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Reviews, Articles, Media

  1. 1. mai net w w w .carol son n. 825 Main Street,downtownCincinnati 573.657.2667
  2. 2. The Cintianati fquot;dgrJrprr. , ffiger,*$*.$ €.Trv .;;;* $' $cquot; ti .;., ,l' ' . By Polly Gampbell 77t Cintin n ali En quirer e Surprisingly deliciour IF G(} T(lU Galol's on Maln *** Food: Ercellent Vrlue: Excellent Servlce: Fau hc decibel level is Atmosphere: Fair(loud) high, tht lrar is busl', WfR.IHE. 13thSr What: Ve6attle and fuo. the jrrke box playsend. RHITIE casualcuisine. 12thSr E lcss darce nrixcs (who 12th tr Sr. Where:825 Main St.. had thc bright idca of putting oolrntown. c that okl (ionlon Ughtfoot song I3d a lil lhen: gd3 Reading 11:30a.m.,11p.m. quot;lfyou coukl rearl rny ntintlquot; to a >C l,londay-Wednesday: 1 I :30 CentralPlwy S c- 8 6 g(r= a m.,1 a.m.Thursday-Friday; technrxlist'o bc'at?), g_- table trnts 4 p.m.-1a.m.Saturday and Coaa atlver:ti:*.a l|ill and Grace wt- CoudSl. 4-11 p,m.Sunr,ay. Houtc nrierepart1,, anrl our fanrill. Recomm?nded dlshes:Cartic Jurttitoq party is scprcczed into a non- quot;N00dle gthsr. 'Lc, crosttna, Doquot; salad, Ctnter smoking tablc up front that I vegetabie lasagne, meat loaf, tr pori(ch0p.poundcake. suslx.ctis savcd for the hox. 8rhst. -ffi vegetarlan cholres: Good - lcssll,squarc. pastas. soup,sarad, veggie Surely there rvon't be rnuc-lquot;r burger, burrito,side dishes. eal hcre thiur thc olives ft,icuii,nnit, rnou'.. Prices:Appetirers 95.2S- in the rnartinis. $6.95. main-course salads inb'iguingdish. lVrong. Carol's on Main has $5.95-$8.25. sandwiches I think it's hald to rnakerrrtir; .lots of ways to keep the party $5.95'$7.95,entrees loaf anything but boring. [3ut S11.95.$1 7.95. desserts going. anrl one of them is casual Chef Janna Sigler s rncat loa1'i. $3.50-$5.95. fooclthat's interesting and welf Patlng for lt: Masteroard, different and very refned. As rr prepared.There are plenty of Visa,American fupress, sandwich (57.25).it's st'r'ved snacksand sandwiches.but Diners. open-faced a pieceof toastlel on Carol's also serves the best SoundleYel:78 decibets rye with grilled onkrns.I{:rdt',,1 {mosl restaurants rangefrom rneat loaf I've had in ages, mixes veal and pork, it's light<olorerl. 60 decibels, dignified a calm. up great homemade salad dresi to 90 decibels, din)- rnikl and nxrist.It's alsusrrvt rr a ings, serves intriguing specials as a dirmer (b11.95).'l}ere wa. ieseryatlon!: Noi taken. anrl eutel'sto vegctati;us. Its flttscelfanaoust Accesslble steaft on the special list both locadon and'tab hanrs make it a to disaufi, smoking and nights, but the nreatiestwc grrr good choice for a meal hcforc or n0n.smohing secti0ns, room rvas an excellent lxrrk cholr for private parties. after downtown evcnts. ($14.95) a rich bourbon. in Phone: 651.2667 Carol's was named for Carol spikedsaucewith lots of rnuslr. Shernran-Jones, who opened the roonls. restaurant 1l years ago, then Therc were some nir'c snr:rll sold it in 1998to MarcusAdiu- surprises,too. The sh:rl. tori, *'ho had workc{ for her. go!I Online t#::' jl:'quot;* lot vinaigrette and thc lemon dill rearures m rjiquot;r:l'#,l il:lffi Mr. Adiutori urd his partners carorb Main on chickenarsa dressing were prfectly dcli- have coutinucd to keep the l(aynod rcvlew carroicake. wineis Rancha The Zabaco Zinfandel. citxrs.A side order of fresh fi'rrit bdck+vallctl plac.e Findpastreviews Clncin kxrking chir at nati.Com. for $3.25was a classl' nrix of a but not fanry. Therc's a big sil- qucsadillas,fruit and cheeseor dish isn't lighl. exactly,but it big chunk of fresh pineapplc, ver moon on the back wall and a kladed french fries, are nror.e isn't heavy-tasting. ntekln. sbirrvberries,kini arxl ir tlixn ball rotating 6-om thc ceil '[he seafooddinner special [kc. snacks t]rnn firul L.ourscs. hanrlful of fresh ruslrbcrrics. H(}W RNTT TIIEY ing. 1}e brxtlhs are nervly Wc tried garlic cr-ostini($l-r.95). sounded bizrrre and unappetiz- l)cssrrts are not all rnark'in- upholstcrcd antl cobalt trlue thin toast spread rvith a pungcnt ing, so i ordcred it: wholc cala- house, but theyi'e houvquot;t'us- lighting fixturcs h:urg over the paste of olives,artichokes and **** Frceltent nrad shrffed with vrusage and ktntized and all goocl deals. Dar. sundricd tontato, perfect with goldcn raisins with rnadnara ancl *** Good Pound cake ($11.75) grillcd so is Our scrver one night rvas strong drink. Another evening,a whitc wine ctcanl s:luce it lrasa light crust ()n the otrtsir[' ** Fair breezy arcl casual.not especially friend and I shared crab cakes ($16,95). did turn out kr look It and is almostcreanryinsitlc, polishd, and I supposeI should * Poot t$a.Ztl, which are big and spicy, bizarre, but it tastedwonderful. :;erved with lots of berdcs and takc points off for her spillirg a 'Itre ralanrari looked about a B+ Ior crabbiness. like a oale whipped crcan. Ilrourries lxer on nry nrotlrer.Another Vegetarians should by dre white a ($5.95)are gooey anclscrvt'd Ret:iews are done server was chummy and fun: vegetabielasagne ($1095). It's mild seafoodconhast to the anonymously at Dnquircr with ice creanr anclrnore gooe!' again not especiallycorrecl not exactly packed with vegela- shrfflng, a llavorfrll sausage with egerce . Ratings tahe into choc'olatcsauer.'llrere's a finc 'ht'n the fcxrdwas ready, it was bles * nrostly it's zucchini r+'ith raisins.A little tomato sauceand tousidrralion qu ality ol comnrcrcial cheex.cake (.93.75) brought to thc tablc b-vthe sunrenrushroonrs but it has - a little crearny white saucc rver.c fnod, srrtice, frcse ntntion with a crr'nre brulee topping. c()oks- unconvcntional, it but k>tsof ricotta anclother chet se' and atnnslthtrr. haln n rcd x'rved in just thi' right anx)unts, zurrl nrcdimrc applc pic (gl|.5tt1 a ntcalisit's served lrol. anclthe right amount of sauce, agaiust !rirc. nrixing *ith dce and carrots as (ovcr-lrt'atctl) witlr cinn;urlrrricr. which is a flesh, light rcd, -l}e {o-st of the starters. surlr as lvell as *ith thc sausagr'.An creanl.
  3. 3. I I ady Sunday evening, downtown Cincinnatl. gxcept for several groups Garol's on Main returring liour The Black Familv Reunion at Sa*yer Point, dorntown appeals E4. A25 Main St., Downtown ?-@: hexpensive to Moderate io have rolled up its sidcwalks. Anple parking e4/t..5L*651A667 spots and d:rkened u'inclows surround are as I ?at*at. MosI major credit cards nrerkcnry way towiud the center of t.os,n, ancl I 7w, Monday.Wednesday 11:30 Rd ?/(zat .4tte.aua, Chicken, fi Sh, can't hr,lp but feel a ntix of sadness:rnrl frus- a.m.-11p.m.:Thursday- shellfish,corned beef, pork tration regarding the recent crivil unrest and Friday11:30 a.m.-1 a.m.; chops and vegetarian disfF S aturday p.m.-1a.m. the ineni:r of the cit.v'.s 4 leaders. es. +11 p.m. B ar S unday I'm anticipating a t-ather subduecl atmos- ada: Grcal party room available remains open 90 minutes phere at Carol's on Nlain and nonder holv thel upstai rs. after the kitchen closes and other dowttown restauritnrs are econonlt_ c:rlly l{y ntel;rncholy lilts when I open the door. Laught€.r and Reggae music Calamari (.$7.50)and Idaho Fries ($8.25) io Sre thought perhaps they were understaffed spill ou1 onto the street; the near full house of sta n . In r rrsrral l y hcsi tanrto ordercal amari i n that evening since the chef lvas delivering food Caroi's is undeterred by the neighborhootl lull. most restaurants as I've had more than one to the tables directly fron the kitchen- Groups offriends :ue squeezedinto boolhs, eR,t'ripnce of cnclunng a lltouth fgll of greasy Whether they were or not, I thought it was rvith tables of couples and evcn some solo diri_ mbber bands. llor+.ever (larol's calamari is greal It gave the inrpression of tearnwork and ers frlling the restarlraltt with an air of conr-ir.i_ te'nder.light and c:rispy'. and I found myself a personal touch to the foocl. (Lrter in a phone ality'. llany of the patrons secrn to knor.l. each r o n su n r ingr.unsi rl eral rlmur.cthan nl y porti on y intenieq the GI,l told nre the chef often expe- other; table-llopping anrl hugging abounr!. ..Be of the plate. The ltlaho Friers consist of a. dites for those very reasons.) in fact, all the Sociablequot; is Carol's m:tntra atid, indeed. the lr u r r r r d f l i crrt h fri es. tol ,pprl i th nl el l efl o service was personerl.atteflti€ and genial: The afnrospherehas ahnost a.clubby leel to it, c'heddar-- a heaping mound of delicious deca- sen'ers really seetnecl 1o eqjoy theirjobs and although never exclusivt or rlist.rinrin:rtirrg. dence. I hear t.hatquot;fhe Deal' ($6.95),a pound A the clientek?. booth of fit e sings along rvith 'fhe [arna-s & u f Ir ie s r r i tl r r.l rerl dar.)a(.on. l r cream and l sol 4'e alid not have to !v:1irr.ery long for the The Pap:es'quot;Nlonda5,, llonriayquot; lrs $.e peruse scallions is hearl-stopping heilven. chef to preparc and deliver our entr6es: a mdn lne lnentt. S( ) ilp s i t^s i l pt: i t {.l t,i .l l i l ( .U p R OaSi ed salad, sandwir*t and.pasta dish, plus a plate of ') [ The nrenu is Er.lectir.funedcan Bisrro rvith Re,l Pep|n1 ( unr ( h( ) $dor r S?.gi ) thar i r c .d fresh fnrit tbt orr 5 yt'ar-olrl guest. MaliBleu quot; ti t -ark t) of atr)I)etizt soups. salads.sanrlri.ich_ rs. ruro:rns fronr irll *.ho triecl it. As clelicious as it {$8.75i was.a genelous boq.l of spring greens, es an{l entldes filnging ilt prir.t'front {i?.!)5- (luite gett tirr. cOrrt or chovrtler' rvas. I clidn l Glrutny Smith apples, raisins. sundried toma- In -!17.!)5. addiiion. ir lisl ol c.lailv spr,<.ials par1. No cr.rrn kelnels ot'l)otato cliunks indica- loes and gorgonzola, iossed n-ith a raspberry Iroit.sts ;rnotlrcr'fi'(' intercsfing eirt.rlcs,rr:trsorr_ tir.'t' of c-lrorvde r rverc anquot;vtvlrt re to be Ior,tad. balsamir linir-igreite. A superlative balance of ably pliced. -fhr: pre'rlonrin:ult fll.ors q.eru: roasted red pe_p- flavors. light and ticliglirful. il was the favorite Ont' of nt-vguesls a ftrryrrentLlilt(,r' pnrs. ('realll and salt. e dirjn't r:arc lhcrrgh: It at ( :rrr:is -- insisis thilt rve nll share t.hc r r ,r s t;i- t) . C Oi l TIN U E S ON P AGE 62 C AR OI'S: FROM PAc E a1 of the table. Fettuccine Carbonara ($1].95) nrrived in a bon'i ofsalt in it. so I admit it mayjust be personal taste. The orzo cooketl Al I]ente and enfolded in a rich cre:rnt sauce nracle salad. w'rth feta cheese and lenon dill vinaigrette was wrth white wine and parnles:in. tossed s'ith peas and scrumptious. We finished with coffee and a sin$e dessert pancetta. The sarrcewas nice and not t()o much of it. $'ilh the lviti several spoons: a variation of strawberry shortcake pancetta (an Italian harn) lending a distinctive smokv flavor. nradc s'ith cinnamon pound cake. The strawberries could Black.Iack ($6.501 a black bean veggie burger lvith is have been fresher (probably over-ripener.l by the addition of Montere5'.Jack guac;rmole.chopped tomatoes an(l r:heese. sugarl, but, other than rhat, it wa-sGone In 60 Seconds. alfalfa sprouts. I replace the potato chips with a side of I really liked Carols: the big city feel in ourmid-size city, Grer:ianOrzo P:rstaSalad ($2.50).I uncierst.and that t.hissand- the rliveme clientele and, most of ail, the good food available wich is one of Carol's big;est sellers and has been on their even iate at night. Carol's seenrs to be tlrriling in t}te midst of menu in some form for years. i wanteti to like it nrore than I I)owntown Sioth. But I rnadt' a vow- an}}'ay to be part of the did, brrt I lhought that the chef hacl a hei*y h:rnd with the solution and support more downtown business. So get the salt in the burger and too muctr liine in the jukebox jumpin', scoot over a:rd order me a martini. lt's time that I kept rtaching lbr my gl:LSS N'ater after everv bite. of to quot;B e S ocrabi e.'O -{nother diner at the urble decl:ued tilat she liked the amolrnr
  4. 4. 1; August10, 199UTheD,owntoumor/pagc lI Caroltson nfraingtvesyou reasonto dine out Choices dinnerare soextensive for Bydessert fime, aqmall liaehad the that the menu is brokenup into four formed of people waiting to be sections,five if you count the spe- eeated. Our waiter efficiently Cuisine ciale,'The GreenRoomquot;eectionfea- brought ue Cblme Brulee ($3.26) tures saladsbig encughfor a meal, and Gri[ed Cinnamon Pound Cake like the house specialty, Cock-a- ($3.75). We split our desserts bc, Noodle-do-chicken, vegetables, hrreenue,as didthe men atttre next gteens, Asian noodlesand eesane byMary spiesel Jo teble. Like the aongplayingiat the SCene hoisin dressing ($7.96).-Ihe Main time, our desgerta were l Eventquot; oflerg four pasta selectimg S'wonderfuL including Santa Fe Pasta,fettucine Granted, I have been nearly in a chipotle (emokedhot pepper) housebound for the paet two I vow not to talk about the waiter pncducedtall glassesof wa- creamsauce with bla,:kbeang, torti- morntbr,but Carol's on Main was a weather. Instead, Iet me tell you ter completewith lemon and straws lla chipsandlime sourrresm ($8quot;?6L grst reason ta'getout about someplace cool*-{aml's beforewe even asked. on More typical dinner ofilerings Main. If you are looking for not your No longer thirsty, I appreciated such as Garlic Roeemary Fried Chicken ($11.95),Apricot Glazed Carol'e wine list for its humor and ordinary menu, extraordinary food, Pork Chops($11.95) a l0-oune aad a place that is hopping even on honesty. Frescobatdi Remole Chi- and anti ($5.50/glass) deecriH as quot;a Bisho Steak ($15.95) a steamy Wednesday night, Carol's ie are found in is the restaurant for you. But don't dark and handeomeItalian pourd the quot;Main Eventquot; section.Under the into a glass.quot; ltre menu tells you call forreservations, Carol's doeen't headerquot;A CasualAffarr,quot;you'll find that Vichon Viognier ($5/glass), a take any, in fact, I was hung up on everything from Black Bean white wine, ie pronounced quot;vin- Burritos ($6.95) and Chicken Thai when I tried. yay.quot; Where elsecan you drink and Despite this rough start, itturned Sandwiches 1$0.75) Tuna Salad to ($4.75). you can't find eomething into a good night. My friend Liea lea:m?Fmm the helpful wine list to If arrd I were out on the town without the neon sigl in back commanding appealing on this menu,you aren't patrone to quot;Be Sociablequot;Carol'e on our bds. With a twomonth-old, it is hungry. Main, as ttre menu says,is friendly somethingjust to say I am outofmy As always, we wene hungry. Lisa house!We pulled into a parkingspot to leople from all walks of lifequot;- tried the Fettucine Carbonara ($8.95),which shedescribed fair, unless they're telephoning. right outside of Carol's door at 825 as Sometimes I go to a restaurant Main. We were greeted by ourhost, noting a lack ofpaneetta, an abun- a blast of air-conditioning, and a and, reading the menu, wonder danceoffrozen peasand little car- what on earth I can find to eat. But blast of Depeche Mode's quot;lVlast€r bon or black pepper,for which the and Servantquot; from thejukebox. Al- at Carol'e I was delighted to be dish iB named. though busy inside, we were eeated stumped by so many choices.The Ihad the etuffedAnaheimChiliee ($7.95), immediately. appetizer list rangeefrom calimari whichwerelarge,mild pep ($6.95) and quesadillas($6.95) to Carol's has a new menu for the pers etuffed with c]reddar e.heeee, equot;hickenfinger fritters ($.95) and surnmer which takes a bit of time to breaded and fried, on top ofblack look over. Ttre divers€ eelectiong woffIe Idaho frieg with melted dred- beanswith enchilarla sarrce, brigbt dar dreese ($4.75). We finally de- suit any taste whether you are in greenguacamole,a freoh salsa and cided to split The BigDp, a hot arti- the mood for ltalian, Thai, Middle sour cream. Reminiscent of the choke and crab meat dip with American, Cqjun, Greek, south of sae]rn Chils RellenosI ate nightly sf crunchy, toast€d pita bread chips the border or vegetarian. It all in Central America, I couldeat Chef ($5.96).Think'50s dinner party- eounded good to me. But first, I Ken Schad'eAnaheimChiiies every very retro, very addictive! must have a drink! Our psychic night for a week . an original mugical @lled DhtJ, Dinjy hryl and tle Mud. Monst*,
  5. 5. U} I}FIINKSffiffiL}ffiH v Z rt n Carol's onmh Flirtiniiumpsout frumthe manymixes reci- $[ nilnmlfll$:Everything the classic fuom with cornbinations. theFlirtini, Try pe[o custom Triple and $ec ranb^erry vodka, i'aspberry iuice, a dish of champagne, $E' salads, appetizers, Sophisticated tllE FB0D: ica: de- menu sandwiches entrdes; updated an and p butslaterthismanth. wolkerbees Groups downtown of THtSR0tXl!: moon-eyed raucous rockers, local alongside buzz gay couples theloyal clientele. and rock indie hosbs Crush tlP$T[tB$: GLUB ?ltE night. Friday Saturday and each bands t513] IllE *0W-TS: Main downtown: St., S25 for Open rltr,rnnl.carolsonmain-net' 651-P667, hours evening saturday; through Monday lunch SfM}ERITHEEhISUIFER MICHAEL Sunday. maiorredit cards- All through Tuesday G.[.llanifin breakfasfi a beer glass r in Grunchberrylike the edbybarmanaget Jude,Cara I 'manadmirer thegrand Victo- ald of consists CaPtain i of Crunchbeny homes Man- of revival andGreek I rian Flico, Morgan frtm Puerbo rum District Newport. in I sion Historic Hill peacfr cranberry dchnaPPs, iuice, 0n one its boundaries Mansion is the of of pineapple anda splash Ave.; iuice HillTavern Washington t502 Pil- Served an1'l-ounce in Sprite. have live to 859-581{100}. don't You snerglass, tasteslikeCaP'n it . in a man3ion feelat hsme fiis un- in to -the fuirY Bemies Crunch Crunch's ioint, walls covercd are pretentious The Thisdrink a popular al- is kidscertal. contributed cus- by withodd$ ends and ternative beersnFriday Satur- and to * mounted and fish iomers including bands uvtren sf blues fans daynights, Monroe. photos MarilYn of fiamed pack corner this doodles baskets thebar Pub. sn fill Cheez Soodman Febeeca touch a cocktail is eclectic top.Another E*t ait rgaodmax@enqui, f,reat- t$3.581. called CrunchbenY the $itrs,dinners and tastinss
  6. 6. ilr$$ Garol's restaurant theblock on ByGregpaeth taurant.and- just days ago, he said. bar oth_erprospective buyer is the cq{es also provide free wt{eless Inter- ^ Ihu_ Poststaff reporter ne decluled to name them, Uolurnbus-basedcompany Roy G. Biv net service, what they describe as a ,,15- l .--::-1--'* ' .. Adiutori s,aidit was premature to that owns the Union Station Video minute lunch,quot; and a game room. Carol's On Main, B2b Main St., a d rs c u s s a sai e becausenothi ng has , Cafes in Cleveland and Columbus. as oowntown restaurant that,s been a . Adiutori said he ind a couple of been finalized and he may decide to well as theAxis and Havana night clirbs busfnesspartners bought Carol's, origi long-time favorite rndth the theater and continue operatir-rg restaurant if he the in Columbus. Both the Axis aild Hava_ artq,crolyds, may be sold as early as natl{ known as Carol's Corner, about doesn't get an acceptableoffer. na are described by the AOL CityGuide next week. erght years ago from Carol Sherman_ He said he decidedto put Carol'son as favorites of gays and lesbiani in Co- - .Iuo possille buyers have emerged, had opened the restaurant the market becausehe wants to move ,to19g,^who lumbus. said owner Marcus Adiutori, and the in 1990- back to New York, where his roots are. A spokesperson could not be reac- restaurant has been for sale for several Catol's was closed for about 4-112 and attend fiim school. hed Fridav. months. months for remodeling and repairs last . quot;ihis wqs a temporary stopover flratl _ Like Cquot;arol's,Union Station Video year after frozen plumbing pipes burst One is a Cincinnati-area group that has turned into a decade,quot; Adiutcri Cafes offer a menu of mid-priced en_ expressed interest in buying thb ,es- rn January and caused extensive dam_ said. trees as g'ell as full-service bars. The ' age.
  7. 7. P T AYBI LL Co ro l' s on M o i n - D o w n t o w n C i n c i n n c t i $il0ltr$$t $IlI{lsl$! S torri ng: E v i tq C h i c ogo S outh P oc i fi c and ol l y our fov ori te mus i c ol s H ol l y w ood {fieJbcisMquot;i Showtime 6-t I NO COVER w w w . c o ro l s o n ms i n . n e f .2667 S l re e t , d o w n t o w n Cincinnoti 5,]3.651 825 M qin