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Txu.connceptual clothing


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Concept design Txu came to us in need of market intelligence and deeper understanding about a project he had been working on for a while.
The project was about high technology garments that would bring a new design concept to the market.

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Txu.connceptual clothing

  1. 1. T x U D e s i g n M a n a g e m e n t 2 0 1 0
  2. 2. The purpose of this document is to have a general and specific understanding of the business opportunities that TxU garments have in the Market.
  3. 3. State of the Art
  4. 4. “If the fields of electrical engineering and textile science were merged, a whole new range of exciting opportunities could emerge.”
  5. 5. So what is Smart Textile? Cutting edge innovative textiles – electroluminescent, nanotechnology, wash and wear fabric that can react to changes from mechanical, thermal, chemical, magnetic and other sources.
  6. 6. State of the Art Smart Textile history  The Need - Late 1990’s as a consequence of people’s dependency on mobile devices and emerging need for flexible electronic, lightweight equipment  The Result - Smaller and more powerful electronic components - Interactive textile products – partnership between apparel and electronic companies  The Goal - Develop smart clothing possessing functions of computers: - Ability to store and manipulate data - Display images, text and video - Connect to the Internet
  7. 7. Smart Textile becoming a trend The trends in skiing, golf and extreme sports has created a niche of smart and interactive textiles that can enhance a garment’s performance and it’s wearer’s experience.
  8. 8. What’s Out There?
  9. 9. Philips Techie Tees • Uniting LED tech with simple tees • Emit vibrantly colored messages, images and animations • Batteries and electronics are easily removable and re- attachable for cleaning. T-shirt
  10. 10. Kerri Wallace Exercise Heat as Body Art As you heat up, the Thermo chromic ink disappears, and the Thermo chromic Liquid Crystal ink becomes colorful. The combination reveals a color spectrum— ranging from clear to turquoise to black—based on your body heat and heart rate. T-shirt
  11. 11. Water-proof and high technology performance • Resistant to a 20m column of water • Removable hood lined in coyote fur Interactive Jacket Paul & Shark Multifunctional with iPod & Bluetooth connection Jacket
  12. 12. The jacket has specially designed pockets to hold an iPod flatly in place. • iPod holder disguised as a tailored suit • Special fabric touchpad that runs vertically along the breast label inside, allowing you to turn the iPod on, control the volume, skip forward or back, and auto-lock the device Jacket Celio Club Suit
  13. 13. Leah Buechley Let Your Jacket Speak for You Button on the right and left wrist that once pushed the respective side arrow on the back of shirt is activated Jacket
  14. 14. Know-Where-Jacket (Germany) • MP3 Player • Bluetooth headset/hands free profiles • Active GPS antenna integrated on the shoulder • Telit GPRS modem GM862 for data transfer • Textile switches on the sleeve to control the system • Alarm button for emergency calls Jacket
  15. 15. Conceptual Designers & Design
  16. 16. Hussein Chalayan garments: fiberglass and resin cast Remote Control Dress (2000)
  17. 17. COLLECTIONS echoform, 1999-2000 panoramic, 1998-1999 laser dress, 2008
  18. 18. Mau - Conceptual Clothing Marian Schoettle Distribution own stores galleries museum online Production designed in own studio in the Hudson Valley sewn in the NYC Garment District under the auspices of the Garment Industry Development Corporation. the material is made in the USA Post industrial folk wear Uni-sex topper raincoat - $250 Reversible ruffle coat - $300 garments: tyvek(R) Reversible wrap dress - $175
  19. 19. Production limited editions of 350 numbered coats Distribution agents online Garment waterproof/breathable material made from recycled fibers from high end Japanese textile maker
  20. 20. Effloresce: Interactive raincoat with embedded weather forecast technology Created by: Sheila Tse & Ellie Lim LED lights, weather forecast technology, hydrochromic ink, wire, water resistant fabric, silk screen
  21. 21. Interactive Technology: Send and receive virtual hugs via their Java enabled mobile devices using Bluetooth connectivity and a series of plug and play hug pads $300
  22. 22. Positioning
  23. 23. Low Tech High Tech Technical /Sport Lifestyle/Fashion Market Gap Sailing Clothing Store Heavy Duty Workwear & Work Clothes for Construction Marmot (dry, anti perspiration, light) Northface (Hydorgen Jacket) Adidas 1 Shoe (self-adjustable) Nike + ipod kit (displays info) Motion Responsive Sportswear Market Gap Norwegian Rain AIQ Effloresce
  24. 24. Persona
  25. 25. early adaptor understated cool materialistic lifestyle travels works high education environmentally conscious high income healthy function = form sport-looks active Travel aesthetic place change of climate multifunctional easy to pack (compact) Moto reflective cooling & warming protective helmet Sailing water/wind proof tempertrature controlling inflator Outdoor waterproof sweat odor wind resistant uv protective protective (hardens when hit) Partying fire proof brand bars culbs festivals house parties stain proof odor proof stylish attraction or repel bullet proof in the city art/tech party active online blog network car/moto bmw uber-sexual freelancer/owns own business easy going cool dude single extensive social network exclusive shops (black label) intellectual fashion persona.
  26. 26. Bruce. . . . . . . . . . . I was born in 1975, I grew up in middle to high class family. Throughout my schooling I attended public schools until university, where I studied business at Wharton business school at Penn an IVY League university. I lived abroad in Milan, Italy when I did a semester on exchange. I consider myself an entrepreneur, I started my own company after I graduated from Penn. Today my company and I are based in LA. Partly due to its proximity to Asia and the South Pacific and Europe. LA is attractive not only for its global positioning but it’s good weather, beaches, diverse range of cultural expressions, social life and general active way of living.
  27. 27. Traveling Light | Isaac Reina Edition de Sacs Mood boardsto visualize persona’s aspirational context, brands of reference, etc
  28. 28. Weekday 7am - noon morning jog sweat allot Wakes up shower breakfast/online paper business meeting over coffee and use perfume to cover smell Noon – 7pm drives to the office to organize his week and tried to talk with assistant While driving a car signs an important deal over lunch at a new oriental fusion restaurant. heads back to the office to have his weekly meeting with his employees
  29. 29. attends the newly opened world press photography exhibition and forget to get the pills in the bag. He has not have enough pockets to put. meets some friends that are in town for business, meets them at a local organic cheese and wine bar. drives home, watches the late night news falls asleep around 1am. Weekday 7pm - midnight
  30. 30. meets his best friend at their favorite breakfast place. arrived in late last night from a European business trip wakes up slowly Saturday 10am – 1pm goes for a walk along the strip browsing through stores and galleries but the weather Is so hot, he sweat allot and disturb from sun. He has to change the clothes goes home to relax and have a ‘siesta’ and take a shower before he goes out meets the boys at the ‘lo*’ to have a few beers and watch the Lakers game, 1pm… He is in Purple magazine party , but forgot his invite!.
  31. 31. Persona profile (including attitude towards fashion and needs). Key emotional attributes that characterize those basic garments for him. comfort quality multi purpose design element value for money safe confident protected always appropriate Attitude: appreciates fashion (high elements of design and innovation) fashion is not about being flashy or overstated but understated cool. garments have to have some added value be it a conversation piece or intimate attribute. Has irregular shopping habits, mainly shops when he has the need for a new garment, but will purchase sporadically. emotional attributesneeds in garments
  32. 32. Design Concepts
  33. 33. Raincoat An#bacterial   Thermal  regula#on   Stain  proof   Water  proof   Interac#ve   Predict  rain   Change  color  in  rain   Transform  func#ons   Extend  to  protect  others   Dark  condi#on  ligh#ng   Community  brand  (NFC)     Jacket   An#bacterial   Easy  care   Odor  free   Thermal  regula#on   Secrete  /  safe  pockets   Stain  proof   Water  proof   Interac#ve   Do  not  wrinkle   Phone  sensi#ve   Community  brand  (NFC) T-shirt An#bacterial   Easy  care   Odor  free   UV  Protec#on   Perspira#on  protec#on   Interac#ve  canvas   Air,  oxygen  and  recovery   Community  brand  (NFC)    
  34. 34. Near Field Communication Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new, short-range wireless connectivity technology that evolved from a combination of existing contactless identification and interconnection technologies. Products with built-in NFC will dramatically simplify the way consumer devices interact with one another, helping people speed connections, receive and share information and even make fast and secure payments. •  TxU Community Link. •  Authenticity Imbedded information. •  Added Value. •  Copy rights
  35. 35. T-shirt Antibacteria l Perspiration protection Interactive canvas Near field communication UV Protection
  36. 36. Jacket Near field communication Phone sensitive Secret / safe pockets Stain proof Thermal regulation
  37. 37. Near field communication Transforms functions Thermal regulation Dark condition lighting Raincoat
  38. 38. Key Experience Scenarios
  39. 39. Situations in which our designs will play a key role and therefore build an emotional link with our persona i.e. First date with a very good looking girl on Friday night, chose those situations that will make our clothing become key to our persona.
  40. 40. Temperature Self-adjustment It was a warm sunny day when Bruce went out of his house. He grabbed his TxU jacket because he knew it will keep him cool. Out of nowhere, the weather went bad and the temperatures went down. Bruce had nothing to worry about, he was glad his TxU jacket can also keep him warm.
  41. 41. Downtown L.A. TxU Community Bruce and his friends want to go out for dinner and drinks but they haven't made reservations anywhere. For them, waiting in queue is not an option. His friends do not now what to do but Bruce knows that by wearing any of his TxU garments he can access the best VIP TxU community places in the world. NFC
  42. 42. Secret Pocket Bruce has a client meeting right after a lunch date. He has a couple of important documents and checks he needs to take with him. To avoid traffic, he is taking his motorbike and doesn’t want to carry a briefcase. Bruce knows he can trust his special TxU garment with the the safety pockets feature.
  43. 43. Interactive Canvas Bruce enjoys expressing his moods and style. In summer, and with only one layer of clothing to wear, Bruce finds the TxU t-shirt amusing and stylish at the same time. He can upload any image that suits his mood and style for the moment and can change it to express all that’s on his mind!
  44. 44. After a long day, Bruce enjoys a night jog to disconnect and refuel. Some of the roads around the area are not well lit at night but Bruce feels safe with his TxU garment that has dark-conditions lightning feature so cars can easily spot him from distance. Dark Conditions lightning
  45. 45. Interactive control panel Bruce has been having a hectic day and needs to call his assistant as he runs to reach an important meeting. He is already late and needs to multitask! He connects his mobile phone to his TxU garment and makes a call without using his mobile phone as he reaches for his keys to start up the car.
  46. 46. Providers/Suppliers
  47. 47. Thermal regulator Stain & Water proof Odor free Safety Pocket Material Diagram
  48. 48. Prototypes, pattern & technical information Location Galicia, Spain They offer - Reference - Adapt to clients concept - Prototype confection - Design, patterns, technical info Location Terrasa, Barcelona They produce Consultancy company, they add technological value to products
  49. 49. Run Production Location Paços de Ferreira, Portugal They produce Fashion, technology, lingerie, olympic sports Location USA / Asia / Dominican Republic They produce Medical, sporting, safety, military, footwear
  50. 50. Pricing
  51. 51. Assumption: Unit Cost ($): 80 (incl. customization cost) Gross Margin (%): 76% Annual Sales Revenue ($): 1 million Pricing method: Using gross margin to calculate price Selling Price x (1- required gross margin) = cost Simulation Result: Unit price ($): 333 (average market price of T-Shirt, raincoat and jacket) Total Unit Sold: 3,000 Annual Total Gross profit ($): 0,76 million Pricing
  52. 52. Pricing Visibility of market share in the US: Estimated US population of 25-64 male with income 75k+ (2005) 18,660,346 Expected market share (%) 0,017% Expected total unit sold 3,172
  53. 53. Market Analysis
  54. 54. New Markets Existing Markets Existing Capabilities New Capabilities Market Positioning Penetrate existing market by providing high fashion and smart textile apparels
  55. 55. The market for smart textiles is one of the most dynamic and fast growing sectors and offers huge potential for companies willing to take the plunge. Opportunity
  56. 56. Organizational Structure TXU
  57. 57. Vision & Mission
  58. 58. Vision To be a leader bringing to the fashion market unique collection of quality and intelligent garment wears that are priced fairly and satisfy people’s needs and desires. Values Innovation Design Experience
  59. 59. Our mission at TxU is to integrate high fashion design and smart materials into a collection of basics. We aim to redefine the lifecycle of fashion garments, while creating a memorable and positive brand experience and lifestyle community for all TxU customers. Mission
  60. 60. Channel Distribution
  61. 61. Online or Offline?
  62. 62. Both...
  63. 63. Offline Distribution Niched concept stores... Hotels - contemporary campaigns...
  64. 64. Information rich garments... (benefits from a extensive store display) PR/Media friendly... Awareness (editorials, cool-hunters, bloggers, etc) Concept Store... Instant access to valuable client data... (Client trust + the right consumers = Txu Delight) Positioning the Txu brand... +
  65. 65. Surrender control to the retailer... Question-marks... Season based cycles... Low volume... -
  66. 66. Specific sites: Avant-garde and design hotels in Strategically selected cities Plan: To place our products in chosen hotels - shop inside hotel - product brochure in each guest room - promotion in reception Expansion: The channel via design hotel can be expanded to other cities in the future Hotels
  67. 67. Barcelona Hotel Omm Rosello 265 Hotel Eurostars Angli Angli 60 987 Barcelona Hotel Mallorca 288 Suites Avenue Angli 60
  68. 68. Miami Beach Delano South Beach 1685 Collins Avenue Setai Hotel 2001 Collins Avenue
  69. 69. New York City Rivington Hotel 107 Rivington Hudson Hotel 356 West 58th Street London Saint Martin’s Lane 45 St. Martins Lane The Hempel Hotel 31-35 Craven Hill Gardens
  70. 70. The Reason why Direct exposure to target clients Direct exposure to target clients who travel, spend money on luxurious goods Direct exposure to trend setter International clientele exposure Awareness Challenges Partnership establishment with hotel Endanger of brand image + - Design Hotel
  71. 71. Online Distribution
  72. 72. Or Multi brand?
  73. 73. Both...
  74. 74. Online Multi brand Existing client database... Consumer insights... Convenience & Growing... Ease of display and global access +
  75. 75. Online Multi brand Less control... Internet is a “noisy” place... Mixed with many competitors... -
  76. 76. ENTER
  77. 77. Not season based, (Anti-Collection) Added value in the written & image content... Design Vs Tech (the story about each garment, story about Txu) No filter towards the market... (Democratic) Customization...Pre-order you customized garment + Customer Relationship Marketing (customer retention, data & network)
  78. 78. Low awareness of the brand... Increased responsibility (storage, shipping, logistics)
  79. 79. Conclusion Offline Retail Online Multi Brand
  80. 80. Offline Retail Combination is KEY Online Multi Brand Positioning Branding Awareness Control Potential Volume No filter Market Convenience Clients
  81. 81. Advertising and Promotion Campaign increase brand awareness Below The Line campaign EVENTS ensure usage among early adapters Recommendations
  82. 82. The Concept User Experience – experiment TxU garments Launching party of TxU anti collection Location: major cities: Miami, London, LA, NY, Barcelona Cocktail & open bar Personal invitations to the guests – in the form of TxU recognizable brand fabric brand placement within big music events/concerts
  83. 83. proposals Rooftop pool party Downtown LA Santa Monica, CA NYC
  84. 84. proposals Yacht party
  85. 85. Create Brand Awareness & Promote Loyalty The TxU City
  86. 86. “Integrated with garments” Access the TxU World... Vs Smart Phone Smart phone Application (the TXU world)
  87. 87. TxU City Txu’s “favorite places” Get access Get the treatment Works with FourSquare geo-locator Loyalty reward system Txu World
  88. 88. Reason Why Community feel Creates added value for clients (Feel of accomplishment) Increase “Virality” (Lets the “network” work) Customer insights +
  89. 89. Conclusions
  90. 90. Future Projections  The application of high-tech textile science in high design garment and increasing partnership between apparel and electronic companies will continue to be the trend in fashion market  Initial focus on product line for male consumers at start-up stage in order to build TXU community and brand recognition in the market  Opportunistic expansion into women market  Expansion into main stream clothing when the production cost is reduced by improved technology  TxU becomes a lifestyle offering memorable experiences T x U
  91. 91. T x U RECOMMENDATIONS  Anticipate trends and users’ desires  Develop more extreme clothes to special customers  Provide options for product customization
  92. 92. Thank you
  93. 93. Source