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Subject school report


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Subject school report

  1. 1. School Report Subjects
  2. 2. School ReportYou’re quite good, butyour spelling • English needs to improve.
  3. 3. School ReportGood. Your holidays in Paris have certainly • Frenchhelped you a lot.
  4. 4. School ReportYou need towork harder,especially at • Geographymap reading.
  5. 5. School ReportYou’re an excellent pupil. You’re very interested in the subject and your project on • History “Roman Britain” was the best I have ever read.
  6. 6. School ReportPoor. You still use your fingers to • Maths count!
  7. 7. School ReportFair. You have to learn a lot but it seems you enjoy • Science doing experiments.
  8. 8. School ReportYou always try hard and you • Physical are becoming an excellent Education tennis player.
  9. 9. School ReportVery poor. You hate the subject, • Music especially singing.
  10. 10. School ReportQuite good. You like drawing • Art teachers!
  11. 11. School ReportYou’re a good pupil. You regularly do • Religious the readings at Morning Education Assembly.
  12. 12. Marga Renedo Gómez