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RIWC_PARA_A194 lloyds banking group approach to reasonable adjustments


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A194 lloyds banking group approach to reasonable adjustments

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RIWC_PARA_A194 lloyds banking group approach to reasonable adjustments

  1. 1. Lloyds Banking Group approach to Reasonable Adjustments
  2. 2. A strategic partnership In 2010 these Lloyds Banking Group decided to ask a question – ‘What happens during our a reasonable adjustment process?’ They then worked with end to end solutions provider and assistive technology experts Microlink to pioneer an award winning WPA service that in now considered best practice. LBG are dedicated to creating a culture of disclosure, inclusion and diversity that leads the way in employee well-being and understands the key role a good WPA service has on that vision.
  3. 3. Critical success factors What Lloyds Banking Group did:  START BY GETTING THE FACTS– Data, data, data! If you can’t see it, you can’t measure it & you can’t improve it!  APPOINT A PROCESS OWNER responsible for the quality of the service, ‘end to end’, and for continuous improvement to clearly articulated standards.  CO-ORDINATION OF IMPLEMENTATION of adjustments e.g. Stakeholder management, Facilities, IT, Procurement, Occupational Health etc.  USE EXPERTS to provide the core services.
  4. 4. Critical success factors  Establish a SINGLE, WELL PUBLICISED POINT OF ENTRY, staffed by experts to choose the correct decision stream.  INVOLVE LINE MANAGERS  TRUST YOUR PEOPLE: do not request colleagues to somehow ‘prove’ they have a disability.  CENTRALLY CONTROLLED BUDGET: do not make Line Managers pay  PROVISION OF ADJUSTMENTS IS A BUSINESS PROCESS, not the sole province of HR, Diversity or Occupational Health.
  5. 5. Critical success factors  PRE-APPROVED CATALOGUE: Compile a comprehensive catalogue that enables compatibility and best value for money.  FAST TRACK: adjustments for colleagues who know what they need, or whose needs can be quickly determined by the expert case handler who understands the ‘functional impact’ of the disability or condition.  POLICY DRIVEN FROM THE TOP: easy access to information  PROVIDE COMPREHENSIVE MI: essential for monitoring costs, value for money, and continuous improvement.
  6. 6. We know it works…. Lloyds Banking Group PLC
  7. 7. LBG Fostering trust! 7% Increase in disclosure  5,779 colleagues disclosed a disability which is 7% higher than 2015.  Disclosure of colleagues with learning difficulties and mental health conditions were 17% higher than in 2015.  Increased levels of disclosure were found in all divisions * Source Lloyds Banking Group
  8. 8. LGB Inclusivity & Diversity efforts are working! 65 Engagement Score  Disability EEI has increased by 1 point since 2015 despite the Group’s overall EEI score decreasing by 1 point.  The Group’s EEI gap for disability has now decreased to 5 points (from 7 points in 2015).  Disability EEI score has increased in 4 consecutive engagement surveys. * Source Lloyds Banking Group
  9. 9. WPAserviceisgettinggreatfeedback 90% Reduction in Absence Unprecedented reduction in disability or condition related absence reported by employees. 93% Increase in Productivity Over 4000 surveys show significant increase in productivity and efficiency. * Source Lloyds Banking Group colleague surveys
  10. 10. Looking towards the future  LBG dedicated to continuous improvement  Qualitative improvement data, quantified through internal systems  Integrated case management system  Governance, control and policy creation around WPA assessment and provision  Mental health in the workplace
  11. 11. Thank You