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RIWC_PARA_A121 the future of disability employment in australia in the time of the ndis


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A121 the future of disability employment in australia in the time of the ndis

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RIWC_PARA_A121 the future of disability employment in australia in the time of the ndis

  1. 1. The Future of Disability Employment – Assistance and support Rick Kane CEO, Disability Employment Australia @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  2. 2. 2016 Paralympic Games @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  3. 3. AHRC Willing to Work Report • People with disability are less likely to be employed full-time (27.0%) than people without disability (53.8%) • Australians with disability are more likely to be unemployed (10.0% compared with 5.3% for those without disability) and face longer periods of unemployment than people without disability @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  4. 4. AHRC W2W Report Recommendations • National community education and information campaign: 1. lift awareness of economic benefits of employing people with disability 2. dispel myths and stereotypes to change the way we value the contributions of people with disability. • Promote government supports available to employers through Disability Employment Services, JobAccess, the Employment Assistance Fund and the National Disability Resource Coordinator. @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  5. 5. AHRC W2W Recommendations: Employers The Willing to Work Report offers strategies for employers to lift participation and ensure non-discriminatory employment practices: Leadership commitment to inclusive and diverse workplaces Non-discriminatory recruitment and retention practices Building workplace flexibility Provide targeted education and training in the workplace Build healthy workplaces @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  6. 6. Biggest Job Growth by Occupation @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld New Jobs Health Professionals 125,100 Carers & Aides 111,800 Business & Marketing Professionals 92,900 Sales Assistants 88,900 Specialist Managers 71,900 Teachers 68,700 Personal Service Workers 51,400 Hospitality & Retail Managers 47,400 Hospitality Workers 37,000 ICT Professionals 36,900 Total Top 10 732,000 Source: From Australia Dept. of Employment, 2016 Employment Projections Top Ten Occupations (2-digit level), 2016-2020
  7. 7. NDIS Victoria Market Statement Position • More people: The Victoria market for disability supports is estimated to grow from 78,000 people to 105,000 in 2019 • Level of Funding: Annual growth expected from $2.6B to $5.1B in 2020 • More jobs: The FTE workforce required to service this demand is estimated to grow from 20,000 to 42,000 by 2020 • The biggest markets will be Southern Melbourne, Brimbank Melton, Hume Moreland and Bayside Peninsula @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  8. 8. Future of disability employment Changes to disability employment need to better align it with the principles underpinning the NDIS. • Three main areas to improve disability employment: • Better engagement with, and support for, employers, • Ensuring service providers can deliver effective support that is high quality, and • Empowering participants to make informed decisions. @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  9. 9. Future of disability employment • Providers will be given the opportunity to expand their services to additional regions, based on how successful they are in their existing services, • Opportunity for new providers to qualify and enter the market, to provide DES services. • Participants may chose their provider regardless of whether they live in a specified region; they can go to a provider in the neighbouring region. @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  10. 10. Future of disability employment Individualisation • Easier access to quality information on providers and services • Participants can choose the service that is right for them, • Participants given more say in the type of assistance they receive, • Greater portability in participant funding, and • Reduce constraints on changing provider if participants are not satisfied with the support they are receiving @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  11. 11. Future of disability employment Individualisation • Relax market share • Enabling participants to choose from more providers • Make it easier for participants to ‘vote with their feet’ Providers will need to respond to the views/needs of participants, for example, in the way assistance is developed and provided, and in the range of supports offered. @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  12. 12. Youth Employment Strategy initiatives National Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Trial - vocational assistance for young people (up to 25) with mental illness • Integrates employment and vocational support with clinical mental health and non-vocational support. Focus on individual needs of people with mental illness seeking to remain in education or employment. Employment specialists will provide career development advice and vocational and employment assistance - in tandem with clinical support. Other initiatives include: • Investment Approach (Try, Test, Learn) • Empowering YOUth (vulnerable young people aged 15–24 who are long-term unemployed or at risk of becoming long-term unemployed • The Youth Jobs PaTH provides three elements: Prepare – Trial – Hire: support young people under the age of 25 years gain employability skills and real work experience to get and keep a job, and incentives for employers to take them on. • NDIS School Leaver Employment supports, to foster new and innovative employment support options for people with disability @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  13. 13. JobAccess supporting employers • Expert advice via new website (employer section) and phone • Employer engagement services oHelping employers attract and retain the skills and talents of people with disability • Employment Assistance Fund oFinancial help for employers and eligible people with disability and mental health conditions to buy work related modifications and services @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  14. 14. @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld
  15. 15. Questions? @Disabilityemplt #inclusiveworld