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  1. 1. marketing advertisement design entrepreneurship branding you + photo video social media content strategy sport creativity passion web: / email: / Vimeo: / Instagram: @madeby_made / Facebook: Madebymade sports marketing agency (click) Mark Made
  2. 2. About Mark Made madebymade Is 26 creative guy who likes sport, travelling, challenges and always looking for new opportunities. Knowledge in Sport Management, Sport Marketing and Branding as Bachelor in Sport Management at Copenhagen Business Academy (focus on sport as a business) + addi- tional course of Brand Management from Copenhagen Busi- ness School in combination with practical experience from work for the best and oldest martial art gym in Denmark. Worked as marketing / branding manager responsible for all marketing activities, branding, promotion, web design, graphic design of flyers or posters, event promotion, photo shooting, video production, social media and content. From ideas to reality. Behind the first Danish clothing brand for fighters in co- operation with hummel as a brand manager. Covering ev- erything from product development, clothes design, pro- motion, branding, product photography, logo design to ad campaigns on social media After few years I found out I am basically “one man market- ing agency” able to not only bring good ideas but also turn them into reality. With background in sport management and sport marketing + passion in creative work as a design, photography or vid- eo production I decided to put everything together and cre- ate my own project madebymade sports marketing agency where I offer everything what small / medium sizes business needs under one roof. sports marketing agency is my own project I created after I connect all my passions, skills, knowledge and experience together. Marketing + business + sport + photo/video + creativity I am able to provide basically whole package for any small / medium business and help you with many things under one roof. That gives you an advantage of consistency what is very im- portant for branding, save a time because you will have one guy able to do for you many different things. From ideas, theory, marketing strategy and advices from marketing con- sultant who told you what you should do and how. To prac- tice and executive where we will together turn it into reality. I am not here only to tell you what to do...but I will do it too! I can help you with overall marketing and branding strate- gy and then create it. Brand elements, slogan, positioning, targeting, product development, merchandise design, photo shooting of final products, promo videos production, create content for your social media, edit photos with your logo, create campaigns on social media. All these together will help us to promote your brand, create brand awareness, brand associations and attract more con- sumers. Let’s “made” it together!
  3. 3. marketing advertisement design Whether we like it or not, whether we think about that or is everywhere around us every single day. As many people, mistakenly, think, that marketing is just an advertising in TV, radio or newspaper which usually disturb us and take our attention when we are reading a newspaper, listening radio or watching TV. But marketing is much more. It is behind and close con- nected with any business what offers products and services used by many people on daily basis. Into marketing belongs important processes which can help us for example to find out what style / kind / colour / taste / size / material / quali- ty of the product / service we should make? How does the package will look like? What size of package it will be? What color? Will the product fits into shelf in shop? Who are our customers? What is the acceptable price for our customers? Marketing is strongly involved and connected with our prod- ucts / services and it plays significant role behind every business. There are involved many important processes as for example a marketing strategy and planning, to define our mission and achieve our vision, successfully achieve our measurable objectives we set up to see if the business is successful, what will be image and identity of the company, advertisement and promotion campaigns, building a brand equity and strong and memorable brand associations and awareness about brand. Communication strategy to create campaign with the right message about our company and our products or services. To see if the message was understood by our customers as we wished. And of course build a loyalty and relationship with our customers. Every company needs to make some buzz and noise around. To do some kind of advertisement to improve awareness, promote new products or services, attract more and new customers or members or just communicate with our cus- tomers and push them a little bit to take some action can be sometimes challenging. Creative campaigns as short videos or nice pictures with logo, slogan or motto of your company with promoting new special offer can be used for social media advertising. Special gift cards, posters or flyers could help to attract new customers or to create interesting campaigns where current customers can get some bonus if they bring their friends. Campaigns like this could help to gain new customers for your products or services. To give something back for loy- alty to your current customers can help also improve brand equity and attract more and more new customers. madebymade can create an interesting campaigns for vari- ous kind of purposes. Do you need to promote an event? Do you need to promote new services or products? Do you need to gain new mem- bers and create an interesting campaigns for your custom- ers? madebymade can help you to be more visible. Every time we need to let people know about our business we need to do some marketing activities as a promotion or advertisement campaigns which usually start with creative ideas based on good theory or vision but the next step - to turn them into reality always finish with the question: “HOW to do it?” Good advices as we should create and share some nice pictures on Facebook, hang some posters, flyers, banners or do promotion campaigns and promote our business are very nice and many people also bring some good ideas how it should look like and so on. But the problem is still there. We need to do it and turn ideas into reality. madebymade offers graphic design for any business what needs to promote itself and use it in print or social media, advertisement or design merchandising. madebymade has experience with design of various things as posters for events, flyers, logos but also design of T-shirts, cup, or spe- cial promotion offers as for example Christmas gift card. Graphic design by madebymade is way how to create a good looking and custom designed promotion materials for cam- paigns, use company logo for merchandising or just posters for event, edited photos with logos or maybe online publica- tion exactly like this one. madebymade can create nice and good looking graphic design and help you and your busi- ness look professional and promote it with nice pictures, posters, flyers, logo etc. These you can use as advertisement in ads campaigns for your new products, services or special promotion offers.
  4. 4. photo video content Quality and good looking pictures are today probably more important than ever before. The best way how to sell your product or service is to show it. Good looking photo with your logo is already sending mes- sage about your brand. When you have good photos, nice edited to follow your branding strategy, with your brand ele- ments then as soon as you will post it, print it or share with people you are basically building your brand. It already has an impact on your brand awareness, you are creating associations with your brand. madebymade can help you with ideas how, where, when and what to photo shoot to get some really good photos which can be used right after editing and using your logo for your advertising campaign. The line between just a picture and quality content for social media, printed pictures, photos which can be used on your poster or flyers is very thin. With experience of photography of products, people, events, kids, sports athletes, weddings and basically everything what you need madebymade can help you to not only took a photos but also create a content for your campaigns. Have a look on photos by madebymade and imagine them with YOUR LOGO and YOUR SLOGAN on them. click to see PHOTOS (Yes that’s how your campaign can looks like!) Here is basically the same rule as with photos. It’s always better to see it once then hear about it 100 times. But there is something much better. Something much more interesting, much more attractive and something what offers much more opportunities how to attract customers attention. Videos and especially short vid- eos offer today extremely good opportunity how to promote your business and attract new customers. With various styles of production, editing and cutting, slow motion or fast shoots, black and white or colour or some effect and of course very important - good music you can create amazing videos and develop your brand awareness. It is very important to be smart here because video is your commercial, it should be also consistent with your branding strategy, reflect your brand, positioning, create positive as- sociations with your brand so it should be planned to help your brand and support your overall marketing strategy. madebymade has produced already many various videos for various kinds of purposes and the next film star can be you, your products, your company or your brand! Have a look on videos by madebyade and imagine there YOUR PRODUCTS, LOGO or YOUR BRAND. click to see VIDEOS (Yes that’s how your campaign can looks like!) And finally! This is the most important thing for your mar- keting/branding. Content is a king! And quality is a queen! This is the way to build your brand, sell your products and grow. Every singe piece of content can help you to improve your business. “You are one piece of content from changing your life” - Gary Vaynerchuk. So let’s see which one it’s going to be together! madebymade can create content for your brand and create brand awareness to boost your business. Blogs, photos, videos, product presentations (like this one) every piece is very important because it will help you to be more visible, to attract people, gives you opportunity to tell your customers something about your brand. Prepare and plan strategy for your content is next step. To know what to post, when, where and have content custom- ized for various platforms is something what’s really import- ant to think about. This is a science itself and there are com- panies doing only this but we can at least help with basic. Create content for your audience and send message con- nected with your brand can help you to create strong asso- ciations, create audience on social media and communicate with your customers. Let madebymade help you to create not only quantity of content but also quality content and show your brand in the best way, there where your audience is. Doesn’t matter if you need videos, video blogs, video tutorials, short funny promo videos, good looking photos with motto or slogan. madebymade can do it and create content what you can use for various kinds of purposes and on various platforms.
  5. 5. creativitybrandingsocial media This is the place to be. Social media today (for those of you don’t know about that) is not anymore just something where people post their food, photos from holidays or drunk self- ies from party. And even if it would be only about that, who cares? They are there - your customers - so their eyes are there. That means there is no reason to don’t be there and put there your content, your advertisement, your products and use it for your brand awareness and sales. You have to be where your customers are and today it is so- cial media. That’s is good news for you and your business because to create a content for Instagram, Facebook, You- Tube etc. can be easier, faster and very important - cheaper than to do the same content for TV, printed magazines, out- door advertisement etc. You can make a great picture in great quality for any social media basically just with your smart phone. But because quality is important - it reflects your brand, positioning and creates brand associations - it’s good idea to have someone to help you to create good looking content - madebymade. To organise photo or video shooting, edit and make it looks nice and share it over all platforms where your customers are. Yes it’s not easy and not everybody can do it. madebymade can help you and prepare good content for various social media and create campaigns targeted on your target audi- ence. Show your customers that you are there too so they can follow you for new info, special promotion offers, sales or just communicate with you and create relationship. Branding is very important for every business. To build a strong brand and to develop brand equity is not easy and fast process. It is long term process which requires strategic planning and preparation in every aspect. Brands differen- tiate products or services of one seller from similar product or services of other sellers - competition. By brand we give a kind of promise to our customers to meet their expectations and communicate reasons how is our product or service dif- ferent from the competition. To develop a brand includes many steps and this process is very close connected with developing of the whole busi- ness. This long term process where from product, name, logo, color used for brand, motto or slogan, then communi- cation strategy continues to create brand associations and brand awareness which are sources of brand knowledge and finally build relationship with your customers. Brand knowledge is basically everything what our custom- ers know about a brand, if they even ever heard about the brand, if they know into what category the brand belongs, if they are able to recognize brand elements as a logo or packaging or colors. To being on the level that customers are able to recall or recognize the brand doesn’t mean it’s finish. Very important is also to create in their minds pos- itive associations connected with the brand. If we want to build a strong brand equity it requires long term strategy used consistently. madebymade can help you not only with brand strategy and brand development but also to create brand elements, use them in campaigns and build a brand equity for your brand. For madebymade creativity is the core of all these process- es. It is in each of them and it connects all of them together. It doesn’t matter what needs to be “created” marketing strat- egy, branding strategy, brand elements, photos, videos. The style of editing photos and style of cutting and producing videos. The way how the content will be used, how the ad- vertisement will looks like, what kind of campaign we want to create and for what purpose, on what social media we want to post it, how often or how we will communicate with our customers. It all includes creativity and creative think- ing. Even to create this flyer required to be creative. How many pages is going to have? what kind of pictures should be used? what font? what colours? what kinds of messages? what is going to be written here to attract you and make it interesting in way to push you into the action and contact madebymade for cooperation? Creativity is simply everywhere and in everything created by madebymade. It is the challenging piece of process what sometimes makes things harder but in the end it will open new ways how to be more and more creative, be able to do interesting things and then of course to be able to create new and interesting things for others. madebymade just likes to be creative, stay in front of new challenges and delivers something “different“ what in the end will help you to own interesting content, or have inter- esting promotion campaigns, good strategy ready for your customers and show them your offer.
  6. 6. contactpassion you! Yes it is you! On the beginning, in the middle and in the end it is always about YOU. You are the most important piece of all of this. For madebymade there is nothing better than happy client because happy client is the best client. To make it possible YOU are very important part of this pro- cess because at the beginning you are the only one who knows, who has a vision and the idea. Together we can turn ideas and visions into reality and create amazing things. madebymade is open to support and cooperate with other businesses with interesting ideas and help to improve and grow. Cooperation and creating new contacts is for madebymade also an opportunity to meet new interesting, smart, busi- ness oriented, creative and hard working people. To help YOU with your ideas and your visions is an amazing chal- lenge how we can help YOU to change the world and bring something new and interesting to people around the world. madebymade always try to bring the best solutions in qual- ity which will satisfy you and your requirements of your vi- sions and ideas. It is the most important thing to turn them into reality and make your ideas real. Passion is the engine! Everything is going better with pas- sion. For madebymade passion is the gas. The key import- ant to turn ON the creativity. It’s necessary to engage cre- ative thinking. Passion simply runs it all! There are various things madebymade is passionate about. Because there is always passion to meet new challenges, improve, try, learn and create something new. madebymade itself was created basically thanks to the pas- sion. Passion into sports, business, marketing, creative work as a photography, video production or graphic design combined with interest and passion into branding, social media and so on. Passion is pushing it forward to be hungry to create some- thing and it doesn’t matter if it is just logo, slogan, photos and editing, video production or brainstorming basically 24/7 about new ideas, strategy, creative ways how to do something better, different, attractive, how to do something smart and plan long term campaigns. Passion just keeps pushing it! The more complex or interesting it is the more passionate madebymade can be about that. To see and be part of some- thing new and be able to change it, have an impact on that and see and feel the changes in real life is what really brings a passion. To create something what will influence other people, cam- paigns, product, strategy or whatever else and then see how does it work and how it influence other people is what keeps passion on really high level in madebymade. If you are interested in cooperation with madebymade feel free to contact directly: or Follow on social media: FB: Madebymade sports marketing agency IG: madeby_made Vimeo: madebymade “madebymade does not work FOR you... ...madebymade works WITH you!” So let’s “made” it together!”...