Abortion Research


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Abortion Research

  1. 1. Marc García Abortion Research Paper 8(2) The definition of abortion, discarding murder and homicide, is: “The termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo, resulting in or caused by its death.”(1). Even the scientific definition includes the words death and expulsion, but an abortion is that; an expulsion of the embryo’s life. Before using treatments against abortion, there are some other things you can do. Firstly, if you don’t want to have a baby, don’t have sex, but if you want to have sex, use a condom and the anti-conceptive pill and, for more security, include the morning-after pill. And if all these methods don’t work, THEN you can start to think about abortion. Abortion can happen like a “medical abortion” or a “surgical abortion”. Medical abortions are abortions that use pharmaceutical drugs and are only effective in the first trimester of the woman’s pregnancy. Medical abortions are 10% of all abortions in United States and Europe. (1) Surgical abortions are medical procedures that involve minor out- patient surgery and can happen until the 20th or the 23rd week of gestation. Teenagers and women abort because of two main problems; family problems and social problems. Whithin the family problems there may be these ones: the mother could not like the father of the baby, or she thinks her parents can be mad at her (this last case may only be in the younger teenagers) or maybe the father of the baby may force her, which is very common, especially when the baby has been conceived by rape or the mother is very young and can’t afford to have a baby.
  2. 2. Social problems may include that the people she knows may look at her badly or in their religion they might be an order or something in wich having a child in early ages might be catigated with severe punishements. A study in 1998 revealed that in 1987-1988 women reported the following reasons for choosing an abortion: 25% wanted to postpone childbearing, 21.3% could not afford a baby, 14.1% had a relationship problem or her partner didn’t want thepregnancy, 12.2% were too young, 10.8% having a child will disrupt her education or job, 7.9% want no or no more children, 3.3% had a risk to fetal health, 2.8% had a risk to maternal health and the 2.1% had other reasons. (4) People promoting a pro-life or anti-abortion position say that the government should override a woman's decision to have an abortion in some, many, or all cases, and require her to continue her pregnancy until the baby is born. “Most pro-lifers base their stance on the belief that human life, in the form of an ovum and spermatozoon, becomes a human person at the moment of conception. Thus, a human pre-embryo, embryo and foetus, are all persons entitled to fundamental human rights, including the most basic right: to be allowed to live.”(2) However people promoting a pro-choice position say that the government should not interfere with the woman's decision, or should do so only under very rare circumstances. The girl or woman should be able to have an abortion in most or all of the cases. “Most pro-choicers base it on the belief that human life becomes a human person when the embryo's heart starts beating, or when the foetus first looks human, or is born, or is severed from its mother and is functioning independently and the woman should be allowed to have an abortion if it is done before her embryo or foetus attains personhood.”(2)
  3. 3. I think abortion has to be the last resort to prevent someone from having a baby. Each foetus that dies with an abortion doesn’t have any method to stand up for themselves. but, in some extreme cases, abortion is the only way for not having a baby , if we descart adoption. “Abortion is a topic that can get out of hand” said Ms. Lemry in page 117 because the opinions about this subject are widely dispersed. In the book Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, Jody Mueller has an aborion of the baby she had with her boyfriend, Mark Brittain. Mark is very religious and many catholic people are usually against abortion. Neverhteless, Mark makes Jody abort because he said that life couldn’t stop because an “error in judgement. Some boys make their girlfriends abort because their friends, both the boy’s and the girl’s, would have started to tell “jokes” about them or just alienate them because the teenagers nowadays are like that.. Another case of abortion, and this one is not so direct as the others, is Sarah Byrnes. Sarah Byrnes said that she had wanted to be an aborted kid because, as Ellerby said (page. 130) “I don’t fust think you can have this argument without talking about quality of life. Not just life. Quality.”(Steve Ellerby) Sarah doesn’t feel she’s got much quality of life, since she was scarred for the rest of her life because of her father pushing her onto a stove. Abortion, as many controversial issues, has a good side and a bad side. And each of those sides has their reasons to think what they think. That’s the reason why abortion is the most dispersed-thinking issue of all. Abortion is still taking one’s life without letting them say anything, but it is also necessary for some special cases.