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New mBank - innovations and design


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Presenting the 10 major innovations introduced in New mBank

New mBank - innovations and design

  1. 1. Project New mBank June 2013 Perhaps the world’s most innovative online banking
  2. 2. 2 Agenda 1. Brief overview of Project New mBank 2. Innovations presented at Finovate Fall 2013 3. New mBank innovations and design 4. Additional information
  3. 3. 3 mBank is the biggest Polish online bank and part of the third Polish retail banking group – BRE Bank • First Polish pure-play online bank founded in 2000 • Currently #3 retail bank and the biggest online bank • Full retail and SME product range available behind single login • Launched in Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2007 • $10,2B deposits & $11,4B loans at the end of 2012 • The third Polish banking group with comprehensive financial offer tailored to the needs of corporate clients, Private Banking clients, and retail clients • Member of Commerzbank Group • ~6 000 FTEs • BRE Retail banking (mBank, MultiBank, mBank Czech Rep. & Slovakia) serves total 4,1M customers 22,451 18,707 Loans Deposits 388 Net income BUSINESS RESULTS [BRE Bank Group, 2012 EOY, M USD] BUSINESS RESULTS [2012 EOY, M USD] Source: BRE Bank Investor Relations, • 3,5 M customers • $8 800 M deposits • $10 900 M loans • 0,16 M customers • $439 M deposits • $88 M loans • 0,44 M customers • $923 M deposits • $458 M loans
  4. 4. 4 • Modern Design and User Interface • Personal Finance Management • Video chat • Discounts app on Facebook • Gamification • P2P payments REAL TIME MARKETING • Real-time and behavioral offers • Transactional marketing with merchants • Transactional banking • Geolocation • Mobile payments FOUR PILLARS OF NEW mBANK • With >200 team members and budget of $31 M Project New mBank is one of the biggest financial startups in Europe and the biggest innovation-driven project in Polish retail banking for a decade • The Project kicked-off in April 2012 • Work has been divided into two stages: • Phase 1 focusing on online banking (launched in Jun 2013) • Phase 2 focusing on mobile banking (work in progress) • Strategic partners include Meniga, Artegence, Accenture and Software Mind PROJECT DETAILS New mBank – 10 major financial innovations tightly integrated in perhaps the most modern online banking in the world
  5. 5. 5 In 14 months joint teams of IT, Business and UX specialists completely redesigned the online banking platform, introducing >200 new features Teams consisting of IT, business and UX specialists divided into ten streams worked together on each part of the project from designing the scope to launching the product 1050 hours of UX tests with clients and potential users (without UAT and beta tests) Over 400 final UI/UX models (over 1700 draft models) Exploration and innovation analysis • Trends • Benchmarks • Experience from mBank User Experience strategy • mBank personas • User scenarios • Interaction points • UI/UX for navigation Creative concepts • Designing the interface • Eyetracking perception analyses • UX concept tests Design development • Navigation and model AI design • Multiple UX tests • GUI design • Interactions and animations THE PROCESS OF CREATING NEW mBANKTHE TEAM
  6. 6. 6 The launch of Phase 1 in June 2013 was widely acclaimed by the most demanding reviewers – our Customers PRE-LAUNCH CAMPAIGN (April-June) LAUNCH OF New mBank (June-now) • The campaign focused on education and engagement with innovative functionalities of new online banking platform. Campaign ran over 7 weeks before launch • The youtube videos prepared for the campaign were viewed >600k times, 12x increase in YT activity • Over 40 ths. customers signed up to obtain access to new platform • mOKAZJE, the merchant-funded transactional marketing platform was launched. It reached >50k Facebook app installs, making it the third fastest growing app on Polish FB in May • The launch of Phase 1 was combined with rebranding of mBank • ~200 ths. users signed up to obtain access to new platform in the first week! • Most active users of mOKAZJE saved ~230$ over first 2 months – more than users of any competing moneyback program over a year • Journalists and experts wrote about New mBank >700 times post launch; >3x more than about other launch/campaign by our top competitors Source: mBank
  7. 7. 7 We couldn’t have built the New mBank without the support of our strategic partners: Accenture, Efigence, Meniga & Software Mind Source: company websites • Global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, • World’s largest independent technology services provider • Working with 89 of the Fortune Global 100 and >3/4 of the Fortune Global 500 • ~266,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries • Net revenues of US$27.9 billion • Specializes in advanced systems dedicated to banking markets • Worked with biggest Polish and worldwide brands, incl. mBank, TVP, Panasonic, Alior Bank, Polkomtel, Eurozet • Created successful online and mobile services like Filmweb – the world’s 2nd biggest movie database, Kontomierz – stand-alone PFM tool • European market leader of PFM Solutions for retail banks with 13 implementations across 11 markets • Sole focus to help retail banks get PFM right. HQ in Scandinavia. Partners world-wide • By making money management fun and engaging, Meniga boasts industry- leading adoption and retention • The Meniga PFM Solution is available to 7 million online banking users in 11 countries, incl. Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland • Software house company operating on a global market. Motto of the company is Focus on ResultsTM • Providing innovative IT solutions and services to clients in industries such as finances, telecommunications, energy and multimedia. • Worked with, among others, mBank, BNP Paribas, ING, Deutsche Bank, Reiffeisen, BZ WBK, UPC, T-mobile, Netia, CoreLogic, GTECH Corp.
  8. 8. 8 Our efforts have also been recognized by an international group of experts at Finovate Europe 2013 - Best of Show Award • Finovate is the first demo-focused conference series in financial technology organized since 2007 • mBank was one of very few banks to receive the Best of Show Award in the history of Finovate • We covered re-designed online banking and first European implementation of merchant-funded transactional marketing – mOkazje • Demo showcased contributions of our key partners: Effigence, Meniga and Accenture • Conferences are held in four cities – San Francisco, New York, London, Singapore Source: Finovate
  9. 9. 9 Agenda 1. Brief overview of Project New mBank 2. Innovations presented at Finovate Fall 2013 3. New mBank innovations and design 4. Additional information
  10. 10. 1010 Branch-like experience through Expert Online - chat, audio conversation and video conversation with collaboration Powered by: • Access via internet banking system enables Customer to maintain his products, whereas by bank’s website one can start conversation with an expert and become Bank’s Customer • Unlike in other similar services, Customer may authorize himself and perform financial operations and be presented with any visual material VIDEO-CHAT VOICE TALK TEXT CHAT
  11. 11. Delivering advice and cash loan in near real time • PFM integrated into different sections of online banking provides contextual information about current financial status • The customer is informed about financial product that might fit his need within the context of information he was initially seeking • Bank analyses customer history and provide pre-approved loans based on behavior patterns (i.e. regular usage of payment cards, receiving remuneration on BRE Bank account) • Easy access to online product application forms without the necessity to contact branch, sign additional documents or re-login to different section of online banking • Back-office processes enable quick loan approval • The customer receives money nearly real-time
  12. 12. 12 Agenda 1. Brief overview of Project New mBank 2. Innovations presented at Finovate Fall 2013 3. New mBank innovations and design 4. Additional information
  13. 13. mBank’s re-designed information portal - landing page
  14. 14. Login
  15. 15. Re-invented online banking – landing page
  16. 16. Profile selection – individual or SME
  17. 17. Accounts – PFM enhanced balance history and forecast
  18. 18. Budgets
  19. 19. Deposit wizard – choice through simplicity
  20. 20. Universal statement page – account aggregation, quick search
  21. 21. Google-like quick search feature
  22. 22. Trends analysis
  23. 23. Banking transfers - hub
  24. 24. Banking transfers - domestic
  25. 25. P2P transfers – Facebook or text
  26. 26. Receiving money on Facebook
  27. 27. Address book
  28. 28. Credit and debit card view
  29. 29. Video banking: „Expert Online” – service selection
  30. 30. Video banking: „Expert Online” – advice window
  31. 31. System settings – landing page
  32. 32. System settings– Facebook options
  33. 33. Financial products store: „Market”
  34. 34. Financial products store – product details and purchase
  35. 35. Gamification within online banking - mGRA
  36. 36. Gamification – badges supporting tutorial scenarios
  37. 37. Gamification: „mGRA” – leader board
  38. 38. Logout
  39. 39. Merchant-funded transactional marketing: „mOkazje” - on Facebook
  40. 40. Merchant-funded offers: „mOKAZJE” – cash back statement
  41. 41. – pre-launch campaign HUB 1/2
  42. 42. – pre-launch campaign HUB 2/2
  43. 43. New mBank renders perfectly on smartphones, tablets and… iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  44. 44. … And even on SmartTVs
  45. 45. All that accompanied by bold rebranding
  46. 46. 46 Agenda 1. Brief overview of Project New mBank 2. Innovations presented at Finovate Fall 2013 3. New mBank innovations and design 4. Additional information
  47. 47. 47 Additional information Viral videos made to promote New mBank: Mr Button vol. 1 - Mr Button vol. 2 - Rich media campaign: Press releases: Other sources: TechCrunch - Finovate – pockets-united.html Forrester - Banking Tech - PR Web - ICT Journal - Mapa Research - Screen captures of New mBank: New Design – Search engine - Money transfers - PFM - mOKAZJE -
  48. 48. 48 For more information please contact: Michal Panowicz, Managing Director of Project New mBank Krzysztof Olszewski, BRE Bank Group's Spokesperson Marek Skomorowski, Project New mBank team member