Horror Remake Review- Marc CD


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Horror remaking over the decades review-powerpoint presentation

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Horror Remake Review- Marc CD

  1. 1. Topic of PowerPoint: The Remaking of horror over the decades
  2. 2. Many Horror films which are new to us in this day and age may not be so new to our elders e.g. our parents. For example “Carrie” which has just been released in the late year of 2013 is a remake of the original movie “Carrie” first released in 1976. Both the remake and most current filming of Carrie involve the exact same concept of a young and shy girl in high school who discovers she has telekinetic powers and on the day of prom is humiliated, ends up using her powers to gain revenge. However, the latest version includes more common themes of todays society and American culture. You can see from these two pictures the costume design of Carrie when playing her role at the prom is pretty much identical within the two centuries posters, even the stance within both these posters are similar. They’re both standing up and doing something strange with their arms/hands. The 2013 version was directed by Kimberly Pierce and the 1976 was directed by Brian de Palma.
  3. 3. Another remake of a horror film is Nightmare on Elm street, the first film to involve the extremely popular horror icon Freddy Keuger, was first directed in 1984 by Wes Craven and is a franchise. The remake was released in 2010 and directed by Samuel Bayer. The latest Nightmare on Elm street plot involves Freddy Keuger once being a gardener at a pre-school who abused the children who attended there and was later caught and murdered by the parents of the abused children. Freddy later comes back to haunt and try to kill them in their dreams. The original plot involved “A spectral child murderer who stalks the children of the members of the lynch mob that killed him,” -IMDB. Wes Craven came up with the original plot for the movie from looking at numerous newspaper articles printed in the LA Times over a three year period based around a group of Cambodian refugees from the “Hmong tribe.” Several of whom supposedly died in the throes of horrific nightmares. The original poster as you can see depicts the narrative of the film more than the latest. You can see in the original poster a terrified female victim and the claw-like hands reaching out to her through the wall, whilst the latest poster still depicts the narrative with the claw-like hand and the make-up applied to Freddy making his skin look torn and him smirking like he takes pleasure in haunting his victims.
  4. 4. The original was a huge success and so was the character of Frankenstein with both audience and critics. The film was followed by numerous sequels and is one of the most iconic horror films. Frankenstein is a 1931 horror monster film directed by James Whale , adapted from the play by Peggy Webling which was based on the book by Mary Shelley. Frankenstein is both a horror and sci-fi . With the plot being based around an obsessed scientists who assembles a living being from parts of exhumed corpses won two awards; National film registry and Saturn award (Best DVD/ Blu-ray collection. A remake of this iconic horror is set to be released this year in 2014 having been directed by Stuart Bettie with the plot being “ Frankenstein's creature finding himself caught in all-out , centuries old war between two clans.” In neither the original Frankenstein nor the sequels has Frankenstein been involved in a situation as fierce and action-packed like this, so it is yet to be discovered if this will be as successful as the original with both critics and
  5. 5. 19th century- 20th century Horror
  6. 6. James Whale Most famous horror films directed: - The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) - The Old Dark House (1932) - The invisible Man (1933) Note: Click play on film screenshot to watch
  7. 7. Wes Craven Most famous horror films directed: -The last house on the left (1972) -The hills have eyes (1977) -Nightmare on Elm street (1984) Note: Click play on film screenshot to watch
  8. 8. Alfred Hitchcock Most famous horror films directed: -Psycho (1960) -The birds (1963) -Frenzy (1972 Note: Click play on film screenshot to watch
  9. 9. Dario Argento Most famous movies directed: - Four flies on Grey Velvet (1971) - Opera (1987) -Inferno (1980) Note: Click play on film screenshot to watch