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Planning for a New Power Generation Workforce - Federico Avila, Isolux Corsan


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Federico Avila from Isolux Corsan, a solution provider at the marcus evans Generation Summit 2013, on training the next generation of workers.
Interview with: Federico Avila, Chief Executive Officer, Isolux Corsan

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Planning for a New Power Generation Workforce - Federico Avila, Isolux Corsan

  1. 1. Planning for a New Power Generation reputation of nuclear energy after the advance in technologies, such as smart Fukushima’s disaster and the natural- grids, virtual power plants, energy gas market prices, are the main engines storage and high-voltage direct current of this change. transmission, to move clean renewable energy to load centers. This new model, conjointly with the obsolescence of an important part of the In what areas will the industry generation and transmission assets and move forward? the necessity to attend a growing energy demand, means a huge It is never easy, but the industry is challenge for the industry. seeing accelerating coal plant retirements, stronger move to gas-fired Half of the US power plants are more generation and improved infrastructureInterview with: Federico Avila, than 30 years old. This fact added to development, such as frackingChief Executive Officer, Isolux the switch from coal to other sources, technology and gas pipelines to deliverCorsan the natural growth of demand, green fuel to market. initiatives and gas prices, forecast an important investment in renewable Also a continued commitment to RPS“Power generation executives should energy, gas-fired power plants and the and renewable energy, includingrethink their employee recruitment, subsequent transmission needed. improved efficiency and continuingretention and development strategies to downward price pressure on equipmentensure they have the talent and How can the sector overcome the and delivered product price, are also aexpertise to run their business,” says issue of its aging workforce and the point of focus.Federico Avila, Chief Executive Officer, problems that brings about?Isolux Corsan. “Areas that should beaddressed are recruiting (hire new The energy sector in North America istalent and develop the industry currently facing the issue of an agingexpertise needed), retention anddevelopment of talent and the phase workforce that is on the brink of retirement. This is creating a huge The industryretirement approach,” he goes on to problem, as there is no new talent pooladd. ready to replace the retiring one. is seeing a stronger moveFrom a solution provider company Power generation executives shouldattending the upcoming marcus evans rethink their recruitment, retention andGeneration Summit 2013, in Dallas, development strategies to ensure theyTexas, February 25-26, Avila share hisviews on how the industry can ensure asustainable energy supply. have the talent and expertise to run their business. Areas that should be addressed are recruiting (hire new to gas-firedWhat are the opportunities in the talent and develop the industry expertise needed), retention and generationpower generation and production development of talent and the phasespace today? retirement approach. and improved infrastructureThe industry is facing an important What technology upgrades maytransformation in the North American enhance operational efficiency?energy model. The renewable boost,lead by the Renewable PortfolioStandards (RPS) and Federal TaxCredits policies, the new Environmental New technology developments are needed to provide reliable generation, to stabilize the grid and to improve developmentProtection Agency regulations affecting efficiency under this new paradigm. Thethe coal-fired generation, the bad industry is likely to see an important
  2. 2. About the Generation Summit 2013 The Energy Network - marcus evans Summits group delivers This unique forum will take place at Hotel Intercontinental, Dallas, Texas, February peer-to-peer information on 25-26, 2013. Offering much more than any conference, exhibition or trade show, strategic matters, professional this exclusive meeting will bring together esteemed industry thought leaders and trends and breakthrough solution providers to a highly focused and interactive networking event. The innovations. Summit includes presentations on investing in the generation of the future, emerging environmental regulation and exploring clean coal power initiatives. Please note that the Summit is a closed business event and the number of participants strictly Contact limited. Maria Gregoriou, Journalist, marcus evans, Summits Division Tel: + 357 22 849 400 Email: For more information please send an email to All rights reserved. The above content may be republished or reproduced. Kindly inform us by sending an email to press@marcusevanscy.comAbout Isolux CorsanThomas Isolux Corsan USA is part of Isolux Corsan, a global leader in the areas of energy, civil construction and concessions(investments) with a track record spanning over 80 years of professional activity. Our group operates in 35 countries on fivecontinents and we employ more than 9,000 people throughout the world. In the Energy market, the Group is one of the largestproviders of EPC services.www.isoluxcorsan.comAbout marcus evans Summitsmarcus evans Summits are high level business forums for the world’s leading decision-makers to meet, learn and discussstrategies and solutions. Held at exclusive locations around the world, these events provide attendees with a unique opportunity toindividually tailor their schedules of keynote presentations, think tanks, seminars and one-on-one business meetings.For more information, please visit: www.marcusevans.comUpcoming EventsDistribution Technology & Innovation Summit - www.dti-summit.comWind Power Summit - www.windpower-summit.comTo view the web version of this interview, please click here: