The Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014 + The 5th Exact Uranus/Pluto Square + The Eclipses of April 2014


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The Psychological Astrology of the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014 + the 5th exact Uranus/Pluto Square + the Eclipses of April 2014 - some brief notes by Margaret Gray

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The Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014 + The 5th Exact Uranus/Pluto Square + The Eclipses of April 2014

  1. 1. By Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology Act 5 – April 2014 Prometheus and Hades are joined on the heavenly stage by Zeus and Ares, thereby transforming the 5th Exact Uranus/Pluto Square into a Cardinal Grand Cross This takes place between two Eclipses A Time for Action and Accelerated Growth
  2. 2. (The arrows are pointing to Jupiter and Mars who have joined the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square in the sky. Below is the chart of the 5th exact square between Uranus and Pluto)
  3. 3. As with all stories and plays, it is always helpful to start at the beginning. Introducing the ongoing two main protagonists of the Uranus/Pluto Square which we have been experiencing since June 2012: The planet Uranus Main Goal: Enlightenment In Aries: Immediate, Courageous and Innovative (His discovery coincided with three major revolutions, American, French and Industrial)
  4. 4. Mythology One of the archetypal representations by Ouranos, the founding father of the Olympian gods, is of the destructive father who rejected the imperfections of his offspring, imprisoning them deep within the depths of the earth in Tartarus. Appalled by his lack of respect for his offspring and for earth itself, Ouranos’ consort cum mother Gaia, gave her youngest son Cronus/Saturn a sickle to castrate his father, thus reminding us of the importance of integrating rather than rejecting our humanity in favour of the Uranian realms. My tendency however, is to associate the Promethean mythology with Uranus as it resonates so strongly with the powerful rapid insights and flashes of inspiration which often accompany Uranian transits. Chiron’s compassion in saving Prometheus, through swapping places with him and thereby releasing him of his nightly torture, reminds us of the power of compassion in healing the disparity between our divine and human self. To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite; [4.570] To forgive wrongs darker than death or night; To defy Power, which seems omnipotent; To love, and bear; to hope till Hope creates From its own wreck the thing it contemplates; Neither to change, nor falter, nor repent; [4.575] This, like thy glory, Titan, is to be Good, great and joyous, beautiful and free; This is alone Life, Joy, Empire, and Victory. Lord Byron
  5. 5. Representing the part of us that is urged forward by the progressive idealistic pull to evolve beyond our Saturnian mortal limitations, including the regressive pull of the familiar and often largely unconscious lunar realm, Prometheus invites us on the journey of conscious individuation. All the while he also reminds us of the greater patterns and interconnectedness of all that is seen and unseen. As a generational planet, Uranus connects us most deeply to the ideals of our generation generating a powerful awakening when it opposes itself during our midlife transits in our early 40’s. So - what does this Promethean deity invite us to do as it moves through the sky in the fiery sign of Aries? Rapidly Awaken, Ignite and Enlighten ourselves and others Free ourselves of Constrictions Listen to our Intuition and envisage the future Detach and Observe Make Innovative Courageous Progressive Changes
  6. 6. Meeting the Second Main Protagonist: The Planet Pluto Main Goal: Transformation and Transmutation In Capricorn: Tenaciously determined (Discovery coincided with the splitting of the Atom) Mythology: Plutonian mythologies worldwide remind us of the existence of aspects of our being that are largely unfathomable. In human terms this has usually been equated with something to be feared rather than embraced, as it appeared to threaten our human existence. In collectively awakening to a greater evolutionary process and increasingly remembering the purpose of our soul journey, the associations we have attributed to the ‘underworld’ are likely to change. Pluto’s demotion as a planet could be interpreted as a symbolic invitation to do so. In substituting power ‘within’ rather than power ‘over’, we can voluntarily enter Hades realm as in the Sumerian myth of Inanna, rather than feeling we are pulled into it, as in the abduction of
  7. 7. Persephone. In so doing we can choose to release personal, family and past life complexes that appear to hinder us and re-connect with our authentic power within. This joins us to the Venusian principle of self-value and unconditional love, reminding us to place our heart at the forefront. In its role as a generational planet, Plutonian energies become easier to work with in a conscious manner after Pluto squares itself as part of our midlife transits in our late 30’s/early 40’s. What does this Plutonian deity invite us to do as it moves through the sky in the earthy sign of Capricorn? Access and stand in our Autentic Power Transmute, Tranform and Release Personal and Family Ancestral Complexes Release our Naivity Engage with our Passion Become Conscious
  8. 8. The conjunction of these two powerful planets on Oct 9th 1965 at 17’/18’ Virgo, (also on April 4th and June 30th 1966), was when the seeds were planted for the current transit of Uranus square Pluto. Events at the time included: Civil Rights demonstrations, Vietnam War protests, the establishment of Medicare and Medicaid, suspension of the death penalty in the UK and the popularity of award winning musicals including Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady and the Sound of Music. Unresolved issues from this time are likely to be revisited on a collective and personal level. Anyone born at the time of this conjunction is likely to be particularly ignited by the current Uranus square Pluto transit. The end of this current cycle and start of the next one will be on April 24th 2104 when Uranus and Pluto come together at 7’ Taurus. The Cardinal Grand Cross of April 2014
  9. 9. Key participants = Uranus square Pluto, joined by Mars and Jupiter in a supporting role What is the role of Mars and Jupiter in the Cardinal Grand Cross? The Planet Mars (A personal planet and hence more accessible to our conscious awareness) Main Goal: Ignite into Action the planets it aspects In Libra: Diplomatically and Rationally. Concerned with Fairness, Balance and how we Relate. Currently Retrograde: Focuses on rethinking, with a view to taking action when it goes Direct in May 2014 A Grand Cross = a planetary configuration where 4 or more planets form the shape of a cross. Because of the nature of this shape and because the planets involved in this case are at what is considered the ‘critical degree’ of 13’ for Cardinal signs in traditional astrology, there is a lot of pressure from these energies to take action. (The Cardinal signs Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer are leaders and initiators by nature). Yet the call to action is somewhat frustrated by the lack of an exit point for the four connected planets, resulting in a degree of restless movement from one planet to the next. Mars being Retrograde also contributes to this frustration. Hence during peak times for the Grand Cross which continues on and off into May 2014, we are likely to experience a degree of internal and external agitation on an individual and collective level as each planet clamours for attention and change in the manner of its sign. Grand Crosses are often observed in the birth charts of very ‘successful’ individuals as it is quite a driven configuration.
  10. 10. Mythology Mars, also known as Ares is best known as the warrior archetype. Loved by the Romans who revered their armies, yet considered crude and uncivilised by the Greeks, Mars, was the lover of the beautiful Aphrodite (Venus) in mythology. Yet the core psychological meaning and function of Mars is to support us in our illusory process of human individuation, which is a key requirement for our evolutionary soul journey. Birth and death require the forceful determined wilful energy of Mars as we emerge from Mother’s womb and/or take our last dying breath on our return to source. In- between, we are constantly challenged with our internal conflict between lunar regression and solar progression. The life force energy of Mars offers us the necessary will to affirm our separateness and hence to engage with the challenges of life on this planet. Hence the importance of learning to say ‘no’ to others and ‘yes’ to our survival when we reach our first Mars return – commonly described as the so called ‘terrible two’s’. Unless it is suppressed, repressed or denied Mars operates in a direct manner with no subterfuge. In the sign of Libra, Mars invites us as a collective to use our mental capacities to observe and take calculated action rather than react, so that we can balance carefully where our actions might be most effective. Its role in the Grand Cross is to encourage us to become intellectual warriors, challenging our thinking in the arenas of unfairness and inequality both globally and on a personal level. Due to its retrograde motion there may be some delays with action that could be taken to fully redress imbalances until it goes direct in May 2014.
  11. 11. The Planet Jupiter Main goal: Expansion In Cancer: Imaginatively with Love, particularly Self-love Mythology: Archetypally Jupiter represents the divine aspect of the self that is in human form. This is the part of us that seeks ongoing meaning, expansion and growth and thrives on pure Joy. Described in Mythology as Zeus the king of the heavens, he disliked the containment and limitations of this human earthly dimension represented in the myth by his father Saturn/Cronos and his wife Hera. Yet both of these earthy principles are necessary to enable him to manifest his visions. Offering expansion through inspiration Jupiter reminds us that there is a law that supersedes the law of nature. This is the inner law of morality. Jupiter reminds us that we exist in a benign cosmos which is ever expanding. By our first Jupiter Return around age 12 we have a clearer sense of what brings us joy. In the sign of Cancer, Jupiter expands and enhances our connection with our inner emotional realm. Inspired meaning is likely to emerge through the realms of our imagination and our creativity. Mostly, this vibrant planet in this lunar sign reminds of our limitless capacity for unconditional love for our self and others.
  12. 12. Overall Summary of the Cardinal Grand Cross Energies Timing: April – May 2014 Most intense period: April 20th – 24th Core Psychological Themes: The Eclipses of April 2014 – taking place either side of the Cardinal Grand Cross  April 15th : Total Lunar Eclipse at 25’ Libra 16  April 29th : Annular Solar Eclipse at 8’ Taurus 52 More information available on the NASA page: Eclipses always occur twice a year in April/May and October/November. Hence they are a usual part of our heavenly occurrences. However, the April Eclipses are particularly important in that they take place a few days The Cardinal Grand Cross The aligning of our thoughts and actions with justice and fairness Transforming structures that are not based on unconditional love - particularly self love Redressing imbalances in our life, particularlyin our relationshipsObserving and respond rather than react Releasing old narcissistic wounds Healing underlying core issues related to our self value
  13. 13. before and after the 5th exact Uranus/Pluto square/Cardinal Grand Cross, adding additional planetary energies to an already very busy sky. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth is positioned between the Moon and the Sun, thereby blocking the Sun’s light from illuminating the Moon. Hence, although it is a Full Moon, the light of the Moon is obscured for a few hours. Lunar Eclipses can be viewed from anywhere on the night side of the Earth. Psychologically, Earth temporarily overshadows our inner emotional lunar realm. In the same manner as the Moon is dependent for its illumination on the light of the Sun, our largely unconscious emotional depths depend on our solar consciousness to offer enlightenment, with a view to integrating our emotions. During a lunar eclipse, illumination cannot reach our emotional depths. Hence we may feel that we are swimming in a sea of emotions, without the help of our solar consciousness to make sense of it all. Core Themes for the Total Lunar Eclipse at 25’ Libra 16: The Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15th at 25’ Libra 15 offers us the opportunity to become more aware of and redress imbalances in how we relate to each other on an individual and global level. The activation of the Libra/Aries axis invites us to integrate the Aries lesson of self-care with the Libra lesson of caring for others. Hence we are offered the potential to heal
  14. 14. dysfunctional relationship patterns and create greater mutuality, equality and balance in all of our relationships on an emotional level. This is the second of 5 Lunar Eclipses on the Libra/Aries axis and hence connected to the above core theme. The first one was on Oct 18 2013 and the next ones are as follows: Oct 8 2014, April 4 2015, Sept 28 2015, March 23rd 2016. This time span will offer us the opportunity to redress any imbalances in our relationship with our self and others. The last time this axis was activated by the Lunar Eclipses was in 2004/05. In addition, with Hermes (Mercury) the planet of communication in fiery direct Aries, exactly conjunct Uranus, square Pluto and opposite Mars, we may find ourselves inspired with new ways of thinking. However, it may be helpful to be a little cautious in how and what we express, as this planetary combination is not conducive to diplomatic communication! There is also huge potential to heal our sense of human isolation at this time. The Neptune/Venus/Chiron stellium in Pisces trine Jupiter and quincunx Mars powerfully reminds us that we are all one. Their sextile to Pluto brings to the fore that this is the time to transmute our collective and individual structures so that they reflect the reality of oneness. The last Lunar Eclipse in this Saros Series 122 took place on April 4th 1996. Hence this current eclipse is likely to offer the opportunity to resolve some of the unfinished emotional issues from that time.
  15. 15. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon, fully or partially blocks the Sun as it passes between the Sun and Earth at the time of a New Moon when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct as seen from Earth. Being totally reliant on our Sun to provide us with light and heat, the dimming of the Sun has drawn our attention on all levels for centuries immemorial in all cultures across the globe. On an instinctual level, our survival can feel somewhat threatened, as we are potentially deprived of the resources we depend on. On a psychological level, a solar eclipse symbolizes our Solar conscious self being temporarily obscured by our lunar unconscious emotions as they rise to the surface. Whereas eclipses often reverberate on an individual level in a more internal manner, the mundane impact of Eclipses, is often visible through a more concrete manifestation of the energies. Countries which are on the direct path of the eclipse tend to resonate more strongly with the Eclipse energies. Core Themes for the Annular Solar Eclipse The Annular Solar Eclipse on April 29th at 8’ Taurus 51 is particularly potent in that only a halo of light will illuminate the Sun, temporarily obscuring much of our consciousness. It is also very important because it is within 5’ orb of the degree of the Grand Cross – hence it becomes an intrinsic part of this configuration. Psychologically an alchemical fusion of solar and lunar energies will take place which on an archetypal level could be described as the conjunctio of the anima and animus, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, mother and father. With this eclipse belonging to SS 16 South, Dr. Bernadette Brady writes that ‘no real action should be taken’ at this time. Hence we are invited to ground ourselves in our body and focus on our values, particularly our self-value. With Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron forming a Water Grand Trine, emotions can flow more easily at this time offering healing to our hearts. Truth can be gently unearthed enabling love to flow and replace fear. New authentic structures are likely to begin to form roots at this time which will shoot up over the next few years. As always truth with self and others is of paramount importance at this time.
  16. 16. Who is most likely to resonate with these energies? If your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 10’ - 16’ of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and/or Cancer you will resonate strongly with the energies of the Grand Cross. If your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 23’ – 27’ of the above signs you will resonate strongly with the Lunar Eclipse themes. If your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 6’ – 10’ Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and/or Aquarius you will resonate strongly with the Solar Eclipse themes. Tools to assist with integrating the energies of the Grand Cross:  Physical and mental movement are important to keep energies flowing during this time. Exercise of all kinds will help release old energies that are likely to come to the surface and mental focus will support the mind in observing and responding. Without a focus Mercurius can lose itself in angst and fear. Hence it is important to give our minds tasks to work on. For example: a writing project, research, a new invention, meditation, visualisation etc.  Grounding our energies in ourselves and deep within the earth helps to anchor on this planet. The deeper our roots, the less likely we are to get caught up in our mind rather than focusing on our heart.  Connecting with gratitude and joy can facilitate us moving into unconditional love and compassion.
  17. 17.  Breathing exercises can help us to connect with our heart and respond from there rather than from our mind.  Taking good care of our human body is particularly important during these times of intense transformation. Notice when your body needs food, rest, sleep and/or exercise  Creativity can be both an expression and a container for the current energies.  Laughter is one of the best therapies in the world. If you are in the midst of your Midlife transits: If you are part of the generation who are currently 42/43 yrs. old, this transit coincides with your Uranus opposition which is part of the midlife transits. Inviting freedom from all restrictions that impede your soul journey, this transit will also include the transformative energy of Pluto, as he puts additional pressure on you to radically transform all structures in your life which are not authentic to your soul self. The main focus is on creating balance and fairness in relationships both on an individual and a collective level, whilst retaining autonomy and freedom. This is a particularly good time to focus your energies and engage your idealism for the purpose of enhancing fairness and justice in the world.
  18. 18. If you are part of the generation who are 37/38 yrs old, and going through the Pluto square Pluto midlife transits, your focus is likely to be on forging your inner resources and strength as you take your place in the collective as the agent of transformation you truly are. You are at the forefront of innovative changes in the arena of relationships. Returning to the same position it was in the sky when you were born at age 50/51 the Chiron Return , invites you to a place of greater wisdom as the sources of past perceived wounding become clearer, thereby offering you the potential to release and clear them. For the generation with Chiron in Pisces, past wounding is connected with collective feelings of aloneness and sadness due to a perceived disconnection from source energy and repeated fruitless attempts to find comfort predominantly through human relationships. Visiting your natal Chiron alongside transiting Chiron, Neptune offers enormous potential to release old grief and reconnect to our source. There are a multitude of tools available to assist in this process including: meditation, writing, visualisations, being in the ocean, chanting, yoga etc. (Feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance re suggestions and contacts). (If you don’t have a copy of your birth chart and would like to know the position of your planets offers an excellent free copy of your chart) Similarly to a play that appears to end when the curtain comes down, it is merely an act which takes place within a play, which in its turn takes place within the interpretation of each protagonist and each participant, which changes in response to the reaction of each part and each individual…… likewise we continue to co-create with these amazing planetary beings who are an intrinsic part of each of us. I leave you with a quote from the wise and kind Dr Brian Weiss: Come from the heart, the true heart, not the head. When in doubt, choose the heart. This does not mean to deny your own experiences and that which you have empirically
  19. 19. learned through the years. It means to trust yourself to integrate intuition and experience. There is a balance, a harmony to be nurtured, between the head and the heart. When the intuition rings clear and true, loving impulses are favoured Dr Brian L. Weiss Many thanks for reading this article – feel free to share it with your friends You may also wish to peruse other free articles on my website at wroot/page23.htm Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray April 2014 – some of this material was previously published in Positive Life Ireland Magazine – free articles are online at as well as more recently in Network Ireland Magazine. All articles are free on Margaret’s website Parts of this article was also previously posted on Facebook and on my website. You are welcome to share this information but please credit the author and inform her that you are sharing it if you use it as an astrologer as part of your writing or teaching. Many thanks. Legal Disclaimer: All of the material presented here is solely the personal opinion of the author and is not intended as a substitute to medical or mental health intervention or support.