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  1. 1. Indians can’t get enough of sharing informationthrough their mobile phones, according to an online survey on ‘Mobile Etiquette,’ commissioned by chip manufacturing major Intel. Teens, in particular, seem to be addicted to online habits.web design
  2. 2. The survey revealed 43 per cent of Indian teens responded that they try tomake sure that every moment of their life was captured online and 69 per centof them felt they were missing out if they were unable to share or consumeinformation online With regard to adults, 64 per cent confessed that they weremore comfortable sharing information online than in person The surveywas commissioned by Intel and conducted by research firm Ipsos Observer Itcovered eight countries While the survey for the U
  3. 3. S was conducted from March 1 to 16, the online exercise covering India andsix other countries — Australia, Brazil, China, France, Indonesia and Japan— was conducted from June to August The sample population was based ona representative sample of the online population in the countries, Intel saidThe findings were released in the U S
  4. 4. on September 5 through the launch of website and the India-specific findingswere highlighted in a press release on Thursday Some of the numberscontrasted the cultural web design differences between the countries when itcomes to mobile phone use Interestingly, Indian mobile users come across asthe most tolerant when it came to voting on whether they wished others wouldpractise better mobile etiquette From India, 85 per cent wished others wouldpractise better etiquette, whereas respondents from all the other countrieswere less tolerant: Australia (94 per cent), Brazil (95 per cent), China (97 percent), France (95 per cent), Indonesia (98 per cent), Japan (93 per cent) andUSA (92 per cent) The top pet peeve among mobile phone users herepertained to the use of mobile phone while driving cars — respondents overthe age of 55 years were particularly critical of this habit with 57 per cent ofthem saying they found it most difficult to digest
  5. 5. The Indian male’s proclivity to send friendship requests — parodiedin popular culture with the “want to make draftsmanship― phrase — alsofound mention in the survey Fifty three per cent of the male adults whoparticipated in the survey said the reason for sharing information online was tomake new friends The study also contrasted the Indian mindset with theothers On the most popular things that people are used to sharing online,Indian respondents voted ‘marriage’ as the second largest categoryfollowing the universal favourite ‘vacations ’ Mobile users from the U
  6. 6. S and most of the other countries surveyed did not feel like sharing theirmarriage-related information With Regards ,
  7. 7. web design