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Saturday, february 09, 2008 personal dream


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This is a personal dream I had in 2008, I share it with you to understand how the Lord speaks to us in our dreams, and how our dreams reveal the secrets of our hearts. You can give your own interpretation of the dream, I have my own and I'm happy with that one. :)

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Saturday, february 09, 2008 personal dream

  1. 1. Saturday, February 09, 2008Dream, 09:15sharing a personaldream
  2. 2. • This is a dream that I had on February 09,2008; it was a Saturday, Saturdays are the onlydays that from time to time I can sleep forlong hours; that is why the dream was loggedat 09:15 am.• I got my interpretation, but I want to share itthat you may see the importance to loggingevery detail of your dream.
  3. 3. Saturday, February 09, 2008Dream, 09:15
  4. 4. Saturday, February 09, 2008Dream, 09:15• I was going on a road that was paved, a friendwas driving the car, it was a small one. He wasdriving fast, the road was at times coveredwith light fog, and the road was dangerous asit was sinuous with a deep precipice at theright side of the road. I was kind of sleeping inthe car, and at times I want to warn my friendabout not driving fast on this road with thisweather conditions.
  5. 5. -2-
  6. 6. -3-• All of a sudden, there was a curve on the roadtowards the left side, I knew we could not do it aswe were coming so fast and we went out of theroad. I thought that was it! But immediately inloud voice I began to pray, at the same time Icould see the bottom of the precipice some 200meters below. I prayed, Lord save us, cover uswith the precious blood of Jesus, I said to myfriend repeat with me… Lord saves us… I wastrying to lead him into the sinners’ prayer when Irealized that we were not falling down!
  7. 7. -4-
  8. 8. -5-• The car was upside down suspended in theair! I knew I had to change my prayer, so Iprayed Lord put us back on the road; the carin the same position got close to the edge ofthe road but was hanging in there,
  9. 9. -6-
  10. 10. -7-• so I venture to stretch out my hand andgraved the curb on the road and pulledourselves towards the road, then the car wasturned to the right position and bounced a biton the road, we were saved and sound.
  11. 11. -7-
  12. 12. -8-Out of the car, we were looking at the precipice;I asked to my friend, Did you notice whathappened out there? He said we were notfalling; we were hanging in the air. I said seehow good is our God? We need to change ourprayers according to our needs and at times dosomething as the stretching out my hand to pullourselves on the road; you did that? He asked.
  13. 13. -9-• So I said to my friend, now I will drive; as it was my carI didn’t expect any opposition for his part. He sat onthe drivers place and I said “go away from it”, I sat anddrove home.• Once at home, we were in the kitchen but I was notgoing to share the happenings until later on. Oncemore I was telling my friend, you see? Everythingbegan when we were doing… (I can remember nowwhat we were doing, but I guess we were in some wayministering to people). My wife, my daughter andother s were crowding the kitchen.• End of dream.
  14. 14. Finally• I have my interpretation but,• What is your interpretation?• Break down the dream.• See the symbols.• Key words.• Ask questions.• Ask God for revelation.• Try it out.