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Media Mosaics Portfolio

  1. 1. Media Mosaics Portfolio Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  2. 2. Media Mosaics Backgroud Since 1998 Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  3. 3. Services Media Mosaics Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  4. 4. MultiChoice Corporate Governance Awareness Campaign Objective: Make the concept of Corporate Governance accessible and understandable to all employees Methodology and Creative Concept: A travelling journalist travels to Africa to find out what Corporate Governance means to the average man on the street. He shares his thoughts and findings with the employees at home. The accessibility of the character, simply way of explaining content as well as the element of fun ensured success. Communication Elements: •Industrial Theatre •Max’s Diary •Competitions •Gifts •Website and banner ads • Poster campaign •Foyer display •Project memos and newsletters Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  5. 5. Sasol Polymers PP Business Values Awareness Campaign Objective: Create awareness, understanding and buy-in amongst all employees into the Sasol values Methodology and Concept: Development and implementation of a change communications strategy and plan. Specific behaviours were identified for each value which had to be entrenched in the every day life of the employees. The approach was to get people involved and excited about the project. Employees had to earn their Wings to graduate from the Space Academy and go on a trip to the universe. Communication Elements: Yearly Awards Function, Customised notice boards, Banners, signage, exhibition stands, Competitions , Web site , Awards & Gifts, Incentive programmes, Poster series , Cartoons, Newsletters, Values workshops for all employees Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  6. 6. Sasol Polymers Values Entrenchment Campaign Objective: Following on phase one of creating awareness of the Sasol values, this campaign entered the next phase focused on entrenching the values as part of the lives of each employee. Methodology and Concept: The role of management as communicators and champions of the values were used as the backbone for the campaign. The Space theme was taken a step further and presented on a different level to the more “mature” audience. Communication Elements Events, Leadership Communication, videos, gifts, certificates, nomination system, competitions, posters, newsletters etc Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  7. 7. Multichoice Balanced Scorecard Campaign Objective: Convey the company strategy, vision, mission and scorecards to all levels of employees within the company. Methodology & Concept:The campaign theme was based on the importance of each employee’s role and fit within the bigger picture of the company. Motivation and pride to be part of the company were emphasised with the message:“You’re part of the Picture” . Communication Elements: The campaign was built around a “Picture Book” which were to be populated through information sessions lead by management. It illustrated the total picture of the company from the vision down to the individual’s scorecard, to clearly show how everything and everyone is part of the picture. The campaign relied on management as the drivers of the process. They would have discussion sessions with their teams and were supported with communication tools. Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  8. 8. MultiChoice Employee Report Objective: Develop an Employee Report that the employees would actually want to read. Something enticing, something fun and filled with the people that actually make the company tick . Creative Concept: Based on the style of “Hello”, a glossy tabloid magazine in the UK, the report showcased employees as the true celebrities and stars of MultiChoice. Using the entertainment environment and photos of actual programmes within the DStv bouquet, employees’ faces were superimposed to create the celebrity look. The publication was a Finalist in the SA Publications Board Awards, category: employee reports It was a smash hit with employees with a second print run ordered. Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  9. 9. Sasol Technology Training Material Objective: Develop a name and look and feel for a new training programme in the company, ensure awareness to stimulate attendance and give ongoing communication and marketing support. Methodology and Concept: Connecting to the theme of a broken car, used by the company as part of the change initiative, the concept of racing cars were introduced. Project Traction provided the company with the skills and competencies necessary to get the car back on the road. Communication Elements: Launch event, electronic media, videos, training material, certificates, promotional material etc. Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  10. 10. Centurion Wine & Art Centre Brand and marketing material Objective: Create a brand and look & feel for the centre and shops within, including the Centurion Theatre. Communication Elements: Logos Stationary Signage Advertisements Menus Promotional items Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  11. 11. SA Post Office Code of Conduct Awareness Campaign Objective: Get employees to internalise the company’s Code of Ethical Conduct through a Crime Awareness Campaign. Methodology and Concept: The core of the campaign was an industrial theatre road show visiting the major mail centres around the country. Supporting the communication theatre production, a variety of creative print and digital media, promotional items and videos were developed. Products were distributed to more than two thousand outlets (24 000 employees) around South Africae: Outcomes: 250% improvement in employees reporting crime. Awarded Best Campaign at the international “World Mail Awards”. Category: Security Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  12. 12. Government Communication Information Services SA Yearbooks 2007/08 and 2008/09 Objective: Translate the printed version of the SA Yearbook into a Multimedia presentation that could be distributed across the world. Awarded for two consecutive years to Media Mosaics. Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  13. 13. Sasol Technology Information Management Strategic Communication Objective: Provide communication support for the new strategy to ensure that all employees are informed and aligned at all times. Train and development a project team to be able to run with all communication efforts independently. Communication Elements: Communication training, group facilitation and coaching, media production and ongoing support. Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  14. 14. Aquarius Platinum SA Strategy Alignment Project Objective: Provide communication support for the change initiative through ongoing project and company communication. Develop and establish a brand for the company instilling a sense of pride in employees. Creative concept: Innovation being key to the brand essence of the company, the idea of Post- its to were introduced. Strong visual elements were used to convey the brand with pictures rather than words – due to the audience being mostly illiterate. Communication elements: Induction Programme, screensaver, events, powerpoint presentations, promotional items, poster series, strategy map, strategy booklet, management toolkits etc Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  15. 15. iBrand Barometer Brand and marketing material Objective: Create a visual look and feel for the research instrument and translate its methodology in a more accessible way through marketing material. Communication Elements: Model Web site Brochure Animated presentations Banners Promotional items etc Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  16. 16. MultiChoice Six Sigma Campaign Objective: Create awareness around the Six Sigma campaign across all levels in the company Communication elements: Posters Web site Promotional items Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  17. 17. Tshwane University of Technology Brand Guidelines Objective: Develop a look and feel for the university that conveys the brand of the institution. Develop a set of guidelines for the brand which would still ensure the creative interpretation of the brand. Communication Elements: Brand Photography Brand Guidelines Advertisements Media designs Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  18. 18. Trans Africa Express Brand and Applications Objective: Provide a brand look and feel for the company, Communication Elements: Logo Stationary Promotional items etc Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  19. 19. Avbob Change Communication Objective: Providing ongoing communication support during a period of change and organisational development. Communication Elements: Vision development Internal branding Communication Audit Facilitation Ongoing Consultation Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  20. 20. Groenkloof Safety Initiative Community Support activation Objective: Create awareness amongst community members of the inititative, enhance support and optimise relations within the area. Communication Elements: Research Newsletters Web sites Public Events Posters Public meetings Database management SMS communication etc Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  21. 21. Department Social Development HCBC Multimedia DVD & Manual Objective: The improvement of effective service delivery by HCBC caregivers, managers and supervisors Products: Multi-media training DVD combining video, animation and e-training in a user-friendly and fun package Hard copy supporting Manual with checklists, tools and tips Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  22. 22. Presidential International Advisory Council Multimedia Presentation Objective: Create a presentation for a new broadcast concept to a very high level target audience, to create excitement and facilitate buy- in into the project. Multimedia animation and video Powerpoint presentation Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  23. 23. Various Video Productions Sasol Wax Vision Sasol Wax Marketing video Sasol Polymers Leadership Video Natref Vision Sasol Technology Marketing Sasol Technology Project Management Sasol Technology Women in Engineering Sasol Polymers Vision etc Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  24. 24. Sasol Technology Recognition Awards Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  25. 25. Sasol Petroleum Values Awards Building Your Brand from the Inside Out
  26. 26. Decadence Year End Party The Creative Circle Building Your Brand from the Inside Out