Ddd intro methodologic framework


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Ddd intro methodologic framework

  1. 1. Innovation @ dddSocial media, Design thinking & Open innovation
  2. 2. R+D creates new knowledge…Innovation transforms it into profitsDDD LEADING OPEN INNOVATION AGENCYESADE CREAPOLIS BARCELONA
  3. 3. Design Thinking, Social media & Open innovationINNOVATION PROCESS @DDD
  4. 4. Three phases innovation processDiscovery Exploration Execution
  5. 5. The Innovation processDiscover, Explore and execute. Threemain innovation steps done with anew way of problem solving, that Social Media Open innovation Design Thikingincorporates out of the box inductive Flexible Inductive Unbiasedand abductive logics taken from Designthinking, Open innovation techniques Open Disruptive Naturalwhere co-creation platform and inno- Co-creation Human Spontaneouscells brings in newer and fresherknowledge and where social media platform centered Consumer’sgives us Visual Insightsunbiased, natural, spontaneousconsumer insights.A new way of thinking translated in achallenging innovation process basedon a consumer’s needs and desires re-interpretation.
  6. 6. Innovation Funnel Strenghtening current business Research Developement Internal research projects Current Market & Business model Venture investing Product & TechnologyExternal research projects Technology licensing acquisition
  7. 7. Innovation Funnel Finding new business and/or markets Research Developement New Market & Business model Internal research projects New Market or Business model Current Market & Business model Venture investing Product & TechnologyExternal research projects Technology licensing acquisition
  8. 8. Three Innovation streams • How company’s Technology relates with consumers through new products and services? Functional innovation • How our brand interact with our consumers to deliver its Emotional values through our own brand innovation storytelling? Experience • How the whole business innovation model is aligned with costumers through technology, processes and brand?
  9. 9. Open service innovation Customer Co creationCustomer don’t want to buy engagementproducts they buy utilities andexperiences because they buyemotions and good experiences.Customer centric corporations Customerplaces customer experience at thecenter of its innovation processes. experience Service Experience offering centered knowledgeService design innovation futureis based on cocreation, experienceknowledge, design experience Designpoints, service offerings and experiencecustomer engagement. points
  10. 10. Strategic innovationPHASE planning Discovery Exploration ExecutionGATES Strategic gate Feasability Viability LaunchOBJECTIVES • Identify corporate • Identify costumer Insights • Validate costumer Insights • Supervise the launch challenges • Combine Consumer and concepts. process to meet initial • Transfer pre-existent insights with socio- • Co-create value together innovation requirements. knowledge economic trends. with customers & • Track execution plans and • Strategic research • Create a new market stakeholders. assist for overcoming Planning. knowledge basis for • Determine concept DNA, process hurdles. • Set up process objectives, innovation positioning, value propossal, milestones & budget • Generate and articulate in a main benefits and reason • Identify stakeholders and new ideas and product why. innocell members concepts. • Identify and overcome • Create an innovation hurdles and technical portfolio screened on barriers for shortening time feasability, desireability, to market viability and risk. • Create business cases for • To Sketctch and View our launch evaluation ideas tangible examples of our conceptual models and our new territories of opportunityTOOLS • Knowledge stock sessions • Social Media etnographic • Concept DNA Co-cre WS • Innocell wrap-up meetings • Future proofing WS researchs • Tech LAB WS • On Line Collaborative • Insights Dciscovery Labs • Business Case WS platforms • Concept Labs • Co Creation platform • Business model generationOUTPUTS Strategic portifolio of • Map of insights • Concept Innovation • Execution reports innochallenges • Innovation Concepts business case portfolio • Business modelling • InnoConcept BookINNOCELLS Cross functional & multidisciplinary team work for open innovationINNORADAR Environment Research & International Innoradar 4 new opportunities and trendsINNO DNA Innovation learning & Talent development