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RIWC_PARA_A058 Self Advocacy


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A058 Self Advocacy

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RIWC_PARA_A058 Self Advocacy

  1. 1. Influencing Policy: Developing a national Self-Advocacy and leadership Group of people with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities in Israel Shosh Kaminsky MSW
  2. 2. Beit Issie Shapiro’s vision is that every person with a disability is entitled to full equal rights, and to be integrated and active in community life.
  3. 3. BIS Strategy of Social Change in the Field of Disabilities Innovative Service Models Changing Policy & Attitudes Research & Training National - Israel International Broad Partnerships
  4. 4. Nothing about us without us Project Purpose Promoting quality of life and independence of people with Intellectual disability by self-advocacy and leadership. Goals 1. Promote a network of self-advocacy groups 2. Provide members of the groups with concepts and skills of self-advocacy 3. Establish a national leadership group that will promote policy change
  5. 5. Building Local Grassroots Groups 5 Workshops for professional caregivers Workshops for significant family members Recruiting people to the group National Conference Group Meetings with the assistance of a facilitator
  6. 6. National leadership Group Based on social action model, representatives from various groups and organizations are working as a national leadership group to promote social change and influence policy. • They prepare position papers • participate in various committees and forums and in the Parliament • represent and fight for their rights as equals in society.
  7. 7. Training Training group leaders Training people without intellectual disabilities to become facilitators of local groups. Training the national leadership group to influence policy
  8. 8. Knowledge Foundation Self - advocate Know myself Communication leadership Rights CRPD
  9. 9. Participating in national networks • Joining the Rouderman’s network of young leaders with disability. • Joining Coalitions :independent living in the community, guardianship and supported decision making, closing sheltered workplaces.
  10. 10. YES WE CAN Thank you