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Zebra Technologies - La Supply Chain dell’innovazione


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Zebra Technologies - La Supply Chain dell’innovazione
Ce ne parla Nicola De Zolt L. - Zebra Technologies Italy
( Evento Tenenga Tecno-Soft "Tra i motori dell'innovazione", Museo Lamborghini, 20 settembre 2019).

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Zebra Technologies - La Supply Chain dell’innovazione

  1. 1. La Supply Chain dell’innovazione Nicola De Zolt L. - Zebra Technologies Italy Senior Sales Engineer for T&L OS&SW TVT Leader for South Europe
  2. 2. ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES Zebra Technologies, Emerging Business Needs in the T&L Supply Chain Zebra Technologies Overview A look into Zebra Solutions for Smart Loading, Retail, Cloud 2
  3. 3. Zebra Techologies • MotionWorks
  4. 4. On-demand economy KEY FACTS • Many new techologies available • AI, IoT, Automation, Machine learning • One common dynamic: «Proximity» • To deliver value in someone’s moment of need • RETAIL: a better shopping experience – TRANSPORTATION: a courier delivers on-time – HEALTHCARE: a medication based on patient’s contextual information • On-demand «value» • T&L: Ever-growing Shipment Costs => Anticipatory Shipping
  5. 5. ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES Emerging business needs - Instant delivery Production and provision of products and services ever closer to the point of demand 5 Uber • A service delivered in the moment • Use-case: «I’m standing at the street corner, I request that, and it just arrives» Proximity delivery • A parcel delivered in the moment, exactly where I’m parked • Use-case: Direct-to-car parcel dropoff • By 2025, 40% of deliveries within 2 hours 5
  6. 6. ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES Emerging business needs – Visibility Digital representation of physical environment 6 Online surfing • Fully traced & tracked • A digital picture of the buyer is built • In order to provide a personalized experience Real world (e.g. a cross-docking facility) • Yet to be digitalized • Opportunities lie where a digital representation of that physical environment is done • In order to be able to deliver to the same on demand economy and to drive better decisions Heatmaps Conversion Funnel Surf Playback 6
  7. 7. ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES Digital Innovation now lives at the Enterprise Edge A digital representation: so what? • Interaction led by human • Centralized • Interaction starts with a look up or a search • System of records like classic ERPs tell what should happen SYSTEM OF RECORDS Interaction led by a machine – At the edge of the enterprise – Simple yet powerful • Data acquired • Insights generated • The next best action taken – Not a question of long term strategy • AI is guiding the next move – A system of reality tells what comes next SYSTEM OF REALITY 7
  8. 8. ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIESZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES 8 Zebra’s Promise Introducing Savanna Data Services 8
  9. 9. ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIESZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES 9 Building Application with Savanna Data Services 9
  10. 10. ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES SmartPack Trailer Reimagine your loading operations
  11. 11. ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES SmartPack Trailer Samples 11 Space to fill Monitoring Unit Mobile Dashboard Loading Efficiency Walls inside Trailer 11
  12. 12. ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES SmartLens Deeper Visibility, Better Insights, Smarter Decisions 12
  13. 13. Recap
  14. 14. Nicola De Zolt L. Zebra Technologies LinkedIn «dezolt»