SFSU ISYS 363-8 Fall 2013-group: Team 5


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Group 5
Team Leader: Marcus Wong
Team: Elia Ferres
Michelle Gonzales
Marina Ayad
Evan Zubritsky

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SFSU ISYS 363-8 Fall 2013-group: Team 5

  1. 1. Marcus Wong Elia Ferres Michelle Gonzales Marina Ayad Evan Zubritsky *ISYS 363 Section 8 Information Systems for Management Daniel Ciomek
  2. 2. * *Free *Easy to use *No data restrictions *Different applications/ formats *Streamlined communication *Exchange media files freely *Link to different accounts/ profiles
  3. 3. *Concerns *Privacy *Accessible *Cost Effective *Tech Support *User Interface
  4. 4. Cons oCan’t upload pictures into the folders, only pictures within the document. This would present a problem if images were used a lot. o It messes up basic formatting if you upload existing documents. The best way to overcome this is to create the documents in Google Docs. oOnly for people with Google accounts. Therefore you would have to create a Google/Gmail account. oSome people feel insecure about saving private information in the “cloud”. Pros oMultiple Applications such as: oWord processing, spreadsheet, presentations, drawings and forms. oOnline availability othe most significant advantage of this product is that it is available online, you can work easily, without downloading any programs or software. This consumes less RAM oFree ono need to purchase anything oShare your work with others oThere is no need to email your colleagues with your work. Save your time by sharing your work with others users with a simple invite.
  5. 5. *Pros *Allows for coordinating the entire online classroom experience, and facilitates communication between the instructor and the students *Creates a singular file repository for the course. *Forum’s - course forums can be utilized as a means of facilitation course discussions. *Cons *Collaboration tools between students are limited out of the box. *This system is designed and functions the best as an instructor to student communication system. *This system needs to be installed on a server.
  6. 6. Pros  Simplicity  Task, files, and correspondence can all be viewed on a easy- to-use dashboard using colored labels.  Organization  Communicating with team members is made simple, all users are notified either instantly or every 24 hours with project updates.  Accountability  Team members can check the status of assignments, see who is responsible for task and what they have done so far. * statusCons  Users  The amount of team members and projects allowed is dependent on which pricing plan you choose. Free access allows 20 users.  File Storage  File Storage is not allowed under the free version and every plan proceeding is given a certain amount of storage.  Voice and Video  Does not allow team members to voice or video conference making emails and messages the only options on this platform for communication.
  7. 7. * Pros  Simplicity  Easily organize teams and projects to ensure visibility and accountability, enabling the team to get more accomplished  Team communication  Communication organized and stored by project in a spam-free environment.  Easily convert discussions to tasks.  HD Video conferencing, screen sharing, and group chat to communicate with your team in real time.  File and Content Management  Comes with free file storage and integrates with Google Drive (Paid version also includes Dropbox and Box integration)  Mobile Apps  Stay connected with our phone and tablet clients for iOS and Android Cons  Users  The amount of team members allowed is dependent on which pricing plan you choose. Free access allows 5 users.  File Storage  File Storage is limited to 5 GB under the free version and every plan proceeding is given unlimited amount of storage.  Project Capabilities  Quantity of projects is restricted to 5 on the free version. Paid version is unlimited.  Tracking  No percentage progress for task status  No task priority (High, Med, Low)
  8. 8. *Pros *Being linked up with Microsoft Office software and Office Web applications, it allows its users to edit documents in Word and pick up where they left off. *New users receive 7GB of free storage space with possible upgrade. *Accessible on mobile devices. *Cons *Severe filename limitations *Lacking the option of selecting which folder to be synchronized, It’ll just upload everything in the “online-drive” to the cloud and sync across all the connected devices. *Having no backup feature, if you have deleted a file intentionally or inadvertently, there is no way you can get it back.
  9. 9. Winner *Google Docs *Being online, you can work easily, without downloading any programs or software. This consumes less RAM. *Free!!! *No need to email or forward ones work. Being online, work is easily shared with a single invite. *Contains multiple applications.
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