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MMDE19, Marek Borzęcki, Małgorzata Walankiewicz, Divante, How is Possible to Grow from On Site to Worldwide Ecommerce (Senetic Case Study)


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Meet Magento DE 2019 in Leipzig
Marek Borzęcki and Małgorzata Walankiewicz presented case study of Senetic project how is Possible to Grow from On Site to Worldwide Ecommerce.

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MMDE19, Marek Borzęcki, Małgorzata Walankiewicz, Divante, How is Possible to Grow from On Site to Worldwide Ecommerce (Senetic Case Study)

  1. 1. #mm19de Senetic: from 1 to 150 webshops 1 Case Study by Divante
  2. 2. #mm19de Małgorzata Walankiewicz Magento Tribe Master
  3. 3. #mm19de Marek Borzęcki Solution Architect
  4. 4. #mm19de Where we start Strategy Where we are now
  5. 5. Where we start
  6. 6. #mm19de Global provider of IT solutions 2019 © Senetic®
  7. 7. #mm19de Hardware Software 2019 © Senetic® 2019 © Senetic®
  8. 8. #mm19de 10 Years of experience in IT 27 Offices worldwide 142 National markets 2M Clients a year
  9. 9. #mm19de “I have learned from experience that every once in a while, there is a moment of breakthrough in technology and business. At such time, you need to drop everything and move forward as fast as possible." Marcin Białożyt, CEO 2019 © Senetic®
  10. 10. #mm19de 2017 Dedicated platform 39 Websites with hardware 4months to develop next website
  11. 11. #mm19de Fast MVP 4 months USA market Short Time To Market for next countries Flexible and replicable solution
  12. 12. Strategy
  13. 13. #mm19de Magento standard Reusable features Multiple type of products Key assumptions
  14. 14. #mm19de ● Global scope ● Single code base ● Less instances ● Migrate to B2B Key assumptions
  15. 15. #mm19de Analysis stage Website Store Store view United States US Canada CA Australia AU
  16. 16. #mm19de Smart planning Russia Australia Mexico Turkey Venezuela $ Bolivia Peru USA Peru Chille Mexico Columbia Argentina
  17. 17. #mm19de Product Attributes Category Order Price Stock Invoice Ecosystem
  18. 18. #mm19de Global infrastructure
  19. 19. #mm19de Without cache 1.9s
  20. 20. #mm19de With cache USA Australia Homepage 1s 4ms 1.8s 5ms Product catalog 1.1s 6ms 1.9s 6ms
  21. 21. #mm19de Automation of recurring processes Configuration installers Static page installers Shop installers
  22. 22. Where we are now
  23. 23. #mm19de Business analysis Fast MVP - USA Canada Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia … Max 6 countries at one time
  24. 24. #mm19de 2019 2 weeks to configure new website 60 Websites with hardware 21Websites over 1 year
  25. 25. #mm19de The 2019 Challenge ● Migration from dedicated solution ● 2 mln products ● Processes automatization
  26. 26. #mm19de Continuous Improvements ● Optimization ● Automated Testing
  27. 27. #mm19de Tips for global rollout Look for simplification Think about reusable Prepare rollout plan 2019 © Senetic®
  28. 28. #mm19de Thanks! Let’s stay connected /malgorzata-walankiewicz gwalankiewicz /marek-borzecki