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Marilyn lamotte


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Marilyn lamotte

  1. 1. OSU Research Project Marilyn Harris 4 period th December 17 , 2012 th
  2. 2. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY● Ohio State University, home of the“ buckeyes” , located in Columbus, Ohio. ● 281 W. Lane Ave. ● Columbus, Ohio 43210 ● (614)-292-OHIO
  3. 3. History of OSU..!Ohio State was founded in 1870.The university was originally known as theOhio Agricultural and MechanicalCollege.With Rutherford B. Hayes as their firstpresident the name changed to Ohio StateUniversity.
  4. 4. Tuition and Fees● Ohio Resident: $10,037; Room & Board: $10,392● Non-resident: $25,445; Room & Board: $10,392
  5. 5. Degrees Offered● Some of the degrees offered are: Masters, Bachelors, Doctrine, etc.● Undergraduate degrees are also available
  6. 6. My Major Ohio State offers 170 majors, but, I ●would major in Logistics Management.● I plan on beginning a retail business.
  7. 7. Curriculum of My Major● I must have a minimum composite score of 25 on the ACT. ● Combined Critical Reading and Math score on the SAT of 1150. ● I am required to take 17 classes in that field my college career and obtain 121 hours in order to graduate.
  8. 8. Famous Graduates● Bobby Knight● Faye Wattleton● Paul Warfield● Etc.
  9. 9. I Love the Buckeyes● The reason I would love to attend this college is, because, they have great academic programs, excellent sports teams, also I have always wanted to go to college out of state.
  10. 10. Reference Sites●●