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Finding Your Customers (May 2013)


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Defining your ideal customer, finding them, and moving them through a system and process to close sales.

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Finding Your Customers (May 2013)

  1. 1. Finding Your Customer
  2. 2. Finding Your Customer• Who To Look For• How To Show Up• Where To Look• How To Be Seen/Heard• How To Get Found
  3. 3. Helping Prospects To Buy• Connect• Relate• Appeal• Promote
  4. 4. Keeping TheLead Funnel Filled• Hunting• Being Heard / Seen• Getting Referred• Getting Found
  5. 5. What’s Your Brand?LogoPromiseCustomersExperienceValuePropositionStoryPersonalityGoods /ServicesUSPProblemYou SolveYour PlaceIn TheWorld
  6. 6. Know Thy Self• Brand: what you stand for• Brand: what you effect• Brand: what’s your story• Brand: where/how you fit
  7. 7. Know Your SourcesVendorsSuppliersFriends & FamilyGroupsOrganizationsCommunitiesClubsActivitiesCustomers
  8. 8. Know Thy Customer• What they stand for• What’s their life style• What’s their point of pain• Where/how they fit
  9. 9. Define A Best Customer• Purchase – average spend per purchase• Frequency – how often they purchase• Paying – how they pay• Relationship – how they react, relate• Influence – who can they influence• Loyalty – price shop, share, rate, review, refer• Lifetime Value – how long will they stay
  10. 10. Who Is Your Best Customer?
  11. 11. Who Is Your Best Customer?PERSONA BUILDING
  12. 12. Know Why They BuyWe Buy To Fulfill A NeedMaslows hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology, proposed by Abraham Maslowin his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation
  13. 13. Rationalize It Later
  14. 14. Align Your Message To YourAudienceImpress YourLady!We’ve GotAwesome Gear25% OFFImpress YourLady!We’ve GotAwesome Gear25% OFF
  15. 15. Align Your Message To YourAudienceImpress YourLady!We’ve GotAwesome Gear25% OFFImpress YourLady!We’ve GotAwesome Gear25% OFF
  16. 16. Fun Is Good
  17. 17. Research•Keywords: what are your keywords – including long-tail and how areyour competitors doing with these keywords? Opportunity Keywords.(, Google Analytics, Google KeywordSuggestion tool, search on Google and look at their suggestions…)•Competitive Keyword Analysis: what keywords are your competitorsbeating you at and how are they doing it? (•Competitive Analysis: beyond the keywords, how are your competitorspositioning, valuing and presenting. What do they offer?
  18. 18. Think StrategicallyTactics Support Strategy
  19. 19. How You FitHow Your Marketing Fits
  20. 20. The Buyer’s Cycle
  21. 21. For Every Buying StageHow will you move themthrough to sale?
  22. 22. The Buyer’s Cycle
  23. 23. Planning
  24. 24. Systematize For Big Results24
  25. 25. Nurture
  26. 26. Get A CRM
  27. 27. Get A CRM
  28. 28. What Are We Planning For…
  29. 29. Planning
  30. 30. Marketing Eco SystemMy Biz Card
  31. 31. Content Strategy
  32. 32. You’re Gonna NeedSome StuffCopy Graphics Photos VideosWeb copy Logos Products DemosNewsletter Charts People IntroPosts Graphs Staff/Team InstructionsEmails Illustrations Customers InteractionsUser Guides Examples MontageWhite Paper Stories Having FunTips TestimonialsLetters/Cards
  33. 33. Me VS You“We make the best ibuprofenin the world.”vs
  34. 34. Me VS You
  35. 35. Processes & Campaigns7-10Touches ToMake A Sale7-10Touches ToMake A Sale
  36. 36. REWARD / ACKNOWLEDGEDrives Loyalty / Repeat Sales
  37. 37. Calendar It
  38. 38. Measure It
  39. 39. Keeping TheLead Funnel Filled• Hunting•In Person•On Line• Being Heard / Seen• Getting Found• Getting Referred
  40. 40. Hunting in Personwhat you will need• Great Elevator Pitch(hint: not who and what you are or even what youdobut what’s the outcome you create.)• Business Card
  41. 41. Hunting in Personwhere to hunt• Networking Groups• Business & Industry Groups• Professional Associations• Fairs, Conferences, Conventions• Community Groups & Organizations• Volunteer Groups & Events• Activities (social, sport, religious, age related)
  42. 42. Getting Leads One At A Time42
  43. 43. • No gatekeepers• Start and/or maintain relationships with decisionmakers, influencers, customers, fans• Keep ‘top of mind’• Protect your reputation• Expand circle of influence• Find hidden opportunities• Turn a sales cold call into a warm call• Remove geographic or budgetary boundariesSuper Charge W/ Social Media43
  44. 44. Generate Awareness44RecommendationsReferralsProspects
  45. 45. Are You Safe?Can I Trust You?Are You Real?Are You Meant For Me?Do You Even Care?What They’re Wondering:
  46. 46. How “extreme kindness”embeds you in the mind ofprospects so YOU are thefirst one they think about andbuy from!Be of Assistance
  47. 47. ROI of RelationshipsHigher Than Advertising47
  48. 48. CONVEY TRUSTReal testimonialsfrom real peoplefrom realcompanies.CustomerRatings *****
  49. 49. Hunting On Linewhat you will need• Great Website• Great Tag Line• Great Profiles• Testimonials• Landing Pages & Lead Capture Pages• Great Content That Is Sharable
  50. 50. Hunting On Linewhere to hunt• LinkedIn (your network & groups)• LinkedIn Search• LinkedIn (company pages)• Twitter via #keywords, twellow,followerwonk• Facebook (your network)• Google+• Online communities and membership sites
  51. 51.
  52. 52. - to find tribes
  53. 53. Being Heard / Seenin Person• Sponsorships• Teaching / Public Speaking• Demos / Workshops• Fairs, Conventions, Conferences• Community, Association, Etc.• Involvement and/or leadership
  54. 54. Being Heard / Seenon line• Webinars, Blogs, Vlogs, Videos, Slideshare,Pinterest, Google+…..• Twitter: ReTweet, @chat,• LinkedIn: group participation• Answer Questions: Quora, Yahoo,• Guest posts, articles, comments
  55. 55. Hope For A Referral61Oh goobers,I forgot thatis what youdo!Oh goobers,I forgot thatis what youdo!
  56. 56. Help Them Help You• Your online content and emails should besharable across multiple channels• Ask for ratings, recommendations,testimonials – and help them with the ‘copy’• You go first….• Ask for an introduction (and tell them why itmakes sense for them)
  57. 57. Getting Found• Directories• Website Rankings for keywords• Articles Ranking for keywords• Tweeting with #keywords• Ads
  58. 58. Understand SEO
  59. 59. Understand SEOPerceived value to userSocial signals page levelSocial signals domainlevelCTR/ Bounce RateReadability / UsabilityAdvtg vs contentOn-page topic modelingQty paid resultsExternal anchor text links
  60. 60. MARKETING
  61. 61. RESOURCES•Duct Tape Marketing – John Jantsch•The Zen of Social Media Marketing – ShamaHyder Kabani•E-Myth Revisited – Michael Gerber•ReWork – Jason Fried & David HeinemeierHansson
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