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Michael jackson

  2. 2. GENERALINFORMATION:Birth: 29 August 1958 in Gary, Indiana, UnitedStates.Death:25 june 2009 (50 years) Angeles, California, USA.Children: Prince Michael Joseph Jackson(1997) ParisMichael Katherine Jackson(1998) Prince Michael II"Blanket" Jackson (2002).Occupation: Singer, dancer, composer,producer, choreographer.Nickname: King of pop.signature:
  3. 3. CHILD: During his childhood he lived in a house in his hometown of Gary, Indiana with his parents and eight siblings, he grew up in an environment of continual mistreatment because of the abuse he suffered by his father, as confirmed by his brother Tito .This ensures that, on several occasions, the singer "cried a lot because of the beatings from his father and tried to hide from him." Michael, from an early age showed interest in music, he sang in the Christmas celebrations in kindergarten who attended. In 1964, he and his brother Marlon joined the Jackson Brothers the musical band, formed by his older brothers Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine, where they played a small bongos and tambourines. Michael stood out from the rest of his brothers for his ability to sing and dance, and became, along with his brother Jermaine, a vocalist of the group, later called The Jackson Five. In 1967, they released the single "Big Boy". The following year he auditioned for Motown Records, where he decided to hire them after seeing a videotape in which Michael was James Brown versions of issues with his brothers. In 1972, fourteen years old, began his solo career with albums Got to Be There and Ben, while balance their work as lead singer of the group he formed with his brothers.
  5. 5. 1. OFF THE WALLWe are before a more large MichaelJackson, with his characteristic voice,even in good physical condition,already starting fixing them up only.Starting creating his own style howclothes with lentils, elegant jackets.We are in that serial last years of theepoch I dial and see that Michael evenis black, and naturally enough. On hishair here already we begin to notice itmore curled.
  6. 6. 2. THRILLER The singer I reach a great point of reputation on having thrown this disc which I turn out to be at all more not nothing less than the disc most sold in the history of the music. On the disc there appeared 3 songs which I make the pop video OPEN-MOUTHED to the whole world, especially thriller. With regard to his face still no change was obvious especially except in the hair that was becoming increasingly curled.
  7. 7. 3. BAD This epoch is done very representative since here Michael joined with Quincy Jones they throw the disc Bad which does that Michael reaches an incredible reputation, besides which with almost all the songs of the disc there was a pop video and every time it was more and more incredible, seemed to be unstoppable. The disc had a change with regard to the songs which were happening of being a disc to rock or pop, having a more modern style. what if it was obvious was the great change in the artist since it was a great transformation in comparison with the Michael Jackson that they all knew. On this disc it was taking a new nose rather more sharp-pointed and small, a long hair and enrolled up to the shoulders with a "wetted" effect which already did not seem not near the Afro hair that it had had. Here already his skin was obvious clearer through the fault of the vitíligo (disease that there suffers Michael who tries to lose the color of the skin).
  8. 8. 4. DANGEROUS MJs new disc goes out moment, something happens and what happens is that the vitíligo to devoured completely to Michael putting his skin of white color ceramic. This did that it was reaching the question of if Michael already did not want to be a black and had been using creams to whiten his skin. What I do not achieve the vitíligo it was to devour his aptitude to dance, new videos appeared how the unforgettable Black or white and others how in the closet, remember the steals, jam, etc. His hair was changing of look, How in pop video in the closet that takes something like that how a faded tail of horse which I it help to turn furthermore androgyny and to come to the conclusion of that the singer could be a homosexual. Also the question arose from if one was producing more things in the expensive thing that he denied roundly. This one was also the epoch in which there was sued by sexual abuse a minor which put stress and depressed it to the point of having to take drugs.
  9. 9. 5. HISTORY Here already one begins to notice a change in Jacksons artistic aspect happening to be more a recompilation to a new disc. As for his aspect the hair enrolled to dead man to turn into a long faded hair. It happens to turn extremely androgyny, examples are the pop videos Scream, They do not care about us and especially Stranger in Gnat. In the concerts one was noticing him physically heavier and slow, in addition it is here where one begins to paint the lips.
  10. 10. 6. Blood on the Dance FloorMichael Jacksons new disc presents 5 newsongs and the rest they are remixes. In this epoch we see a modern MichaelJackson using a more modern and dark area(the title says it) and there presents his popvideo ghost that more than pop video lookslike a movie for his duration of 42 minutes andwe see his gifts of actor being mixed bymakeup and special effects. As for his aspectwe can say that not to changing very much.Another detail especially of the pop videoBlood on the Dances Floor it is the fact that itseems tired and has the face always serious,how if there was doing an effort unlike RockWith You in which we see to Michael happyand smiling Jackson.
  11. 11. 7. INVINCIBLE Well, it seems that 2000 is not the decade of luck of Michael since it extracts his last Invincible disc which contains very deplorable songs in comparison with his previous works, in addition only it was containing a song that was worth a sorrow listening to qualified You Rock My World. Only one and I finalize pop video that went out it was exactly You Rock My World in which it was acting together with the comical actor Chris Tucker .Since of his face we can say that it was finishing his transformation to turn what was these last days. Already with a faded hair, face made up and very thin for his advanced age in all that it was nominating someone Michael Jackson already was not putting more that expensive of disgust for saying it of a way.
  12. 12. LAST YEARS In the last years Michael Jackson to very still condition for saying it of a way since it was worrying more for his aspect that for returning to extract a disc, pop video or something for the style, but ultimately he had to think that Jackson was made a man of family and tape- worm sew more important for attending. Last 10 years it would seem that Jackson finally found the face and hairdo that was walking searching since after painting his eyes and his lips, to put on a long and faded hair which I end up by being a wig, etc., still has like that, that is to say that I do not change more of look not anything . Obviously, it was not healthy since tape-worm 50 years and it was weighing 51 kg, in addition his face already seemed to be "skeletal". Bound to leave his home Nerverland Michael thought of returning to the scenes to recover money and reputation but not wise that him was waiting for the worse thing and was that On July 25 one in the night driven to despair for falling asleep Michael asks his personal doctor for more of his drug to sleep. The results are not good. Michael departed from this world and finally it was managing to rest in peace since in the sky they neither were judging it, they were not even criticizing his aspect, there alone it will have love. HIS FACE CHANGE, BUT HIS HEART CONTINUED BEING THE SAME.... LIDIA ROSA SANCHEZ 3ºA