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Twitter Mobile


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How to go mobile with Twitter

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Twitter Mobile

  1. 1. Twitter Guide: Getting Mobile to Maximize your Conference Experience 1. Sign up for a Twitter Account. 2. Set you Mobile Device to receive Twitter accounts - Log on to Twitter - Go to your Settings - Go under the heading ‘Devices’ - Add your phone number Twitter’s ‘Devices’ page used to set up your mobile phone for Twitter compatibility. - Once your devices are up and running you can go through your Followers and decide whose Tweets will go directly to your phone. - That is the most simple way to set your phone up with Twitter, however there are TONS of phone applications you can download, most of which are free and have much more dynamic features that work with your phone. See below. 3. Depending on your mobile device (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) download the most appropriate Twitter application for your mobile device. Each application offers features to help connect while at the convention. Some recommendations: For Blackberry: UberTwitter ( – UberTwitter is the latest and is currently in BETA testing and open for download. Some of the features that will help include automatic location updates sent 1 from the nearest cell phone tower to find other Tweeters in the area, the ability to follow threads Page of replies to Tweets, etc.
  2. 2. UberTwitter as it appears on BlackBerry UberTwitter’s mapping feature utilizing automatic location updates and finding other local Twitter users. Twitterberry ( – Twitterberry is a more 2 established application for your BlackBerry, which means less bugs and glitches. It Page doesn’t offer as many features as some of the newer Twitter applications for BlackBerry
  3. 3. and the site that offers the application is unreliable, still, this Twitter application can do all of the basics needed to get the job done. UberTwitter may be a bit much at first, so Twitterberry may be the best starting point when utilizing Twitter on your mobile device. Twitterberry as an icon on your BlackBerry The Twitterberry application as it appears when Tweeting 3 Your main Twitter page of follower’s Tweets on Twitterberry Page
  4. 4. For iPhone: Twitterific ( – Twitterific is one of the many iPhone apps for using Twitter but also the most popular. Like UberTwitter it can update locations on the fly utilizing GPS and Wi-Fi connections helping you find your other local Tweeters. Twitter as it appears using Twitterrific on iPhone 4 Page Twitteriffic’s menu for Tweets
  5. 5. Posting a new Tweet using Twitteriffic 4. Keep an eye out and search for the hash tags for the conference (i.e. #conference2009, etc.) This way you can keep track of what your fellow convention-goers are Tweeting about in real time. 5 Page