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RIWC_PARA_A089 Parent Partnerships with NGOs


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A089 Parent Partnerships with NGOs

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RIWC_PARA_A089 Parent Partnerships with NGOs

  1. 1. User Participation in Rehabilitation - Parents’ Role & Contribution in Enhancing Service Quality & Advocating Policy Changes Story Tellers: Ms Becky Luk, Executive Director Mrs Illya Chan, User’s sister
  2. 2. Fu Hong Society Development of Parent Participation 2 • An NGO serving persons with disabilities in Hong Kong • Service users :3,600+ • Staff: 1000+ • Finance: 85% subvented by Government Passive recipients Social activities Unit based programme participation Agency level participation Community level participation & advocacy
  3. 3. Parent Participation in Practice 3 •Unit based Parents Group •Unit based: Working Group on Service Quality / Safety / Meal Service Unit level • Fu Hong Parents Association • Regional Management Sub- committee • Service Monitoring Committee • Public Relations Committee • Board of Director Agency level
  4. 4. Parent Participation in Practice 4 • Fu Hong Society • Self-application of cash assistance • Increase of manpower for Care & Attention Home • Increase in incentive payment for sheltered work shop users • Provision of visiting medical practitioner service • Submission of rehabilitation related position papers to Government Community level advocacy
  5. 5. Parent Participation in Practice • Alliance for Subvented Residential Care Service • Constituted by over 30 user organizations • Advocating for service improvement for the elderly and people with disabilities • Established a communication platform between Alliance and Government 5 Mr. Lam, an active parent representative of Fu Hong Society Community Level advocacy
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. Outcome of Parent Participation Social Inclusion Parents helping users Parents helping parents More understanding & trust Mediate conflicts & crisis Parents helping agencies Parents helping community 7
  8. 8. Key Success Factors Agency side • Clear vision & belief in user participation • Recognition & acceptance of parents as important stakeholder • Open-mindedness & willingness to respect views from parents • Open communications with timely & appropriate feedback • Honesty in disclosing faults & sharing information 8
  9. 9. Key Success Factors Parent side • Trust & faith in services provided by agency • Acceptance of restraints & limitations • Willingness to contribute time and expertise • Belief in partnership in service planning & delivery • Belief in synergy creation & continuous improvement 9
  10. 10. Conclusion 10 Louder & more impactfulVoice of parents Parents participation From communication to advocating Parents’ changes More knowledgeable & ready to contribute Agency belief Stronger belief in user participation