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Gallery One Seminar@MIT


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Analysis of the Gallery One information system at the Cleveland Museum of Art,

Published in: Design
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Gallery One Seminar@MIT

  1. 1. Gallery One at the Cleveland Museum of Art
  2. 2. References source: experience-gallery-one-2/ enhances.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
  3. 3. Gallery One 13.000 sqf
  4. 4. Audience Research Formative Evaluation Study
  5. 5. Goals of Gallery One ■ Create a nexus of interpretation, learning, and audience development ■ Propel visitors into the primary galleries with greater enthusiasm, understanding, and excitement about the collection ■ Build audiences—including families, youth, school groups, and occasional visitors—by providing a fun and engaging environment for visitors with all levels of knowledge about art ■ Enjoy an organic, visitor-centered, visitor-driven experience
  6. 6. Goals of Gallery One ■ Employing engaging interactives for critical observation to develop an engagement with the (entire) collection ■ Feel empowered to browse, explore, and create personal meanings about the museum’s collection ■ Create a personalized profile driven by their interests ■ designing through a collaborative approach * source:
  7. 7. The Conception Behind Asking visitors a question to engage them in their experience: (1) What is it, and what do you see? (2) How is it made? (3) Why was it made? This approach privileges inquiry-based techniques for exploring the collections
  8. 8. The Conception Behind Information is delivered in ways that feel like experiences rather than didactic lessons
  9. 9. The Conception Behind encouraging people to use the entire museum as a place to spend time learning, exploring, and having fun with each other
  10. 10. The Conception Behind share their experiences with each other
  11. 11. The Conception Behind share their experiences with each other
  12. 12. The Conception Behind creating audio and video interpretation with multiple voices and perspectives and experts and community members in conversation
  13. 13. Digital Media in the G-One Interactives (Lens). Six interactive kiosks
  14. 14. Digital Media in the G-One The Wall. 40-foot multitouch display
  15. 15. Digital Media in the G-One ArtLens. iPad guide tour
  16. 16. Digital Media in the G-One Studio Play
  17. 17. Digital Media in the G-One The Beacon.
  18. 18. Interactive (Painting Lens)
  19. 19. Interactive (Painting Lens)
  20. 20. Interactive (Painting Lens)
  21. 21. Interactive (Lions Lens)
  22. 22. Interactive (Lions Lens)
  23. 23. Interactive (Sculpture Lens)
  24. 24. The Collection Wall
  25. 25. The Wall & the CMS
  26. 26. The Wall + ArtLens (iPad)
  27. 27. Guided Tours
  28. 28. Location-aware system
  29. 29. interpretative content
  30. 30. contextual hotspots
  31. 31. Designing Through Innovative Collaboration Technology integral to design process “Our guiding philosophy for Gallery One was based on collaboration, teamwork, and an immersion in content to foster the best process of realizing an ambitious project in record time. Our interactive design firm, Local Projects, worked in deep collaboration with museum staff in multiple, extended group brainstorms to translate creative content into innovative visitor experiences. Many digital experiences were created and workshopped, and then the best were chosen for final execution. This helped offer flexibility to align the project budget and scope and timeline into a final approach that was optimized for each part of the team.” (Alexander, Burotn, Goeser 2013)
  32. 32. References source: experience-gallery-one-2/ enhances.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
  33. 33. grazie :-)