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RIWC_PARA_A008 Visit Scotland


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A008 Visit Scotland

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RIWC_PARA_A008 Visit Scotland

  1. 1. #scotspirit lone piper, Edinburgh military tattoo Chris Mccoy MBE Inclusive Tourism Team
  2. 2. ACCESSIBLE and Inclusive TOURISM Accessible Families Older People Disability Inclusive
  3. 3. The Business Case Access - to a broader and growing inclusive tourism market Financial - Major Market Segment Greater business appeal - customers talk to each other Unlock the Potential in your Business
  4. 4. Building on the legacy created by the Commonwealth Games and other recent major events in Scotland by creating Accessible Tourism Destinations. This will include: • Improving information provision • Getting the customer service right • Encouraging partnership working to capitalise on the potential of the Accessible Tourism market Why are we doing This ?
  5. 5. Unlocking ACCESSIBLE potential in a business “The path for business is simple - do what you are best at. There is no need to become experts in accessibility. Engage this market as you would any other.” “Disabled people and those with accessible requirements don't want 'special' products ... but they are hungry to be included in the mainstream consumer experience.”
  6. 6. Why can we be reluctant to address accessibility? • Stereotypical view of accessibility / disability • Lack of confidence • Fear • Cost to the business
  7. 7. £1.3BN SPENT ON TRIPS WHERE AT LEAST ONE MEMBER OF THE PARTY HAS AN IMPAIRMENT DAY TRIPS DOMESTIC OVERNIGHT TRIPS £504m TOTAL SPEND Accessible Tourism - value to Scotland's economy. Value to Scotland's Economy £822m Source GBTS / GBDVS 2015
  8. 8. Accessible Tourism - market share of total Volume, value and overnight stays Contribution to domestic tourism 20% 55% ALL 2009 2015 -4% 33% ALL Source GBTS / GBDVS 2015 15.0% 19.0% 15.0% 21.0% 3.4 3.7 Overnight Trips - Volume Day Visits - Volume Overnight Trips - Value Day Visits - Value Rest of Market overnight Stay Average - Days Overnight Stay Average - Days
  9. 9. Accessible visitor breakdown Source GBTS / GBDVS 2015 Some interesting facts Wheelchair Users, 10% Deaf or partial hearing loss, 25% Non Visable Disabilities , 71% Travel with a child, 20% Travel with a companion, 21% Travel with a Partner, 50% Some types of impairment recorded. Its not all about physical access People with an impairment are often accompanied by carers, family or friends. This increases occupancy and brings in extra revenue
  10. 10. The “Grey” Pound accounts for almost 50% of consumer spending • Businesses need to change to attract the “grey pound” • Number of over-65s in Britain is set to surge by 4.5 million by 2030. • That represents £320billion of consumer spending, £100billion more than nine years earlier. • The 'grey pound' has played a significant role in lifting Britain out of the recession. Source – SAGA 2012
  11. 11. Key results of a survey of disabled people and their friends and families: The Euan’s Guide Access Survey, 2015 95% of respondents said that they try to find disabled access information prior to visiting a venue 67% agreed that provision of information is a way in which venues can improve their accessibility 73% had had a trip ruined by inaccurate accessibility information 86% said that they would return to venues that have good accessibility 84% had experienced misleading or inaccurate accessibility information on a venue’s website 77% agreed that staff training is a way in which venues can improve their accessibility
  12. 12. We all fit into this box we now call Inclusive tourism! Design for all Foundation We all fit in somewhere at some point
  13. 13. See the Inclusive customer not just the disability
  14. 14. Customers talk to each other! Good News travels fast ! – Bad news travels faster !!!
  15. 15. Win Win Win Visitors Businesses Destinations With Accessible Tourism