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Research at RMOD



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Research at RMOD

  1. 1. Research at RMOD M. Denker
  2. 2. RMOD Research Group at INRIA Lille 4 Full (2 INRIA, 2 Professors) 2 Engineers, 1 Postdoc, 3 PhD Collaboration with Ecole de Mines Douai (2 PhD) VUB Brussels (1 PhD) PLEIAD Chile (1 Postdoc)
  3. 3. Software Evolution
  4. 4. Old View Software is developed We ship the product Develop That’s it.
  5. 5. This is Wrong! The fun starts after shipping Maintenance costs more Maintain..... Software lives forever
  6. 6. Eternal Systems
  7. 7. How can we help developers to evolve software ?
  8. 8. Evolving Applications Tools for supporting evolution Code history Program understanding Software Visualization
  9. 9. Language Support Improve languages to support evolution Nice: lots of topics fit Modularity, Reflection, .....
  10. 10. Going Meta... How to evolve the languages itself? Can we improve self-evolution support?
  11. 11. Examples
  12. 12. Applications
  13. 13. Platform for Software and Data Analysis Implemented in Smalltalk VisualWorks (until 2008) Pharo since
  14. 14. Moose Build on Pharo
  15. 15. Moose Analysis Pharo
  16. 16. Moose Feedback Loop Pharo
  17. 17. Language Support
  18. 18. Code Model Infrastructure Able to query all the versions What were the senders of this method in version 13168? What is the diff between the senders in the past and the one now? Support for merging Distributed source code (Veronica Uquillaz-Gomez)
  19. 19. The Consistency Problem Current languages require one globally consistent world We can not evolve parts independently Example: Library versions
  20. 20. Object Spaces Virtualize the concept of the image Whole systems as an Objects Run Pharo 2.2 in Pharo 2.6 (Gwenael Casaccio)
  21. 21. Enables lots of Experiments Modularization Security Distribution Concurrency ...
  22. 22. Handles Take the Reference POV How can we change behavior and state per Reference? Examples Read-Only Execution Transactions (Jean-Baptiste Arnaud)
  23. 23. Embedded Systems How to evolve embedded programs? implemented in static languages (C) Headless No resources Remote Reflection, Marea (Mariano Martinez Peck, Nick Papoulias)
  24. 24. Evolve Languages
  25. 25. Bootstrapping Smalltalk Yesterday: Talk at Workshop about Bootstrap Allows for evolving the languages Kernel Run experimental kernel for experiments (Benjamin van Ryseghem, Gwenael Casaccio)
  26. 26. Evolving VMs... The current VM is fast but complex (like all real world systems) For Students and Research we need to think about something simpler Future Work (Camillo Bruni, Javier Pimás, Guido Chari)
  27. 27. Questions?