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Yachay aei002


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Yachay aei002

  1. 1. *Bruno Sandoval *Stefano Meza *Dayanna Vera
  2. 2. ► Transportation ►Time ►Pollution ►Highway congestion ►Mobility ►Economic growth
  3. 3. Functionability How does it work? Is it possible? How does the train move? How does it stop?
  4. 4. This project in oriented to Yachay (teachers, students, administrative, etc.) and Urcuqui populations. It provides them a new, fast and safe way of transport. Students in Yachay will have the chance to go to their homes during the weekend.
  5. 5. • It is seven times faster than any other transport system. • More safety. • Less time traveling. • Allow to increase tourism activity in the area. • Travelling by this it is six times more expensive than travelling by other transport systems. • Complicate to build this through the mountains among here and Quito.