Australian CIO Summit 2012: Mobility @ Southern Health by Dr. Philip Nesci


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Australian CIO Summit 2012: Mobility @ Southern Health by Dr. Philip Nesci, Chief Information Officer, Southern Health

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Australian CIO Summit 2012: Mobility @ Southern Health by Dr. Philip Nesci

  1. 1. Mobility @ Southern Health CIO Summit July 2012
  2. 2. Overview• Southern Health – who are we?• Why focus on mobility?• Wireless is only an enabler• The Casey Hospital Pilot• What lessons did we learn• Where to next
  3. 3. Victoria’s largest health serviceOver 40 sites inSouth eastern MelbourneIncluding: – Six major public hospitals – One private hospital – Eight community health sites – Five aged residential care facilities – Community rehabilitation centres – Mental Health facilities – University affiliated research and teaching centre.
  4. 4. Our care fast facts - 2010-2011 Total episodes of care1.51 million episodes more than 1.51 million episodes of care provided across our services to the community193,000 admissions Hospital admissions more than 193,000 people admitted to our hospitals Emergency172,000 people more than 172,000 people came to our three emergency departments for treatment
  5. 5. The need for mobility is not new Nursing Practice •Documentation 35% •Care Coordination 21% •Direct Care 22%• Most systems are built around centralised phones and system access at nurses station• The average distance walked in a shift is of the order of 5km!• Space for tethered PC is often at a premium at bedside
  6. 6. Early attempts- some progressbut… COWS• Mobile but large form factor• Batteries, locks
  7. 7. Changing the game - enter Apple• Enter the iphone and the ipad• Enter the Mac• Executives and doctors love the them!• IT had to react and change the paradigm From To •Corporate device •Open up the IT environment •Standard PC and OS •More flexibility •Total control of device •Little control of applications •Total control of the applications •Immature management tools •Management tools for control •Personal device!
  8. 8. Casey Hospital Pilot… Ipads• 3 months pilot, 15 Ipads• Built wireless infrastructure – 100% coverage• Security considerations led to the introduction of Citrix for remote access• Built clinicians’ portal for accessing applications• Applications – Emergency, Pathology, Diagnostic Imaging, Scanned Medical Record• Mail and calendar
  9. 9. ….. And BYO Devices!• Pilot highlighted the need for more computing devices and access to critical applications• Pressure from clinicians to use own device• Opened up the IT platform – device agnostic!• Rush of BYO devices!
  10. 10. How are we using them? • Bedside • Theatres • Office • Home
  11. 11. Key considerations for tablets-risks• Security policy • No storage of data on device or in the Cloud • Awareness and training• Costs blowouts • downloading video, turn off global roaming• Remote management and support and tracking technology – be transparent
  12. 12. Key considerations for tablets-limitations• Data entry• Printing• Many applications not tablet friendly• Infection control?
  13. 13. Key considerations in the introductionof BYO computing• Who can use one?• Staff compensation?• IT support for the devices• Limitation of applications particularly around display and data entry and printing• Speed can be an issue
  14. 14. What did we learn?• Staff love mobility aspect• Ipad is not a silver bullet• Limitation of applications particularly around display and data entry and printing• IT team needs to support a device independent platform
  15. 15. Where to next• Applications to be increasingly device independent• Progressive rollout of wifi across all Southern Health sites• Wifi is an enabler of other technologies • Portable communication devices • Nurse call replacements • Duress alarms • Triangulation etc
  16. 16. Questions Thank youPhilip Nesci Dr. Philip NesciConsulting DirectorOfficer Chief Information Southern HealthBusiness Catalyst Intl.