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Educational Pathways for the Incumbent Nursing Workforce - Dell Oliver, HCA


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Dell Oliver, HCA - Speaker at the marcus evans National Healthcare CNO Summit 2012 held in Hollywood, FL, April 26-27, 2012, delivered his presentation on the topic Educational Pathways for the Incumbent Nursing Workforce

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Educational Pathways for the Incumbent Nursing Workforce - Dell Oliver, HCA

  1. 1. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMDell Oliver, MBA, MSN, RNAVP EExecutive D ti Development-HCA l t HCA 1
  2. 2. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMEducational pathways for theincumbent nursing workforce 3
  3. 3. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSM y History ► Founded in 1968 ► Corporate office Nashville, TN ► 163 hospitals 109 freestanding surgery centers in 20 hospitals,109 states and England ► Employs approximately 200,000 people. ► Employs > 60,000 Nurses 60 000 ► Treats >14 million patients annually ► Delivers approximately 4% to 5% of all inpatient care i th U S in the U.S► Mission ► Above all else, we are committed to the care and , improvement of human life. 4
  4. 4. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMHistory◦ Founded by 19 Governors y◦ Supported by 20 major corporationsMission◦ Improve quality and accessibility of hi h education. higher d i 5
  5. 5. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMAccreditedAffordableOnlinePrivate, Non-ProfitGrowing over 30% annuallyTechnology-based online universityC t b dCompetency-basedSelf-paced learningA Unique Model in Higher Education 6
  6. 6. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMRobert Wood Johnson AT&TFoundation Dell Computer CorporationBill & Melinda Gates Foundation Google, Inc. Google IncLumina FoundationAlfred P. Sloan Foundation Hewlett Packard Company FoundationMarriott Foundation Simmons Media GroupMicrosoft Corporation SunGard Higher EducationHospital Corporation of AmericaTenet Healthcare Sun MicrosystemsOracle Corporation Zions Bank 7
  7. 7. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSM g yRegionally Accredited◦ Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).Nationally Accredited◦ Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).Teachers College◦ National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).Nursing programs◦ Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).◦ Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM). 8
  8. 8. HCAHospital Corporation of AmericaSM 9
  9. 9. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMFull range of Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees► School of Business ► Undergraduate:Business Management, HR Management, Accounting, Sales and Sales Management, Marketing Management g , g g ► Graduate: MBA , MBA IT Management, MBA Healthcare Management► School of Information Technology ► Undergraduate: Networks, Security, Databases, IT Management, Software, Health Informatics ► Graduate: M.S. Information Security and Assurance, M.S Network y , Management, M.B.A IT Management► College of Health Professionals 10
  10. 10. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMRN to BSN Completion Program (12 to 18 Months)MSN (24 to 30 Months)◦ Ed Education i◦ LeadershipRN to MSN Bridge ProgramBS in Health InformaticsPrelicensure RN ProgramMBA in Healthcare Management 11
  11. 11. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMIncreased need for advanced technical skills (Meaningful Use, d df d d h i l kill ( i f lEvidence-Based Practice, Electronic Health Record, etc. )Requirements for the Magnet journeyDemand for nurse leaders:◦ Develop new strategies for delivering care◦ Design new care delivery systemsNeeded nurse leaders: retirement of 55% of healthcareworkers mostly nurse managers between 2011 and 2020workers,Flexible education: less than 20% of working nurses return toschool to obtain a BSN or MSN (mostly due to current workdemands) 12
  12. 12. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMSince 1998:► 90 new drugs on the market► 124 new uses for existing drugs► 344 generic equivalents g q► 7 new over-the-counter drugs► 5000 new medical device applications CDER 1998 Report to the Nation, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, FDA; Office of Device Evaluation, Annual Report, FY98. 13
  13. 13. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMEducation for HCA► Helps HCA move forward towards it’s nursing education goals in common with the Institute of Medicine: ► Key Message #2: Nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression. progression ► Recommendation 4: Increase the proportion of nurses with baccalaureate degree to 80% by 2020. ► Recommendation 6: Ensure that nurses engage in lifelong learning. 14
  14. 14. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMEducation by WGU ► Students can enroll any month ► Competence must be demonstrated – by what you know and by what you can do – rather than accumulating a b hat o acc m lating certain number of credit hours. ► Working students can carry a full-time load, still take a class at a time and qualify for financial aid and employee l i d lif f fi i l id d l education assistance. ► Learning takes place when the student engages, whether 5 am or 7 pm at night, making learning very flexible for HCA employees as well as any working adult. ► Acceleration is possible – not guaranteed. p g 15
  15. 15. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMPersonal Mentoring by WGU ► Dedicated mentor assigned to each student ► Regular communication by phone and e-mail (every e mail two weeks minimum) ► With the mentor, each student builds a personalized mentor graduation plan which establishes pacing through the program ► Mentors are full-time WGU faculty 16
  16. 16. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSM65% of Working nurses report cost of school as their number one barrier: WGU’s tuition is $6,500 per year Flat rate = more courses without more cost Average cost for RN to BSN - $9,000 WGU-HCA partnership offers HCA employees tuition discounts as well as opportunities for scholarships, making advanced education even more affordable. affordable 17
  17. 17. Summary of HCA aggregate enrollments Aug 2011 to March 2012 College of Health Professions Program Title Number of Students enrolled % increase enrollment in 8 months Aug 11 Aug‐11 Mar 12 Mar‐12 RN to BSN 66 128 93.94% Prelicensure  5 6 20.00% BSN to MSN, Education 20 25 25.00% BSN to MSN, Leadership  25 38 52.00% RN to MSN. Leadership 17 20 17.65% RN to MSN, Education  13 31 138.46% Subtotal 146 248 69.86% Other Degree Professions Program Title Number of Students enrolled % increase enrollment in 8 months Aug‐11 Mar‐12 BS Mgnt 26 33 26.92% MBA Hlth Admin 34 50 47.06% BS Hlth IT BS Hlth IT 12 23 91.67% 91 67% Business or IT 35 51 45.71% Business or IT 17 7 ‐58.82% Subtotal non‐nursing 124 164 32.26%Total HCA employee enrollments 270 412 52.59% 18
  18. 18. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSM160140120 RN to BSN100 Prelicensure BSN to MSN Nsg Ed80 BSN to MSN Ldrshp RN to MSN Nsg Ed60 RN to MSN Ldrshp MBA Hlth Admin4020 0 August 11 October 11 April 12 19
  19. 19. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSM Summary of Chart and Graph findings93.9% increase in RN to BSN enrollments in 8 months70% overall increase of nursing enrollments in 8 months gIncreased enrollments in every nursing program and dramaticincrease in RN to MSN Education (138%)32% overall increase of enrollments in Business and IT degrees47% increase in MBA Health Administration enrollments91.6% increase in BS in Health IT enrollmentsIncreased Business and IT enrollments in every program exceptOth G d t DOther Graduate Degrees52.5% increase in overall HCA employee enrollments or 142enrolled students in 8 months (over 17 new students per month) 20
  20. 20. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSM 2011 Survey of Employers by Harris Interactive► 98%agree that WGU graduates meet or exceed their expectations. p► 100% would not hesitate to hire another WGU graduate.► 97% rate WGU graduates as equal to or better than graduates of other universities.► 98% consider WGU graduates strongly prepared for their jobs. 21
  21. 21. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSM 2011 Survey on 3,979 Graduates Conducted by Lighthouse Research and WGU► 94% would choose WGU if making the choice again.► 96% would recommend WGU to others.► 73% found the competencies they gained at WGU directly related to their work.► 65% got a raise, promotion, or new job responsibility as a result of their WGU degree 22
  22. 22. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSM►One Year Retention Rate – 75%►Student Satisfaction – 96%►Students in Good Academic Standing – 83%►Students Who Would Recommend WGU-97% 23
  23. 23. HCA Hospital Corporation of AmericaSMAmerican Military University, WV University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, ILBaylor University, TX University of Michigan, MIBoise State University, ID University of Minnesota, MNBoston University, MA y University of New England ME England,Bowling Green State University, OHBrigham Young University, UT University of New Mexico, NMCornell University, NY University of the Pacific - McGeorge SchoolGeorgia State University, GA of Law, CAGonzaga U iG University, WA it University of Utah, UTKansas State University, KS University of Virginia, VALamar University, TXLewis & Clark, OR University of Washington Tacoma, WANortheastern University MA University, Villanova University, PAThe University of Alabama, AL Virginia Tech, VAUniversity of North Carolina, NC West Virginia University, WVUniversity of Houston, TX Wharton Business School, PA 24
  24. 24. HCAHospital Corporation of AmericaSM 25