Oxygen toxicity


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Oxygen toxicity

  1. 1. Oxygen toxicityBy: Mardo Ramirez
  2. 2. Oxygen toxicity? Is a condition caused by high pressured oxygen. It is mostlyknown as oxygen intoxication or oxygen poisoning
  3. 3. How to get Oxygen Toxicity? Well to get oxygen toxicity there are symptoms for example dizziness, nausea and some visual disturbance. The problem starts when you have too much oxygen in your body not all the molecule will help the electron so the other molecule from where ever they can get them which becomes the problem
  4. 4. How to prevent it?To prevent oxygen toxicity depends on kinds of setting. Also photosynthesis can help you in many ways
  5. 5. PhotosynthesisHow can photosynthesis helpit can help because by givinggood oxygen in the end of its process where you can breathe well
  6. 6. This picture shows us the symptomsof oxygen toxicity and where it may occur.
  7. 7. This picture shows on how its bad tobreath 100% oxygen the most a person can breathe oxygen is about 32%.
  8. 8. This picture shows that to prevent oxygen toxicity is through photosynthesis because trees gives us the good oxygen we need tobreathe in and out without getting toxicated oxygen.
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