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Presentation laminin LPGN


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1. Proudly Introducing
The perfect combination of life-giving sustenance sourced from land, sea & plant LAMININE Nature’s most perfect food Network marketing’s perfect product.
2. What is Laminine?
Laminine’s main active ingredient is derived from 9-day old Fertilized Hen Eggs, which are incubated until they reach the critical moment of Pre-Embryonic Stage.Fertilization activates cellular growth.After 9 days of incubation, the fertilized egg is transformed into an environmentcontaining all the necessary elements to develop a living being, with the highestamount of nutrition and protectionIncubation also supports the development of key nutrients to highest concentrations,creating a unique combination of Amino Acids, Glycopeptides, and OligopeptidesAt this very precise moment, the highly potent tissue is Extracted.
3. Potent Combination of Phyto, Land & Marine ProteinsUltimately, Laminine is a natural, synergistic super food that contains most knownvitamins, important trace minerals, all eight essential amino acids along with othernutritional elements.This can only be obtained from our unique proprietary combination of plant (phyto),marine collagen (sea), and the carefully extracted avian fertilized egg (land).
4. How Laminine got its name?The word Laminin, L-A-M-I-N-I-N, refers to an exclusiveprotein found at the cellular level of all living being.Laminin being specific to the extra cellular matrixof all living being is vital to making sure that our overallbody structure holds together. In fact, it is what "literally"hold us all together.The "9th day" of the fertilized avian egg is the exact timewhen it is at its optimum "life yielding" potentialAn "e" added at the end of "laminin" birthed the name "LAMININE" (Lami-nine), themetaphor for how we feel our powerful proprietary extract affects those whoexperience it.
5. The History of Laminine
• The main active ingredient in Laminine was originally discovered in 1929 by a Canadian doctor, Dr. John Davidson
• Dr. Davidson believed the extract was beneficial for the Dr. John Davidson first Treatment of Cancer and successfully treated hundreds of discovered it in the 20’s as a Cancer patients Treatment for Cancer
• Not able to obtain approval, Dr. Davidson died a few years later. The formula was thought to have died along with him
• Five decades later, Norway’s Dr. Bjodne Eskeland rediscovered the extract and its beneficial affects on human health.
• He carried out numerous clinical studies to determine the formula’s true potential Five decades later, Norway’s Dr. Bjodne Eskeland rediscovered this miracle And the Result was Astounding… ingredient
6. What can Laminine do for you?
• Laminine helps to regulate the adrenal hormones. The regulation of the

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Presentation laminin LPGN

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