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Etwinning project 1st_term_second_step2_1


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Etwinning project 1st_term_second_step2_1

  1. 1. eTwinning 1st Term
  2. 2. Hello, my name is Judith. I am fourteenyears old. I have got long, wavy, brownhair; I have got green eyes. I am tall. Ilive in Asturias, Spain.
  3. 3. In my family there are five people. Mydad, his name is Pepe. He is a farmer.He has got short, black hair, and he hasgot brown eyes;
  4. 4. My mum, her name is Marisa. She hasgot long, brown hair. She has got blueeyes;
  5. 5. My two brothers, their names are Joseand Daniel. Jose has got short, blackhair, and he has got brown eyes. Danielhas got short, wavy, brown hair, and hehas got blue eyes.
  6. 6. My school is big.
  7. 7. I like listening to music and go horse-riding. I dislike rock-climbing andplaying football.
  8. 8. I have got three pets, a dog and twocats, their names are Noah and Salen.