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The Best SAP GTS online training in India, USA & UK.


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Our IT HUB online training classes are made on real world encounters, in order to get in-depth, practical guidance. SAP CRM online training is a web application platform offering some tools which can be utilized to supply file and record management, intranet portals, cooperation, and social networks. The SAP CRM online training platform offers workflow abilities and many more procedure. Our SAP CRM online training supplies IT Professionals and Programmers using the data they should install, set up, manage, and support on-premises variations.
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The Best SAP GTS online training in India, USA & UK.

  1. 1. The Best SAP GTS Online Training Program by real time experts.  What is SAP GTS?  Sap GTS is erp based solution. which is mainly for global trade operations.GTS Means Global Trade Services. we use GTS for documentation, understand complicated tariffs and duties. Keen Technologies is Leading Organization for SAP GTS Online Training. we have sap certified experts.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TO GLOBAL TRADE SERVICES  Overview of SAP GTS  SAP GTS Modules ◦ Compliance Management ◦ Customs Management ◦ Risk Management  COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT  Customs document type and Customs Item category  Partner Functions and Partner Function Groups  Sanction Party list screening
  3. 3.  Master Data in SPL Screening  Sanctioned Party List Screening Scenarios  SPL Intelligent Screening  SPL Screening with Logistics  Embargo Check  Releasing Blocked Documents  Report for Business Partner Embargo Situation  Legal Regulation: Country of Departure or Destination  License Determination for Import/Export Control  License determination strategy
  4. 4.  CUSTOMS MANAGEMENT in SAP GTS Online Training  Product Classification for Exports and Imports  v Tariff/Commodity code maintenance  Customs processing  v Customs Export Declarations  v Customs Import Declarations  v Post processing Customs Declarations  v Monitoring for Customs Processing  Document Printing and Communication
  5. 5.  Output Monitoring for Messages  Message Determination  Customs Document Printing  Transit procedure service  Opening the Transit Procedure  Discharging Transit Procedures  Safekeeping  Monitoring for Transit/Presentation
  6. 6.  RISK MANAGEMENT: SAP GTS Online Training  SAP Risk Management – Preference Processing  Master Data for Preference Processing  Management of Vendor-Based Long-Term Vendor Declarations  Preference Determination  SAP Risk Management – Letter of Credit Processing  Master Data for Letter of Credit Processing  Letter of Credit – Export Process  Letter of Credit – Import  Monitoring in Letter of Credit Processing  SAP Risk Management – Restitution
  7. 7.  Master Data for Restitution  Restitution Process  Restitution Integration in Customs Declarations  Restitution Calculation  Electronic Compliance Management  Maintaining Providers of Information  Entering Default Values for Imports from Worklists  Commodity Codes for Products in Intrastat Declarations  Editing Intrastat Declarations
  8. 8.  SETTING UP COMMUNICATION IN R/3 SERVER  GTS Organization Structure  Legal Regulations  Deadline Types  Country Groups  Determination procedures for Legal Regulations  Activation of Legal Regulations
  9. 9. The Best SAP GTS Online Training Program by real time experts Of IT HUB ONLINE TRAINING INSTITUTE The Above Course Content is all Covered by