize it in a brief outline; think of it as an “elevator pitch” for the company.  It can be shorter or longer depending on how much specific information you think should be included.  There is an example email on the next page.
  29. 29. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 28 Example Email: Filing your research:  Once you’ve completed everything and written an email, print out the email, organize anything you’ve printed out for the company, and bring it over to Sydnie to make a file.  Put the company name on the file tab and which region it is located in.  Put the printed out email that you’ve outlined your research in on top of the other information.  File alphabetically in the filing cabinet, ready to be pulled out and used for contacting these companies!
  30. 30. 12/2/2015 Intern Development Program 29 You’re ready to start your time as an E-mist Intern! Good luck! Meg Powell SophiaEllis TCU Classof 2018 TCU Classof 2017 E-mistIntern2015 E-mistIntern2015