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A Multi-Channel Approach to Distributing Pharmaceutical Product Samples - Rick Randall, Triplefin, an H. D. Smith Company


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Rick Randall of Triplefin, an H. D. Smith Company, a solution provider company at the marcus evans PharmaMarketing Summit 2013, on enhancing product sampling programs.
Interview with: Rick Randall, Chief Innovations Officer, Triplefin, an H. D. Smith Company

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A Multi-Channel Approach to Distributing Pharmaceutical Product Samples - Rick Randall, Triplefin, an H. D. Smith Company

  1. 1. A Multi-Channel Approach to Distributing Pharmaceutical Product Samples on the therapy. However, the traditional more patients and physicians, and sampling process is not very efficient, through different media types. as it has a lot of tracking regulations and the physician’s office ends up Pharmaceutical marketers must have controlling how samples are distributed. the flexibility and capability to support Manufacturers do not necessarily meet all channels, including e-prescribing, their intent of providing patients with and be prepared for the various ways their first course of therapy and tracking that healthcare providers will interact how effective they are. with their EMR systems. We are already seeing how mobile applications Having a voucher, a free trial offer that are beginning to play a role in feeding is dispensed by the retail pharmacy is vouchers to physicians and patients. more effective, as it restricts sample The goal should be to provideInterview with: Rick Randall, Chief abuse and ensures patient safety. Sales information to people in the form thatInnovations Officer, Triplefin, an representatives can provide physicians they are most comfortable with, so theH. D. Smith Company with cards that they could then give to marketing department has to be able to their patients, and the pharmacy will support all the different channels. dispense the sample. The manufacturerPharmaceutical companies need to will only pay for prescription sampleshave a multi-channel approach for that ultimately reach the patient.distributing product samples, to enablethem to connect with more patients This also eliminates the trackingand physicians, says Rick Randall, ChiefInnovations Officer, Triplefin, an H. D. associated with the sample’s delivery to the physician and ensuring appropriate TheSmith Company. Pharmaceuticalmarketers must have the flexibility andcapability to support all channels, accountability, as that would be managed by the pharmacy. manufacturerincluding e-prescribing, and beprepared for the various ways that How does this help increase the reach companies of their will only pay forhealthcare providers will interact with products?their Electronic Medical Record (EMR)systems, he adds. There are many clinics that do not takeFrom a solution provider company at product samples. That is an issue for many companies. Giving out vouchers prescriptionthe marcus evans PharmaMarketing would allow them to enhance theSummit 2013, in Palm Beach, Florida,May 8-10, Randall talks about product existing availability of their samples and increase their reach. samples that ultimatelysampling programs and how to reach awider audience. Should this complement or replace existing sampling processes?How can the traditional samplingprocess be enhanced? This is a tool that should complement reach the promotion programs. The upfront costsSampling has always been done foraccess. A sales representative needs a are minimal compared to the costs of delivering an actual sample, but a multi- patientreason to reach out to the physician, channel approach for distributingwho wants a sample to start the patient samples is required, to connect with
  2. 2. About the PharmaMarketing Summit 2013 The Marketing Network - marcus evans Summits group This unique forum will take place at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach, Florida, May delivers peer-to-peer information 8-10, 2013. Offering much more than any conference, exhibition or trade show, this on strategic matters, professional exclusive meeting will bring together esteemed industry thought leaders and trends and breakthrough solution providers to a highly focused and interactive networking event. innovations. www.pharmamarketingsummit.com Contact Sarin Kouyoumdjian-Gurunlian, Press Manager, marcus evans, Summits Division Please note that the Summit is a closed business event and the Tel: + 357 22 849 313 number of participants strictly Email: press@marcusevanscy.com limited. For more information please send an email to info@marcusevanscy.com All rights reserved. The above content may be republished or reproduced. Kindly inform us by sending an email to press@marcusevanscy.comAbout Triplefin, an H. D. Smith CompanyTriplefin is recognized as the premier provider of pharmaceutical marketing support solutions, connecting patients, providers,pharmacies, and payers to improve outcomes and removing brand challenges with access, acquisition, and adherence. For morethan 30 years, Triplefin has helped pharmaceutical brand managers put prescription brands into patients’ hands… and keep themthere throughout treatment. Triplefin’s brand solutions include patient assistance and reimbursement solutions; patient affordabilitystrategies such as co-pay, voucher, and loyalty card solutions; specialty and mail order pharmacy services; patient access andadherence solutions; as well as an in-house call center and 3PL/Distribution capabilities.www.triplefin.comAbout marcus evans Summitsmarcus evans Summits are high level business forums for the world’s leading decision-makers to meet, learn and discussstrategies and solutions. Held at exclusive locations around the world, these events provide attendees with a unique opportunity toindividually tailor their schedules of keynote presentations, think tanks, seminars and one-on-one business meetings.For more information, please visit: www.marcusevans.comUpcoming EventsCMO Asia Summit - www.cmoasiasummit.comPharmaBrand Summit (Europe) - www.pharmabrandeurope.comTo view the web version of this interview, please click here: www.pharmamarketingsummit.com/RickRandall