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Wrestling presentation


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Wrestling presentation

  1. 1. Wrestling Marcus Negaard
  2. 2. History of wrestling• wrestling has been known as a form of martial arts. And wrestling has been created from ancient carving paintings in the the walls.
  3. 3. Wrestling Shoes• there are lots of different types of wrestling shoes
  4. 4. Headgear• there is not that many types of headgear but you can pick what kind you want to wear, they all are the same some might just look cooler than the others.
  5. 5. Types Of Medicine• for wrestling there can be a lot of skin conditions so you might want to put some kind of skin medicine so you don’t get any skin conditions.
  6. 6. Singlets• There are many kinds of singlets some are just plain, and some might be very creative in the designs.
  7. 7. Wrestling Moves Top• there are very many types of top moves in wrestling like there is the cradle, but you can do that even if you are on your feet.
  8. 8. Wrestling Moves Bottom• there are many bottom wrestling moves, for example there is the stand up which has been used for a very long time in wrestling.