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  1. 1. Punctuation
  2. 2. Punctuation (.) Full stop We use the full stopShe is lucky. at the end of a sentence.
  3. 3. Punctuation (.) Dot For website e-mail addresses say “dot”.
  4. 4. Punctuation (,) CommaI went to the shops, and We use the comma then I went to the for pauses in swimming pool. sentences, or for listsI bought a computer, two televisions and a pencil. of things.
  5. 5. Punctuation (,) Comma We use the comma inMy sister Mary, who lives non-defining relativein Paris, is a pharmacist. clauses.
  6. 6. Punctuation (,) Comma We use the commaShe said, “I never do before quoting that!” someone.
  7. 7. Punctuation (;) Semicolon This is used to mark aYou must come to the pause between two show; you’ll love it. ideas that are connected.
  8. 8. Punctuation (:) Colon There are two reasons: firstly, I We use the colon tonever liked him; and start a list ofsecondly, I don’t like something. the time.
  9. 9. Punctuation (?) Question mark We use this at theWhat time is it? end of a question.
  10. 10. Punctuation (!) Exclamation mark We use this to showBe quiet! surprise / anger, etc.
  11. 11. Punctuation (‘) Apostrophe We use the apostrophe withI’m Peter’s sister. contractions and the genitive.
  12. 12. Punctuation Inverted commas (“ “) Speech marks Quotation marks“To be, or not to be. We often use theseThat is the question.” for quotes.
  13. 13. Punctuation (- -) Dash We often use the She wasn’t too happy dash in informal stylesabout it all - but that to add a bit of extra doesn’t matter. information at the end of a sentence.
  14. 14. Punctuation (-) Hyphen This is similar to dashco-worker but much shorter.eating-time It is used to join two words together.
  15. 15. Punctuation (-) Hyphen Hyphens are used in website or e-mail addresses.
  16. 16. Punctuation ( ) Brackets We use brackets toMary (Peter’s sister) add additional is coming tonight. information inside a sentence.
  17. 17. Punctuation (/) Slash This is often used inwww.eTwinning/ Internet addresses.
  18. 18. Punctuation ( _ ) Underscore This is also used e-mail and website addresses.
  19. 19. PunctuationABCDEFG Capitals We use them at the beginning of aWhere is Mary from? sentence, for days, Spain. months, seasons, cities, countries, nationalities,…
  20. 20. Punctuation WWW E-mail and website adresses “double u, double u, double u” @ = “at”
  21. 21. Marga Renedo Gómez