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  1. 1. Payday Loan Advances Have Risen in Recent Years for Emergency CashPayday Loans
  2. 2. Once again in the UK, banking scandal this week, Conservatives andLabour parties are in a struggle to sort out a solution to it Conservativesare the natural supporters of the financial institutions while Labour partyis held instrumental in allowing the scandals to happen Whenever bigscandals happen it shows that private players, Capitalists and otherpeople have their legitimate participation in it For instance, Barclays andLibor who did enter to bait inter day lending prices and were heldcontempt by law ministry Similarly BA has done price-fixing on theinterest rates that ruined the big investors in the New York from time totime
  3. 3. However, scandals affect other sections of society that are connectedwith banks and financial institutions The unemployed youth, seniorcitizens who are not the breadwinners get into scuffle with bankinginstruments and face acute difficulties in getting emergency loans frombanks on unsecured personal loans Banks began to cap the short-termlending due to lack of security by following the strict regulations and asthe result these low income groups turn to payday loan advances Theyhave become relatively easier to obtain because of various reasons ThePayday loan lenders have come up with wonderful schemes that doesbenefit in form of emergency cash to make quick payments of pendingdues
  4. 4. As these payday institutions do not make a check of consumers credithistory they are colloquially referred as no check payday loanGovernment Measures Can Reduce ‘Emergency Loans’ of ‘noCheck Payday Loan’ With the Capitalism in dominance, in the UK, willthere be a systematic approach in protecting citizens from the bankingfrauds to which people are getting into a wheel of banking fatigue Ifsomething fast is not done, then in the next ten years a numerous fraudsand scams will occur People will be found in a fix unable to makejudgement on taking emergency loans, short-term or long-term whatevermay it be Certain changes will systematically set things in order and lowliving sections in the society can take a deep breath to relief
  5. 5. Tax reliefs and government subsidies are first option to protect capitalistand industries while they are most likely in a fragile state of affairs Doesthe same kind of help is extended to the low profile and jobless groups? Itshould be doubted otherwise why do many people end up knocking thedoors of the payday loan lenders? Improper support to the unemployedby the government is due to lack of funds to operate businesses and inaddition to this, banking frauds, scams, and price fixing on interest rateshave slashed the profits of companies and affecting the economy of thecountry Payday loan advances have thoroughly dominated theshort-term lending markets because they are easily available andemergency cash on time can stop credit score of borrower from getting itaffected Although do warn borrowers about lending terms andconditions, the emergency loans to cover the immediate expenses doblinds borrowers foresight In order to control money and liquidity flowfrom and into banks, government should not allow frequent bail out tobanks, private and public companies because these are the institutionsare in running due to taxpayers money
  6. 6. In order to set right the banking system in order, the Bank of Englandhas pumped up funds to regularise the cash flows in Banks and now it isnot determined to do it so, it does not want to risk the taxpayers moneyPrivate sector has made an investment of 100 billion pounds and this willforce the taxpayer to pay back 300 billion pounds over the coming nextthree years At the same Payday Loans time, ‘no check payday loan’lenders government does not want to enforce greater competition andchoice because companies are siphoning smaller companies on theconcept of competitive advantage and also companies are downsizingworkers for effective corporate building Therefore, government will haveto cap regulations and set eye on financial institutions to make everysection to benefit otherwise it would be vulnerable
  7. 7. Payday Loans