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Marevo company presentation - 2019 (En)


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Ukrainian team Marevo specializes in Augmented and Virtual reality development.


Published in: Software
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Marevo company presentation - 2019 (En)

  1. 1. MAREVOVirtual and Augmented Reality Development
  2. 2. TOOLS NOT TOYSWe create augmented and virtual reality software tools for business
  3. 3. All of us know AR/VR technologies can entertain... The most known and popular cases of AR/VR usage are in entertainment and game spheres.
  4. 4. ...but they can also work effectively! AR and VR are new tools for businesses that can provide additional value and improve processes.
  5. 5. WHERE?
  6. 6. WHERE?Advertising & Marketing Pepsi Max “Unbelievable Bus Shelter” Beauty & Fashion Industry ModiFace Mirror E-Сommerce IKEA AR mobile app
  7. 7. WHERE?Retail Gap's AR app Architecture, Design And Real Estate AR for Real Estate Automotive Industry AR navigation
  8. 8. WHERE?Medicine AR and VR in Medicine Education AR in Education Аrt, Museums AR for museums
  9. 9. HOW?
  10. 10. HOW? Mobile AR/VR apps Mixed reality VR for headsets AR-content for large screens 360° video 3D-content animation Due to the widespread use of mobile devices, these applications are accessible to the general public. They are highly adaptable and can be used in almost any industry. A wonderful way to immerse your clients or employees in an environment with unlimited opportunities. A perfect example that shows the future is here. This provides the ability to interact with virtual things in the real world. A new level of storytelling. A great way to advertise to potential customers in places, where they are open to suggestion (like shopping malls and other busy public areas). AR content for large screens is a fantastic way to attract attention. Nice way not only to augment but to alive existing reality.
  11. 11. WHY US?
  12. 12. WHY US? AR/VR can be used for profit Our team formed to show that AR/VR technologies are not just for fun but can also be very useful for business. Close work with client's team Our goal is to develop these tools specifically for your company. We want to learn as much as possible about your business, the industry it operates in, and what your goals and aspirations are. Preliminary customers research We always ensure that we take customers preferences, habits and types of devices into consideration to enable us to develop the products in the best way possible. Help in selecting the necessary equipment Our managers will help you to choose the best equipment for your business and clients usage of the developed tools. Further employee learning We are happy to train company employees on how to use the developed software if required.
  13. 13. We’ve doneAR portal to the office An app that allows showing the 3D-model of meeting room. Zatyshny budynok app AR real-size houses presentations tool Plymotion AR app App for showing of unlimited 3D-models amount
  14. 14. We’ve doneCards for kids An augmented reality application for children. Car finder An additional AR-module of the iOS-application for car owners. AR postcard Postcard for Marevo's clients and partners
  15. 15. WHY US? We create AR/VR Tools - NOT TOYS
  16. 16. Contact UsContact Us To begin your journey into the usage of AR/VR in your business or to have in informal initial discussion, please contact us. +38 (067) 642-77-28