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Australian CIO Summit 2012: Bridging the Gap between CIO and the Board by David Ekert


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Australian CIO Summit 2012: Bridging the Gap between CIO and the Board by David Ekert, Senior Consultant, Information Professionals

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Australian CIO Summit 2012: Bridging the Gap between CIO and the Board by David Ekert

  1. 1. Bridging the Gap between CIO and the Board David Ekert Senior ConsultantJuly 2012 #deciosummit
  2. 2. QuestionsAny questions or feedbackduring the presentation (or after)Tweet using #deciosummit July 2012 #deciosummit
  3. 3. Who’s here?• How many of you are Chief Information Officers?• How many of you have direct engagement with your Board?• How many of your CEOs come from a CIO background? July 2012 #deciosummit
  4. 4. Introduction• Board role is to develop and implement business strategy, with all that that entails• CIOs have a role to contribute their expertise in management of Information and Communications Technology to support the Board• But is that all …….. July 2012 4 #deciosummit
  5. 5. The Board Challenge• Legal responsibility to govern • How does CIO contribute to and ensure compliance supporting the Board to meet• Growth – strategically and these challenges? operationally • Is Board exposure limited to• Sustainability budget submissions or• Security explaining performance problems?• Strategy• Maximising value while minimising risk July 2012 #deciosummit
  6. 6. CIO - NowYour technology landscape will • How do you see these?feature some or all of: • Enablers or threats?• Internet growth• Cloud• Social Media• SAAS Is this your only landscape?• IAAS• Outsourcing• Hosting July 2012 #deciosummit
  7. 7. The CIO Challenge• Become more than a contract • Describe your profile manager – Service Provider• Become part of company – Cost Centre strategic management – Key Contributor• Become an input to planning, – Strategic Partner not an output of it – Trusted Advisor – BUSINESS MANAGER? How does your profile compare with that of your CFO? YOUR challenge is to identify where you can contribute and prove where you add value. Here are some ideas July 2012 #deciosummit
  8. 8. Three Streams of Value• Finance – value for $$ in delivery of capability• Product delivery – as part of the supply chain• Information and knowledge management July 2012 #deciosummit
  9. 9. Value for Money• Even in outsourced • Large projects and their risk arrangements – CIOs are in the • Higher relative risk best position to judge VfM • Lack of company experience in• This implies that you need to large system implementations measure and monitor the value • Remember – you will have a to the business of your delivery view of all company processes arrangements• A solid Enterprise Architecture can support this – linking ICT capability to business objectives• Responsibility for EA cannot be outsourced July 2012 #deciosummit
  10. 10. The Value Challenge• Get right across VfM modelling, • Talk to the Board - “this is how strategy and business case we deliver our technology and development this is why this arrangement• Understand your business and delivers value/minimises risk to its objectives the business”.• Understand how to identify and measure business benefits• Take accountability for delivering value July 2012 2012 #deciosummit
  11. 11. Product Delivery• More and more – products are • Porter’s Value Chain model being delivered by ICT in some • In many cases, you have moved form from a supporting role into the• Many of you will be part of the Value Chain supply chain• If you can provide ways of doing that better, is that not a business benefit that will make the Board listen? July 2012 #deciosummit
  12. 12. Product Delivery Challenge• Get close to the marketers • Talk to the Board – “this is how• Explore technology and sort we are delivering our services through the noise to provide and this is what our customers advice on how you can enable are saying or this is how much better delivery we have saved by doing• Don’t jump on the fad bus business online”.• Don’t wait to be asked! July 2012 #deciosummit
  13. 13. Information Management• Perhaps the biggest challenge. • This is not about tweets and• How to turn Data into emails Information and then into • It is about sifting through the Knowledge data – what’s current, relevant• “Information Glut” – 40% of and valuable. organisations in Australia/NZ now suffering from this• Economic cost estimated at $3 billion in Australia – per year July 2012 #deciosummit
  14. 14. Information Management Challenge• Capitalise on the tools and • Talk to the Board – “here’s what technology you have to turn information that’s out there data into knowledge about us, our industry, competitors etc and here is why it is important to you” July 2012 #deciosummit
  15. 15. Conclusions• Many challenges for CIOs to move beyond the back office and into the Value Chain• Others have done it – look at the influence of CFOs• CIO challenge is to get in front of the Board• CIO needs to become a Business Manager July 2012 #deciosummit
  16. 16. Strategies for CIOs• Network widely – your senior • You are part of the Executive management peers can become Team – you can help drive the your strongest advocates culture of the Executive team• Find out from your colleagues and the business what has worked well with the • Don’t forget your team and your Board customers• Write some articles in your • Always focus on business company intranet or newsletter outcomes and benefits – about how you are delivering • Frame your case in the context business benefits of the organisation’s strategy,• Honestly assess your skills and goals and objectives where they may need broadening July 2012 #deciosummit
  17. 17. Understand Board Dynamics• Understand the Board politics • Don’t assume that you will be• Find out about your Board the most important item on members – what do they like Board agendas.• It’s OK (and necessary) for you • Make sure the Board knows if to understand the technology you are seeking approval or just but you need to communicate to informing them of something the Board in business terms • Make every minute of your (and speak English). presentations count (you may• Establish a Board sub- not have much time to capture Committee for ICT and and keep their attention) Information Management July 2012 #deciosummit
  18. 18. Finally• You need to earn your right to be part of the highest level of BUT THE business management• It’s just like selling anything else: ACCOUNTANTS – Identify/create the need – Sell the benefit HAVE DONE IT! – Deliver!• CIOs coming through a technology background are not typically good at this. July 2012 #deciosummit
  19. 19. Questions?• Ask now• Tweet using #deciosummit• Tweet direct to @davidekert1 July 2012 #deciosummit
  20. 20. Thank YouJuly 2012 #deciosummit