IPD MEA Summit 2014 - Philippe Harb, COO, One To One Hotels & Resorts


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IPD MEA Summit 2014 - Boutique Hotels’ Evolution: Luxury Without a Tick-Box Philosophy: Philippe Harb, COO, One To One Hotels & Resorts

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IPD MEA Summit 2014 - Philippe Harb, COO, One To One Hotels & Resorts

  1. 1. One to One Hotels & Resorts TheTheTheThe Boutique CollectionBoutique CollectionBoutique CollectionBoutique CollectionTheTheTheThe Boutique CollectionBoutique CollectionBoutique CollectionBoutique Collection Presented by: Philippe Harb – Chief Operating Officer
  2. 2. AudienceAudienceAudienceAudience ofofofof OneOneOneOne
  3. 3. In Sharing Experiences, We Will Grow Defining Boutique and Lifestyle Hotels: Emerging Definitions
  4. 4. The Hospitality Industry Yesterday: In the 70’s our hotels started to look more and more the same. Why and what were the advantages? • Travel Agent versus Global Distribution System • Operators move from ownership to leasing to management • Investors will go with proven results
  5. 5. Today, we have seen a trend. It´s the step from selling a place to sleep, to selling an experience. In daily life, we now call them lifestyle/boutique hotels. What´s typical about them? • Who recognized them? • Why did it become good business? • But really... What’s new? • Moving from the agriculture , materials, service then experience
  6. 6. Yesterday: Looking backwards Conservative decor Key figures Military management organization Talking to present guests Today lifestyle/boutique hotels: Looking forward Experimenting design Flexible forecasts Flat organizations Talking to future guestsTalking to present guests Function Precise services Lock down financing Secret business strategies Business class Word of mouth Balance sheet Few echo practices Talking to future guests Purpose and function Great services Engaged financing Sharing know-how (team work) Experience Social media Balance sheet + human Capital Echo culture
  7. 7. So now, how do I get my business moving? One To One Suites- - Lebanon
  8. 8. We soon have to learn that sharing and spreading “know how” is essential to the this industry. We are not in competition with colleagues, but with incompetence.
  9. 9. Tapping the Expertise of the Lodging Industry A panel of 41 hotel industry thought leaders from all over the globe was assembled to help define these concepts: 9 Chief Executive Officers, 4 property-level General Managers, and 7 hotel owners. •Social Spaces •Many High Quality In-room Features. Characteristics of a Boutique Hotel Round 3 Characteristics of a Lifestyle Hotel Round 3Round 3 • Interesting, unique services • Individual hotel/not a chain • Cultural, historic, authentic • Social spaces • Many high quality in-room features Round 3 • Innovative • Less about brand, more personal • Contemporary, modern
  10. 10. Americas, 48% Asia, 37% Europe, 15% Tapping the Expertise of the Lodging Industry Panel by location Property Owners, 18% Property Management , 13% Academic, 15% Corporate- Executive management , 37% Consultants, 17% Panel by role
  11. 11. One To One – Brand Concept Elite 5*Elegant, Stimulating, Casual, Flexible, Successful Attentive, Genuine, Recognition Boutique 4* Vibrant ,Value, Contemporary, Business Efficient, Functional, Warm & CaringEfficient, Functional, Warm & Caring Wellness Resorts Dynamic & Stylish Design, Healthy, Effortless, Well Located, Comfortable Suite Homey, Warm, Special, Distinctive
  12. 12. Philosophy “Boutique Collection with Distinctive Hospitality Catering to Individuality” Philosophy, Vision, Mission Vision “To Deliver Value To Our Guests, Associates, Partners and Owners” Mission “Creating Brand Ambassadors Through Distinguishing Guests’ Uniqueness ”
  13. 13. 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Company Growth Plan •Creation of One To One Hotels and Resorts •One To One Abu Dhabi opening (UAE) •One To One opening (Lebanon) 1 Hotels 2 Hotels •1 property opening •2 properties opening •4 properties opening 9 Hotels5 Hotels3 Hotels •Boutique philosophy
  14. 14. Analyse your customer Corporate, leisure, government,Corporate, leisure, government, buyers and consumers
  15. 15. How to gain loyalty? Today’s customer!Today’s customer! One for One – reward card
  16. 16. Fashion industry, less about the clothing and more about life style The connected world – Mobile App
  17. 17. Customer/staff /owner engagement and your worst employee Number 1 leadership lesson: It’s not what you say you believe it’s important, it’s what you model, encourage reward and let happen
  18. 18. AudienceAudienceAudienceAudience ofofofof OneOneOneOne Thank you! Me being Me!
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