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  1. 1. What is web hosting?Singapore dedicated server
  2. 2. If you want your website to be live you need to sign up with a webhosting company The web hosting company (server) stores yourwebpages and when Singapore dedicated server your domain nameis typed into the web browser it links it to your IP address (a numberassigned to you by your internet serves provider) that points it to aspecific computer If a person surfing the internet asking for yourpage the hosting company goes through your stored webpages Sofrom the above explanation we have established that any websiteneeds a server or web host that houses a remote computer Theremote computer stores files and pages from multiple websites
  3. 3. This is a shared server Disk Space and bandwidth are the two mostimportant considerations when deciding what web hosting companyyou are going to use Disk space is the amount of storage space youhave on your hard disk at the hosting company It is used to store allyour graphics, documents, animation etc It is easy to determine howmuch disk space your website will need, you just have to see howmuch space it is taking on your local disk that is found on yourpersonnel computer
  4. 4. Bandwidth is not the same as disk space, although many people getconfused with these two terms The amount of bits/data that can bedownloaded from your web site is called bandwidth You are usuallyallocated a certain amount per month, when this is used up; yourwebpage will not be up for viewing until the next months allocationThis is not good for business
  5. 5. Bandwidth also controls the speed at which you webpages loadOnce you have found a web hosting company that meets yourwebsites needs, one that has the latest technology at the mostcompetitive rate You now need to place your files and pages withthe host company, so that they can store and distribute them asneeded To do this you need to upload your website
  6. 6. Uploading is the act of sending a file from your computer to anothersystem, in this case the web hosting company You upload files witha FTP Client Now that you have uploaded your website, all that isleft for you to do is manage the traffic it will bring and updating yourwebsite frequently by adding new and interesting content
  7. 7. Singapore dedicated server