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RIWC_PARA_A049 the affects of stigma in the workplace mental health


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A049 the affects of stigma in the workplace mental health

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RIWC_PARA_A049 the affects of stigma in the workplace mental health

  1. 1. Effects of stigma – mental health Inclusion for all. Jeanette Irwin
  2. 2. Working and accessible rights • Work – accessible for all • Independence • Creates inclusion • Income of freedom • Leads to positive life benefits
  3. 3. Why step inside the mind for mental health • Own experience • Working together • Not being afraid to discuss • Hidden disabilities matter • Freedom to think, feel, exlore
  4. 4. Why support and include disabilities or in my eyes abilities • Nothing will change • We need to influence now for the future • Employing helps support and creates wellbeing • Absence management needs to he really supportive
  5. 5. Inclusion • Provide support to individuals as individuals • Welcome discussion • Change and monitor support if required • Prevent stigma and bullying • Incorporate a safety net, safety talks and freedom
  6. 6. Absence management – doing it right • Use the Carl Rogers approach of person centred • Take on board the person not the process • Listen, commit, assist • Help individuals to learn and change • Focus and guide
  7. 7. Why Carl Rogers approach • One size does not fit all • Policies driven only for certain types of people – discriminates • Person centred approach – is unique to the individual like care is
  8. 8. Carl Rogers impact • This aids the mental health of: • Creators • Visionaries • Business leaders • Everyd Everyday people – carers, cleaners, support workers. All ages
  9. 9. Workplace CARL • Create meaning • Add support • Relate understanding • Listen to meet the needs of all Combine the four, focus on both parties
  10. 10. Take CARL to work • Humans are not numbers • Humans are not machines • Unleash the potential of all
  11. 11. Questions • Industry can hugely impact mental health, through support, learning. We can all make a difference.