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Hp0 787 question answers


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Hp0 787 question answers

  1. 1. HP HP0-787 ExamNonStop Advanced Application DevelopmentVersion = DemoTotal Questions in Original Product = 179 CertificationNo1. Test Preparation Resource
  2. 2. HP0-787 Exam Questions and Answers 1Question: 1What do you use to list procedure names in a TNS object file?A- NLDB- NOFTC- ARD- BINDAnswer: DQuestion: 2A JVM must be started with to enable jdb debugging support.A- -XdebugB- -jdbC- -InspectD- -DebugAnswer: AQuestion: 3Where can breakpoints be set in jdb? Select TWO.A- at the first instruction of a methodB- at a verb at a data objectC- at a line numberD- at a statementAnswer: A, D
  3. 3. HP0-787 Exam Questions and Answers 2Question: 4The compiler option SYNTAX or WSYNTAX ________A- creates an executable object fileB- suppresses errorsC- inserts the source in the objectD- checks the source for errorsAnswer: DQuestion: 5What is a valid INSPECT command for debugging SCREEN COBOL?A- BREAKB- STEP INC- STOPD- SAVEAnswer: AQuestion: 6To RESTORE a partitioned SQL table to a different destination, which option is required?A- PHYSVOLB- REBUILDC- MAP NAMESD- VOLAnswer: C
  4. 4. HP0-787 Exam Questions and Answers 3Question: 7What are two advantages specific to a DLL (Dynamic Link Library)? Select TWO.A- It contains Position Independent Code (PlC).B- It is loaded during cold load.C- It is composed of shared code.D- It can have private data.E- It can be unloaded from a process.Answer: A, EQuestion: 8What can user libraries be used for? Select TWO.A- to provide source code for compilationB- to share common compiled proceduresC- to override an operating system procedureD- to provide an alternate main procedure/programE- to switch from native to non-native modeAnswer: B, CQuestion: 9The file EXTDECS, CEXBDEXT, or COBOLEXT contains the procedure declarations forwhich routines?A- user library routinesB- system library routinesC- third-party library routinesD- SQL routinesAnswer: B
  5. 5. HP0-787 Exam Questions and Answers 4Question: 10The purpose of the CTOEDIT utility is to _______A- convert unstructured files to structured filesB- convert C application code written on the PC to a Guardian edit fileC- convert OSS text files to Guardian text filesD- generate OSS code to be used in GuardianAnswer: CQuestion: 11What provides the execution control services needed to debug SCREEN COBOL programs?A- DMONB- CMONC- TCPD- IMONAnswer: CQuestion: 12Repeated failures and reloads of the processors in a system allow a developer to set up afailure cycle to test an application for fault tolerance. Which program can be used inconjunction with DIVER to cause repeated failures?A- CYCLEB- TESTFAILC- WAITD- DELAYAnswer: D
  6. 6. HP0-787 Exam Questions and Answers 5Question: 13Where are EMS messages written?A- DISKFILEB- EMSCOLLC- EMSDISTD- $RECEIVEAnswer: BQuestion: 14During process startup, how is DEFINE information passed to the process?A- The child process programmatically receives the DEFINE information using the functiongetenv()B- The child process receives DEFINE system messages from the parent process as part ofthe startup sequence.C- DEFINE information can be retrieved by the child process by using the DEFINEINFOprocedure call.D- By default the parent process propagates the DEFINE information in its current context tothe child process using the Process File Segment.Answer: DQuestion: 15A specification proposes implementing a new server class as an OSS process. Whichstatements are true regarding OSS server classes? Select THREE.A- The program must use named-pipes instead of $RECEIVE.B- The processes are limited to a configuration of MAXLINKS = 1.C- The program can use DEFINEs for configuring file names.D- Runtime values in the processes cannot be initialized using PARAM attributes.E- The program can access Enscribe and SQL/MP data in addition to SQL/MX data.Answer: C, D, E
  7. 7. HP0-787 Exam Questions and Answers 6HP HP0-787 ExamNonStop Advanced Application DevelopmentVersion = DemoTotal Questions in Original Product = 179 CertificationNo1. Test Preparation Resource