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RIWC_PARA_A010 independent living within social policies in the arab states


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A010 independent living within social policies in the arab states

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RIWC_PARA_A010 independent living within social policies in the arab states

  1. 1. Impact of cash transfer on Persons with disabilities Independent Living in Palestine Presented By : Ola Abu Alghaib (MED) University of East Anglia – UK
  2. 2. This presentation will: Explore the potential implication of the interaction between vulnerability , disability and cash transfer programs in the context of Palestine . Outline areas of current steams of analysis within the scope of my thesis . ( with specific attention to findings related to Independent Living )
  3. 3. The specific research questions are : 1. How do cash transfer policies for PwDs (i.e. stakeholders, programs and implementation mechanisms, relevant policies and laws and available resources) operate? 2. How and to which extent do existing cash transfer schemes impact on the level of independent living of PwDs in the country? 3. What are main elements that enhance or hinder the effective formulation and implementation of cash transfer schemes for PwDs in LMICs?
  4. 4. Research Methodology This research adopts a qualitative approach with a descriptive and explanatory purpose Levels of analysis : 1.Policy Level ( Design , implementation ) 2.Impact Level ( on the individual) A country case study has been chosen for the proposed research project
  5. 5. Vicious cycle between poverty and disability Poverty not only from economic perspective, but social exclusion and
  6. 6. Rational • UNCRPD article 28 on Social Protection and Article 19 on Independent living • Weak evidence on translation of UNCRPD into policies (practice or impact _ • Prevalence of Disability in LMICs • Coverage of Disability Related Costs • Evidence of effectiveness of financial support to promote autonomy in HICs . • Effectiveness of cash transfer to address poverty and vulnerability in general
  7. 7. Conceptual Framework • Article 19 • Transformative Social Protection
  8. 8. Initial Findings
  9. 9. Country Context : ( Palestine ) • Political • Economic • Social Policy
  10. 10. Challenges :
  11. 11. Policy analysis • At International level • Regional Level • At country level
  12. 12. Impact analysis • Systematic review findings • Filed data collection in Palestine
  13. 13. Impact at Individual Level • Considered in terms of: Knowledge and access to the scheme Contribution of the scheme to support access to other service (e.g. education, health) Decision making (households’ level) Participation (e.g. in labour force, in politics) Freedom/autonomy (daily life choices ) Recognition (value/voice in communities ) Independent living Social Inclusion